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Stephanie Bertoni



"Those Who Kill": TV Pilot, Director: Joe Carnahan

"Immaculate Reception": Short Film, Director: Charlotte Glynn


"The Avengers": Feature Film, Director John Mahaffie: 2nd Unit-Pennsylvania


"Razor Days": Feature Film, Director: Mike Watt


“Oticon-‘Intiga‘-Live In The Now” Commercial: Director: Stan Schofield, Red Moon Productions

“PA Dept. of Revenue: "Tax Amnesty-Under Siege” Commercial, Director: Stan Schofield, ChopShop

“Highmark:Get Abby”: Web Interactive, FoodChainFilms, Director:Marc Greenfield


“Kiss The Bride”: Feature Film, Director: Ibrahim Yilla, Most Wanted Films


“NFL/VISA-Antonio Brown & Malcolm Butler ”: Director: Jake Scott, RSA FIlms

"UPMC: Choose/7" Commercials: Director: Gabriella Cowperthwaite, Supply & Demand

"UPMC-I Think So" Commercial: Director: Joe Grasso, Camelot

"Outsiders" TV Show Season 2 Promos: Director: Joel Lava, Stun Creative

"Wheeling Island Casino": Director: Joey Crawford, Phamatrope Studios

"AHN"-"What the heart wants:" Director: Glen Pryzborski

"AHN-Women's Health:" Director: Martin Rodahl, 71 Degrees North

"Gatorade/Sid Crosby: You Could", Director: Hubert Davis, CMA

"UPMC-Choose/6: DIrector: Gabriella Cowperthwaite, Supply & Demand

"Fraud": Director: Paul Jensen, Uppercut Studios

"Identity Theft": Director: Paul Jensen, Uppercut Studios

"AHN/Cancer, Neuro, Transplant-Ken Teculve": Director-Martin Rodahl, 71 Degrees North"

"Neill Walker: Pittsburgh Pirates/AHN Commercial: Director: Martin Rodahl, 71 Degrees North"

"UPMC-Choose/Wave 5": Commercials, Director: Gabriella Cowperthwaite, Supply & Demand

"Enticement": Film, Director: Paul Jensen, Uppercut Studios

"Harassment": Film, Director: Paul Jensen, Uppercut Studios

"Allegheny Health Network": Commercial, DIrector: J. Austin Wilson, Society

“Cloud AccuWeather-Microsoft”: Commercial, Director: Erich Joiner, Tool Of North America

"Backyard Sports": Commercial, Director: Charles Quinio, Capture

“Google-DuoLingo”: Commercial, Director: Chris Stanford, Chris Stanford Productions

"Energy-API": Commercial, Director: Nick Childs, P2P

"Aaron Paul/Microsoft XBox": Commercial, Director: Matthew Smukler, Community Films

“UPMC-Choose/Magee”: Commercials, Director: Gabriella Cowperthwaite, Y&R

"Dance Moms": Flashdance Promo, Director: Terry Lee, Roger LA

"Chevron: We Agree": Commercials, Director: Matt O'Neill, Rascal Films

"Gatorade/Sid Crosby": Commercial, Sons & Daughters Productions

"Subway" : Commercial, Director: David Kellogg

"Locke & Key": add'l, Feature Film, Director: Mark Romanek

"NHL Winter Classic-Ovechkin/Crosby" Commercial

"Lightweight": Short Film, Director: Randy Kovitz

"Reebok-Crosby/Talbot" Commercial: Director: Henry Alex Rubin, Smuggler NY

"Hoover Floormate" Commercial: Falling Olive Productions

"Golf Services" Commercial: Director: Rip Lambert, Dick's Sporting Goods

"PA Revenue Dept: Tax Amnesty" Commercial: Director: Stan Schofield, Chop Shop

“PA Treasury” Commercial: Director: Tom Megalis, Chop Shop/Abe Froman

“Kenny Ross” Commercials: Director: Tom Megalis, Euphoria Post

“Giant Eagle” Commercials: Director: Barry Kimm, One At Optimus

“PA Health Dept: Anti-Smoking” Commercials: Director: Grady Cooper, Twist Film

“Shannon’s Rainbow”: Feature Film, Director: Frank E. Johnson

"My Bloody Valentine" Feature Film-Second Unit, Director: Patrick Lussier

“Mike Epps: Comedy Mixtape": Comedy Central Series, Director: Maynard Virgil

"Cosmic Radio": Feature Film, Director: Stephen Savage

"The Screening": Feature Film, Director: G. Cameron Romero"

“Cheerleader Camp”: MTV Pilot, Director: Adam Green

“The Rig”: Feature Film, Director: Peter Atencio

"Strange Girls": Feature Film, Director: Rona Mark

"DirecTV/Cowher": Commercial: Hungryman Productions

"Carmilla’s Kiss": Feature Film, Director: Michael McGovern

“Catch Your Mind”: Feature Film, Director: Swamy Kandan

"Shadow Grove": Feature Film, Director: Charles Bodenheimer


"GONE," TV Series, FBI Agent/Special Task Force, Director: JT Terlesky, Thomas Carter, John Gray, Jan Eliasberg, John Scott, Brad Turner, NBC Universal

"Outsiders," TV Series, "Big Foster's Poker Girlfriend", Director: Michael Trim, Woodridge Productions

"Concussion"-Stand in for Gracie: Sara Lindsey, Director: Peter Landesman

"The Last Witch Hunter"-Witch & Stand-in for Witch Queen: Julie Engelbrecht & Helena: Lotte Verbeek, Director: Breck Eisner

"The Bronze"-TV News Anchor, Director: Bryan Buckley

"The Wannabe"-Nail Salon Girl, Director: Nick Sandow

"The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013"-STAND-IN/Models, CBS

"The Profane Exhibit"-Coven Priestess, Director: Michael Todd Schneider

"Flatwoods"-Asher, Director: James Harland Lockhart

"Razor Days"-Feral Girl, Director Mike Watt

"Demon Divas & The Lanes of Damnation"-Rochelle Stiles, Director: Mike Watt

"Amazing Racer"-STAND-IN/Claire Forlani, Director: Frank E. Johnson

"Nightmare Christmas"-Rebecca Cambridge, Director: Eric Papa

"Carmilla's Kiss"-Vampira, Director: Michael McGovern

"Redsin Tower"-Redsin's Victim, Director: Fred Vogel

"Strange Girls"-Yinzer, Director: Rona Mark

"Three Rivers" Series-STAND-IN/Julia Ormond, Director: Dan Attias, CBS

"Mike Epps Comedy Mixtape" Voice-over, Director: Maynard Virgil, Comedy Central

"Blush" Commercial-Angry Wife, Director: Jim Stranahan, Comedy Central, Spike TV

"The Temptations" Feature Film-Dancer, Director: Alan Arkush, NBC


"Major Barbara"-Major Barbara, Ridge Avenue Theater

"Macbeth"-Hecate, Edinboro Studio Theater

"The Long Christmas DInner"-Matriarch, Edinboro Studio Theater

"Harvey"-Nurse Kelly, Central Theater

"Godspell"-Chorus, Central Theater

"Damn Yankees"-Chorus, Central Theater

"Scrooge"-Isabella Scrooge, Cathedral Theater

"Standing Room Only"-Solo/Chorus, Cathedral Theater


“NFL-Family”: Director: Douglas Avery, Furlined Films

"NFL Ticket Exchange": Directors: The Malloys, H.S.I. Productions

"A&E Network Promos 2013": Those Who Kill, Director: Dale Everett

"The Dark Knight Rises": Feature Film, Director: Christopher Nolan

"Abduction": Feature Film, Director: John Singleton

"Love & Other Drugs”: Feature Film, Director: Ed Zwick

"The Mysteries of Pittsburgh": Feature Film, Director: Rawson Thurber

"Troy Polamalu"-GQ Magazine: Mark Seliger INC.

“My Big Redneck Wedding”: CMT Series, Pink Sneakers Productions

"Chasing 3000": Feature Film, Director: Gregory J. Lanesey

”Disney/Pittsburgh Steelers" Superbowl: Commercial, Director: Joe Pytka

"The Pain Within": Feature Film, Director: Rawn Hutchinson


  • M.A./B.A.


  • PCA, Drama
  • Screen Actor's Guild Conservatory, New York, New York, Improvisation, Acting for Commercials, Jon Freda, Ron August, 2013

Employment Details

  • Work History: Internet, Voice Over, Television, Film, Music Video, Industrial, Commercial, Radio, Theater
  • Job Categories: Acting, Writing, Production, Costumes, Catering, Wardrobe, Casting, Producing, Directing
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title 1: Actress
  • Prior Job Title 2: Script Supervisor
  • Prior Job Title 3: POC

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