Little Q+A: Nicola Tyson + Bradley Rubenstein

Nicola Tyson was born in 1960 in London, England. She attended Chelsea School of Art, St. Martins School of Art, and Central/St. Martins School of Art in London. She currently lives and works in New York.

Primarily known as a painter, Tyson also works with photography, film, performance, and the written word. Tyson's photographs document the early days of the Blitz Kids and the beginnings of the New Romantic movement -- late Seventies, post-Punk London. Bowie Nights at Billy's Club was a weekly event in a small Soho venue, the brainchild of a young Steve Strange and Rusty Egan. The event quickly became the beating heart of a brand-new scene -- a refuge for disillusioned punks; suburban art school students; androgynous, subversive, creative kids; and (most importantly) Bowie fans, all competing for conspicuousness. Among them were the future stars of Eighties synth-pop: Boy George, Marilyn, Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran,
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'RuPaul's Drag Race' season 6 premiere recap: Hot Glue and Desperation

'RuPaul's Drag Race' season 6 premiere recap: Hot Glue and Desperation
“This program will be broadcast in Hds: High Definition Shade.”

So said hostess with the mostess RuPaul, introducing the seven queens competing on Monday’s season 6 premiere, part one. Yep. You heard that right: Seven queens, part one. In an effort to shake it up like a stiff (no longer Absolut) cocktail, Ru changed the game for this edition of Drag Race. For starters, the premiere will take place over two weeks, with one batch of queens arriving the first week and facing elimination. The process will repeat next week because, as Ru put it, “The only thing better than
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Stage Tube: Liz McCartney Sings 'Talk Amongst Yourselves' at Taboo Reunion Concert!

Exactly ten years after closing on Broadway, Boy George's Taboo returned to New York for a very special two-night-only engagement benefiting Broadway CaresEquity Fights AIDS. The concert starred Matthew Rowland Boy George and Samuel Buttery Leigh Bowery, both of whom reprised their performances from the 2012 revival of Taboo at the Brixton Clubhouse in London. Jeremy Kushnier Footloose, Jersey Boys, Jesus Christ Superstar took on the role of 'Philip Sallon.'In the video below, original 'Big Sue' Liz McCartney sings 'Talk Amongst Yourselves.'
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Jeremy Kushnier & More Join Taboo Reunion Concert at 54 Below, 2/7-8

Exactly ten years after closing on Broadway, Boy George's Taboo returns to New York for a very special two-night-only engagement benefiting Broadway CaresEquity Fights AIDS. The concerts star Matthew Rowland Boy George and Samuel Buttery Leigh Bowery, both of whom will be reprising their performances from the 2012 revival of Taboo at the Brixton Clubhouse in London. Jeremy KushnierFootloose, Jersey Boys, Jesus Christ Superstar takes on the role of Philip Sallon.
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The Disco Exorcist: DVD review

Director: Richard Griffin. Review: Jay. Sometimes, taking the example of Cutthroat Island, the concept is better than the outcome; luckily this is a much more watch able film than that one! On first glance Disco Exorcist sounds like a dream movie experience, all the grooves of a Travolta inspired turn on the dance floor, coupled with demonic possession. Luckily the trailer doesn’t give everything away, and there are still plenty of t*ts, t*ts and more T*Ts to be seen! Disco Exorcist is a full on Grindhouse experience, it’s got all the exploitation you expect, the scratchy film, strange jarring edits and oodles of nudity. I almost wonder if the majority of their budget went into creating the scratches and bumps, but as a piece of film that is emulating the genre, it does a great job of capturing the look and feel you’d expect.
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10 Must-See Films At Doc NYC

10 Must-See Films At Doc NYC
This week marks the start of Manhattan's third annual documentary festival, Doc NYC, at the IFC Center in Greenwich Village and Chelsea's Sva Theatre. The eight-day presentation boasts big names like Ken Burns, Barbara Kopple and Jonathan Demme as well as a significant roster from the indie underworld: Rufus Wainwright, Antony Hegarty, and Sophie Fiennes, to name but a few.

To help you sift through the massive schedule of documentaries, we've created our own guide to the must-see films of this year. Our list is as much a grab bag as the 115-item Doc NYC list, but we've picked the ones that we know you just can't miss:

1. How to Survive a Plague (directed by David France)

A powerful overview of Act Up and its science-savvy subgroup, Tag (Treatment Action Group); its members worked tirelessly to bring awareness to the plight of AIDS victims in the mid-1980s and early 1990s.
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Alexis Petridis on pirate TV

What a bunch of pirates did for the arts in Britain

I can't remember why I started reading about pirate TV on the web, but I'm glad I did. Pirate radio is an essential part of British musical history, but you never hear much about its televisual cousin. Pirate TV stations were harder to set up, and their content harder to provide. Furthermore, they belong to the past: even before the digital switchover, there was no need for pirate TV in a world where YouTube had turned everyone into a potential broadcaster.

None of that stops pirate TV being fascinating. It's packed with intriguing characters, such as Radio Caroline founder Ronan O'Rahilly, who came up with the bizarre idea – apparently with the backing of John Lennon and Yoko Ono – to start a light entertainment channel broadcasting to Britain from an aircraft flying over the Irish sea; the 70s hippy collective Videofreex,
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'The Voice' UK's Sam Buttery joins Boy George musical 'Taboo'

'The Voice' UK's Sam Buttery joins Boy George musical 'Taboo'
Sam Buttery has signed up to star in the Boy George musical Taboo. The Voice UK singer will play the role of Leigh Bowery, originally played by George, for the upcoming revival of the play in the West End. Buttery said of his casting: "Leigh Bowery is such an icon to me, so to get the chance to play him is just phenomenal. I just can't wait!" Taboo is set to run from September to late December at London's Brixton Clubhouse. The musical was written (more)
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David Lachapelle: 'Fashion, beauty and glamour are the mark of civilisation'

For years David Lachapelle was the go-to photographer for the world's biggest stars. But in 2006 he ditched fashion for fine art. As an exhibition of his work opens in London, he talks to Elizabeth Day about death, divas and decadence

David Lachapelle is running late. Though the term "running" doesn't quite describe it. "He's sleeping," says one of Lachapelle's assistants, peering at me languidly through those ironic-retro spectacles that seem to be de rigueur for arty types. "People are working on it." Working on what, I wonder? Getting him out of his pyjamas?

The assistant explains that Lachapelle flew in from his home on the Hawaiian island of Maui yesterday and is still jet-lagged. This is why we've had to change the interview location at the last minute and congregate in the lobby of a chintzy five-star hotel just off Sloane Square in London. Besides, he's not that used to
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MTV Video Music Awards 2011: Live Blogging the VMAs

MTV Video Music Awards 2011: Live Blogging the VMAs
Getty Selena Gomez

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards is here! Tonight’s show features Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, actress Jennifer Lawrence and a much-anticipated preview of “The Hunger Games.” Speakeasy is live blogging the event.

Join the conversation and leave your thoughts in the comments.

11:38 pm

Goodnight everyone! Thanks for reading!

11:31 pm

"The Hunger Games" preview didn't look like the pictures I had in my head when I read the books. That doesn't mean the movie can't still be great,
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Biopic Request: Boy George For His 50th

On this, the day of Boy George's 50th birthday, we propose a biopic. After all, Hollywood is quite fond of musician biopics what with their formulaic three act story beats: rise from talent-individuality-chutzpah, fall from drugs and debauchery, miniature or major comebacks as the performer finds themselves again.

So why is it that someone as fab and movie-character ready as Boy George doesn't have his own biopic? He's already written all of the wittiest lines for some future screenwriter, being one of the quippiest of '80s icons. He's already conjured the movie's most memorable costumes. He's already even provided a rough draft blueprint with his own autobiographical musical, Taboo (2004).

Now, Taboo was historically not a success on Broadway but we chalk this up to its difficult developmental period, clashing egos and press animosity (sometimes the media just turns on something and there's only a war zone from there
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TV @ The Movies: "Meryl Streep Realness"

TV @ The Movies is a series that came to life because we always perk up when movies or movie actors are name-checked on the small screen. Who and what fillters into pop culture? And in what form?

Are any of you watching RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3? In the latest episode The Supermodel of The World gave her competing "gurls" scripts to film a movie trailer "Drag Queens in Outer Space: Return to Uranus". The acting in the final trailers was so hideous I didn't even remotely wish the fake movie was real and given that it was called "Drag Queens in Outer Space: Return to Uranus,"  that's a fail.

Shangela & Mimi discuss their upcoming performances

Shangela and Mimi Imfurst already hate each other and have become immediate rivals. This is because they're both crafty disingenuous camera hogs and nothing drives people crazier than seeing their unflattering traits reflected in other people.
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Lucian Freud's feathered friend

The reclusive artist has made a rare screen appearance, alongside a kestrel. Cath Clarke reports

How do you tempt the notoriously reclusive painter Lucian Freud to appear in a film? With a kestrel, it turns out. And a zebra. It worked for Tim Meara, an artist and film-maker whose 15-minute short, Small Gestures in Bare Rooms, boasts cameos by the 87-year-old artist. In his first scene, Freud walks silently along Regent's Canal in London with a bird of prey perched on his hand. He holds it tenderly and respectfully, his beady eyes a match for the bird's. In another scene, he strokes the muzzle of a zebra while a dancer performs close by.

Small Gestures in Bare Rooms is Freud's first significant appearance on film since 1988, when he was interviewed by the BBC; though to see Small Gestures in full, you will have to go to the Pompidou in Paris for the gallery's Freud retrospective.
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The Gay Guide to Glee: Episode 20, “Theatricality”

I was recently at a dinner party in L.A. with a pair of filmmaker gays and pair of academic lesbians, and when I expressed my disdain for Lady Gaga, they all jumped on me, the guys supporting her weirdness, the ladies calling out her ability to reference the history of performance art from John Cage to Leigh Bowery. “She’s no Dee-Lite,” I said, and let the subject drop. Then, last week, while I was visiting my sister and her kids in Florida, my two-year-old niece revealed an obsessession with pulling up a certain YouTube video on her mother’s computer. “One, two, three, four,” she’d count, “La-la. Oh la-la. Bad Oh-Mantz.” The little bitch loves Gaga, which seems to me a perfect demonstration of the music’s (and singer’s) simplicity and stickiness. So when I heard Glee was going to be doing a Gaga-themed show, I
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Broadway 'Taboo' Slammed by American Critics

  • WENN
Eighties pop star Boy George's musical Taboo has been mauled by critics after opening on New York's Broadway. The spectacular show, which is backed and produced by former talk show host Rosie O'Donnell, tells the singer's life story and features George as performance artist Leigh Bowery. Taboo moved to New York after a successful spell in London, but Big Apple critics were unimpressed by preview shows. The New York Times wrote it is "a disastrously overcrowded tableau of a show", the New York Post described it as "a production with such an acute case of meaning-deprivation that you almost forget what's happening as it's happening" and national newspaper USA Today called it "a delightful experience... if you leave after the first act." O'Donnell invested $10 million of her own money in the show - after spotting it in London - and she is unmoved by criticism: "Taboo is a legitimate, knock-'em-down, leave-'em-screaming, worth-a-$100-a-seat Broadway show."

Rosie O'Donnell Causes 'Taboo' Upset?

Actress Rosie O'Donnell has reportedly caused upset with her "insane" behavior on the set of the Broadway stage show she's producing. The former talk show queen is helming a production of popstar Boy George's 80s musical Taboo, which has already been a huge stage hit in London. However, according to the Pagesix website, O'Donnell's bizarre antics have left the crew bewildered. A source says, "They had this creative meeting at a studio on 42nd Street on Friday afternoon and it was a freakish nightmare. Rosie looked around at everyone on the creative team, pounded her fist on a table and started screaming at the top of her voice, 'Isn't this great? We are all gay! We are all gay! We are all gay!' No one really knew what to do or think. It was insane." The site reports that A League Of Their Own star O'Donnell is also requesting that the story - based around late performance artist Leigh Bowery's life - is completely rewritten. The source adds, "Boy George and Rosie have had fights over everything - even insignificant things. It holds up production. And Rosie still hasn't decided if she will be in the show and it's supposed to open this fall." However, O'Donnell's representative Cindi Berger refutes these claims, stating, "Clearly someone is trying to sabotage this project. This couldn't be further from the truth. The read-through and meeting that followed went great. The energy was incredibly positive... it couldn't have gone better. People walked away filled with emotion, elation and laughter."

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