9 Cancelled Superhero Video Games That Would’ve Made Millions

Warner Bros

Considering how ludicrously successful the cross medium-spanning superhero genre has become (mostly through the rise of Marvel and DC’s filmic output), each and every one of the following developers must be kicking themselves that they didn’t see it coming.

Partly due to the only truly brilliant superhero games being either Spider-Man 2 and its wonderfully fun swinging mechanics, or Rocksteady’s phenomenal Batman: Arkham trilogy, there are only a handful of titles that really nail your favourite heroes’ abilities. In fact, superheroes created by and for the industry tend to be way better experiences overall, with guys like Infamous’ Cole McGrath, Prototype’s Alex Mercer or even God of War’s Kratos all having awesome origin stories, dogged drives to succeed and morally grey compasses forever twitching to and fro.

Back to the lack of comic characters or movie properties making the crossover though, as the
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Rihanna -- Police Track Alleged Stalker After Gun Threats

  • TMZ
Rihanna’s alleged stalker is about to have cops crawling up his cyber ass ... searching his online accounts after RiRi got a terrifying gun threat on social media. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Lapd will scour the records of someone who goes by Alex Mercer and Ralph Alexander on Twitter and Yahoo. We're told the guy posted a selfie of himself on April 30 outside Rihanna's former home. The next day, he tweeted ... “Should of killed
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PlayStation Plus Discounts for January 2015

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As the cost of living continues to increase for most people, it sometimes becomes hard to find a good deal on the games you want to play. That is where Sony has stepped in. My goal is to inform the n00bs, and seasoned vets alike, of the monthly discounts offered through their store in hopes that, you too, will see the benefits of being a Plus member.

Well, it’s another month and another set of freebies from Sony’s PlayStation Plus.


Become a shape-shifting Sergeant in fight to kill Alex Mercer in Prototype 2.

Play your way through the levels of a remastered version of the 8-bit classic, DuckTales


Continue the inFAMOUS story as Fetch, a super-powered chick as she unravels some dark secrets in First Light.

Create a clone of yourself and swap bodies to get through challenging environments of a sci-fi world in The Swapper,
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9 Most Inventive Kills In Gaming

Let’s get one thing straight right here at the beginning. This is going to be a totally badass, consequence-free psychopath of an article. All of you that have a faint heart or something like that (I dunno, I don’t speak nancy) should close the browser and go sit in the corner. There will be blood, guts and dismemberment and we’re not ashamed of it.

On a serious note, any real gamer knows that violence is just a necessary byproduct of a thriving industry. The games are designed to make you feel like a hero (in most cases). What better way to achieve this than giving you a shiny sword and sending you on a crash course against all manners of obstacles. The most basic obstacle is, arguably, that dumbass goblin that tries to poke you in the eye with a sharpened stick. Games are giving us an
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Playstation Network Weekly Update 7.25.12

Every week Sony updates the Playstation Network with loads of new digital games, demos, Dlc and videos. To make things a little easier for you we've grabbed the full list if new content coming to Psn ans put it all right here for you to browse through.

This week, like so many before it, is a doozy. Plenty of full games have been added to the Playstation Store along with the introduction of a ton of sales and new add-on content. What are you waiting for? Head past the break and find something new to play!

From the Playstation Blog:

PS3 Full Games

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes ($49.99)

The Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin join other famous super heroes from the DC Universe including Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern to save Gotham City from destruction at the hands of the notorious villains Lex Luthor and the Joker.
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'Prototype 2' now available for Windows PC

Activision today announced that Prototype 2 for Windows PC is now available at retailers nationwide and via digital download. All boxed launch copies and pre-ordered digital download copies will include free access to the Radnet Edition content - over 55 pieces of additional challenges, events and rewards including the Alex Mercer playable skin. The game will be available in Europe on July 27, 2012. The game will require a computer that meets or exceeds the below specifications: Minimum PC Specs:Windows Xp/Vista/7Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or Amd Phenom X3 87502 Gb MemoryNVIDIA GeForce 8800 Gt series with 512 Mb Ram or Ati Radeon HD 4850 with 512 Mb RAMDirectX 9.C or later Recommended Specs:Windows 7Intel Core 2
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Sdcc: ‘Resident Evil 6′ Shows off 3 New Levels of Gameplay at Comic Con

You have to commend a publisher when they’re confidant enough to give gamers a chance to play thirty minutes of gameplay several months in advance of a title’s release. It’s even more commendable, when you do it twice, across three distinct character campaigns – with new levels each time. Top it off with the knowledge that the development team actually listened to and acted on preview complaints about inversion controls, and I’ll be the first to raise a glass to toast the Resident Evil 6 development team. Now, if only the cover system can be upgraded, I’d be in bliss.

For those who don’t know, Resident Evil 6 features three distinct campaigns bundled into one game. Perhaps you’d expect for graphics or combat to be sacrificed, but from our initial previews, animations are fluid, textures are crisp and gameplay is as good as you would expect from the Resident Evil franchise.
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Review: "Protoype 2," Or the Mutant Hulk That Smashed New York

It's been three years since Activision and developer Radical Entertainment unleashed the first Prototype onto the world. And the time since has seen the passing of nearly a third of the current console generation. So has this open world sci-fi action game been able to evolve with the times, or is trapped in the primordial ooze of good ideas and poor execution?

The Basics

Following the escape of Prototype's mutated reluctant hero Alex Mercer, the virus that mutated him has spread throughout New York, turner into into a plague zone full of mutant beasts and shambling ex-humans. The military and corporate entity Gentek have swept in to keep order and contain the outbreak, but of course, Gentek has more on its mind than simple containment.

Our new hero, Sgt. James Heller is a victim of the outbreak, first after his wife and daughter are killed by the zombified infected, and
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Celebrate May With New Dlc Packs For Prototype 2

Radical Entertainment's Prototype 2 will be dropping two Dlc packs this month. Colossal Mayhem is available now and the second Dlc pack, Excessive Force, will release on May 29th! As if you needed them - now you have two more reasons to play the game!

From the Press Release

Just when you thought Prototype® 2 had enough gruesome, shape-shifting tools to get the job done, Radical Entertainment gives fans even more over-the-top viral powers with two great downloadable content (Dlc) drops. From Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (Nasdaq: Atvi), Prototype 2’s first Dlc pack, Colossal Mayhem, is available today, while the second Dlc pack, Excessive Force, drops on 29th May, 2012 – each giving fans key add-ons to their arsenal of destruction as well as three all-new custom skins allowing players to parkour their way across Nyz in style.

The full contents of Prototype 2’s Colossal Mayhem and
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Video Game Review: ‘Prototype 2’ is Big Improvement Over Predecessor

Chicago – Remember when sequels of any kind were viewed with disdain? No, you don’t, because you aren’t old enough. Of course, now we have a situation where sequels, reboots and even simple rehashes are often better than what spawned them. In the case of “Prototype 2,” a number after the title is definitely better. That said, it’s also noticeable that the more you play the game, it’s the middle of a larger story. Like the middle of many stories, it feels a bit dull at times. Overall, this is tailor-made for “Prototype” fans. While it doesn’t deliver on every little thing it promises, it offers an even bigger opportunity for players to throw on the mantle of god-likeness and wage some serious war.

Video Game Rating: 4.5/5.0

Alex Mercer was something of an anti-hero by the end of first “Prototype” game. But the time since that game
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'Prototype 2' Gets Its First Round of Dlc, Next Dlc Release Revealed

Sgt. Heller can engage in "Colossal Mayhem" in the first Dlc, while being able to apply "Excessive Force" on May 29th.

Character skins, new multiplayer abilities, and weapons are what you get in the two rounds of Dlc Activision and developer Radical Entertainment have lined up for their gory open world sci-fi action game.

Here's what you get in the two Dlc packs:

Colossal Mayhem Pack

Thermobaric Boom-Stick

Force Multiplier Powers:

o Warp Vortex

o Anti Gravity Field

o Air Time

Custom Skins:

o Heller Test Subject

o Infected Heller

o Infantry Heller

Excessive Force Pack

Viral Infector Grenade Launcher

Force Multiplier Powers:

o Shockwave

o Chaos Creator Mode

o Medusa's Wrath

Custom Skins:

o Armored Heller

o Agile Armor Alex Mercer

o Zombie Mercer

Both downloads will set you back $4.99 on Psn or 400 Ms Points, while players who ordered the Prototype 2: Blackwatch Edition can redeem their codes today for the "Colossal Mayhem" pack.
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First Prototype 2 Dlc available with more inbound

Prototype 2 has been on the market for a little over 2 weeks and players are getting their first Dlc pack starting today. The Colossal Mayhem Dlc pack is available for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The pack will give players the following:

Thermobaric Boom-Stick Force Multiplier Powers: Warp Vortex Anti Gravity Field Air Time Custom Skins: Heller Test Subject Infected Heller Infantry Heller

The Colossal Mayhem pack is 400 Msp on Xbox 360 and is $4.99 (£3) for the Playstation 3. If you happen to have purchased the Prototype 2: Blackwatch Collector’s Edition you will have a code to redeem for the Colossal Mayhem pack starting today as well.

In addition to this first pack, on May 29th Prototype 2 players will be getting a second Dlc package entitled Excessive force. This Dlc offering will give players the following:

Viral Infector Grenade Launcher Force Multiplier Powers: Shockwave Chaos Creator Mode Medusa’s Wrath Custom Skins: Armored Heller
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Prototype 2 Review [XBox 360]

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

The virus is back. The sequel to Radical’s hugely enjoyable original takes place once more in New York (though this time it carries a new “Zero” tag at the end), which is over-run by a new virus, which has turned the place into a bloody, gorey shitstorm. Along with the new virus, we also get a new protagonist in virally-modified James Heller and a new villain in the familiar shape of infected former hero Alex Mercer. Heller is driven by vengeance, thanks to the virus killing his family, and his sense that Mercer was to blame, turning his back on a good life to hunt and potentially destroy his prey, with the help of his own, more impressive infection.

The decision to drop Mercer and lead with Heller was a good one, as was the one which sees the new hero equipped with most of
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Prototype 2: Launched Today With Over-18 Live Ad

Activision and Radical Entertainment’s sci-fi shooter sequel Prototype 2 is available to buy now on PS3, XBox 360 and PC, with our review set to go live in the next couple of days, but until then the publishers have released some information of a special launch event.

Last Sunday, to celebrate the upcoming release of the game, they held the launch in Covent Garden, London, featuring the world’s first over-18 live ad, which was “so gruesome was the content, featuring a bloody battle and infected zombies that it was shown post-watershed to avoid a younger audience.”

The live ad – inspired by Prototype 2 – featured actors playing the parts of the game’s new protagonist Sgt. James Heller and his nemesis Alex Mercer, as well as Blackwatch military and the disease-ridden Infected. Action from the game, including a gruesome and bloody confrontation between Heller and Mercer, was considered unsuitable viewing for those
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Check Out the Prototype 2 Live Advertisement Event

Prototype 2 held a live ad event at Covent Garden in London, England to get gamers ready for the upcoming sequel's release. The event took place in the late hours of the night, as the ad was rated suitable for ages 18 and up.

The live ad featured many different actors portraying characters from the game, specifically, Alex Mercer vs. Sgt. James Heller. You can check out the dramatic action sequence below and read on for more details!

From the Official Press Release

The live ad – inspired by Prototype 2 – featured actors playing the parts of the game’s new protagonist Sgt. James Heller and his nemesis Alex Mercer, as well as Blackwatch military and the disease-ridden Infected. Action from the game, including a gruesome and bloody confrontation between Heller and Mercer, was considered unsuitable viewing for those below the age of 18 for fear of causing upset or distress.

A first of its kind,
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Contest: Win Prototype 2 on Xbox 360 or PS3

Activision's Prototype 2 makes its Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 debut on Tuesday, April 24, adding some excitement to an otherwise light month for new game releases.

Like its predecessor, Prototype 2 is an open-world adventure set in New York City. Only this time New York City has become New York Zero, a post-apocalyptic wasteland after the Blacklight virus outbreak. Players take control of Sgt. James Heller, an infected man with nothing to lose and everything to gain by killing the man responsible for his destroyed life, none other than the first game's protagonist Alex Mercer.

We are awarding four readers Prototype 2 on either Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 in this daily entry contest. Each winner will be able to choose their console preference. If you'd like to take a shot at winning one, fill out the short form below and send it on in. If increased odds are more your style, return any or every day
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Prototype 2 Gets World First Over-18 Live Ad

As free-roaming carnage simulator Prototype 2 nears its imminent launch, Activision has taken a unique ‘world first’ approach with its advertising for the game.

Taking place in London’s Covent Garden, live actors took the parts of Alex Mercer and new protagonist James Heller, clashing in a gruesome live battle. The staged advert was streamed on the official Prototype Facebook page on Sunday night, and restricted to over 18’s only due to its gory content.

Viewers were even given the opportunity to vote for one of two different endings, with the one which received the most votes being included in the finale of the event. Clearly hyping up its vivaciously gory content, Activision have tied the adults-only advertisement to the games 18 certificate from the BBFC.

“Due to the nature of Prototype 2’s content, the game has been rated by the BBFC and Pegi as certificate 18. This live action advertisement reflects the game in its hard-hitting,
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'Prototype 2' live action 'Power of Revenge' trailer - watch

Prototype 2 has been given a new trailer by Activision. The live action promo, titled 'Power of Revenge', features a showdown between the game's two main characters. The video hints at new protagonist James Heller's motives for hunting down Prototype lead Alex Mercer. It is set to Johnny Cash song 'Hurt'. Prototype 2 is the sequel to 2009's open-world action game, developed once again by Radical Entertainment. A limited Radnet Edition is (more)
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Prototype 2 Developers Give Their Top 11 Reasons to Purchase

My time spent with the original Prototype has given me faith that the sequel in development is bound for greatness. Prototype 2 has appeared to evolve the destructively playful brutality of the first installment. Radical Entertainment has given us 11 reasons to believe it.

The first run through of the original game world as Alex Mercer was something of pure fun. Making players feel they were powerful was the key component in creating gameplay that remembered video games are still games, and focusing in on the core idea of being fun to play.

Sadly, for me it felt the initial “wow factor” that gave you a fresh jolt of energy for action games, fell just short of avoiding repetition. Players could feel they were powerful simply by having a small play session. After extended sessions however, each button press slowly became a chore. This resulted in smaller play sessions again.

With the
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Prototype 2: Pre-order Bonus Detailed

With Prototype 2′s release date firmly on the horizon and quickly approaching, Activision have today moved to confirm two more pre-order incentives for the hotly-anticipated open-world actioner.

The game will be released worldwide on 24th April on Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 on 24th July for Windows PC, and North American gamers who pre-order the game from Amazon will receive a unique code allowing them to instantly download the first issue of the Prototype 2 comic, ‘The Anchor’, detailing the downward spiral of Alex Mercer, created by Dark Horse Comics.

For Best Buy, in addition to the previously announced Hardened Steel Vehicle Armor upgrade, fans who purchase the game will receive a unique steelbook case not available anywhere else in the Us, while supplies last. Additionally, Best Buy will also be hosting an exclusive chat with the developers from Radical Entertainment on 23rd April from 6:00 – 8:00pm Cst.

Those who choose to
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