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Ghost Story Phasma Ex Machina at the Another Hole in the Head Film Festival

Phasma Ex Machina PosterThe ghost story Phasma Ex Machina will also play at this year's 2010 Another Hole in the Head Film Festival. The feature's title roughly translates to Ghost Machine and Phasma Ex Machina involves bringing back the spirits of loved ones already deceased using electrical waves. However, one amateur scientist brings back some people who were better off dead. Have a watch of the trailer for the film inside and prepare for Phasma's appearance at the festival beginning July 24th. All the details are below.

The synopsis for Phasma Ex Machina here:

"Two guys are living alone in their house after both parents tragically die in a car accident. The older brother has custody of his younger brother and is doing his best to see that he makes it to school on time.

While his brother is at school the elder sibling puts his mechanical and electrical abilities to
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