Untold Story Crowdfunding Rally Announces Ten Finalists in Documentary Competition

Untold Story Crowdfunding Rally Announces Ten Finalists in Documentary Competition
In March, Seed&Spark and Project Greenlight Digital Studios announced the world’s first crowdfunding rally. The Untold Story Crowdfunding Rally was created to find “the next great untold story in documentary,” accepting submissions in search for feature documentaries on stories and perspectives not seen before.

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The ten finalists were announced today, and from vertical farms to Native American comedians, the chosen stories certainly are untold. The finalists had to raise $10,000 in crowdfunding money on Seed&Spark in order to qualify, and now will have the chance to will $20,000 in finishing funds for their projects, distribution in millions of homes, and $5,000 in data storage.

“We are excited not only to celebrate the finalists, but to celebrate all participants who made of the most of the rally and used it to spread the word about their unique stories,
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A Year Without Rent, Part 3

Chances are, you’ll never have a reason to drive the long way across Montana. There isn’t much going on up there and, let’s face it, it’s a really long drive. But if you do, make a point to do as much driving as possible during daylight, as the scenery is pretty stunning. You could stop the car every couple of miles, just to take pictures of the view. Before long, you’ll start plotting on how you might be able to embrace your inner Terrence Malick out in the middle of nowhere, shooting only at magic hour. And, hey, there’s a big statue of a dinosaur in Wall, South Dakota you could always use.

But me, I was just passing through as A Year Without Rent transitioned to a West Coast phase, and my little car that could wound up having driven from coast to coast,
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