Inside No. 9 series 4 casting news; first image

Louisa Mellor Apr 7, 2017

Filming is well underway on the fourth series of the brilliant Inside No. 9. Here's who to expect among the guest cast...

Series one and two of Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith's consistently inventive, continually surprising anthology strand Inside No. 9 have recently landed on Netflix UK, which will hopefully bring it to the attention of those who didn't catch it on the first run. If you're among them, then run, don't walk, etc. It's simply one of the best shows around.

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And thrillingly, more of it is incoming. Hot on the heels of the recently aired third series, filming is already well underway on a fourth, to comprise six new standalone stories.

As soon as there's a sniff of an official broadcast date,
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Idris Elba & Franz Drameh in First UK Trailer for Drama '100 Streets'

"Without our passion, it's very hard for us to find our place in the world." Vertigo Films has debuted an official UK trailer for a London-based indie drama titled 100 Streets, about three people and three stories that reflect modern day London. Idris Elba stars with young actor Franz Drameh, plus a cast including Tom Cullen, Gemma Arterton, Kierston Wareing, Ken Stott, Ryan Gage, Ashley Thomas and Kola Bokinni. Elba plays a famous retired rugby player who gets involved in drugs. This is a very powerful trailer and they definitely got my attention, but I'm hoping the film isn't convoluted from all the different stories it's following. I really do like the way this looks and feels, I'm curious to check it out sometime soon. Here's the first official UK trailer (+ poster) for Jim O'Hanlon's 100 Streets, direct from YouTube: Three people, three extraordinary stories. All lived out within a hundred London streets.
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Idris Elba Drama ‘100 Streets’ Bought by Samuel Goldwyn Films

Idris Elba Drama ‘100 Streets’ Bought by Samuel Goldwyn Films
Samuel Goldwyn Films has bought the ensemble drama “100 Streets,” starring Idris Elba and Gemma Arterton, and plans a Jan. 13 release in theaters and on demand.

The film, which premiered in June at the Los Angeles Film Festival, explores the interconnecting stories of a range of city dwellers in London. Key characters include Elba as a former rugby star; his wife, played by Arterton; a small-time drug dealer (Franz Drameh); and a photographer (Tom Cullen).

Charlie Creed-Miles, Kierston Wareing, and Ken Stott also star. Jim O’Hanlon directed from a script by Leon F Butler.

Producers are Elba, Butler, Pippa Cross, and Ros Hubbard. Executive produces are John Caudwell, Xavier Alcan, Thomas R. Atherton, Justin Bache, Janette Day, Mark Denney, Natasha Dwyer, and Joe Hutchinson.

“‘100 Streets’ is a film that all of the filmmakers, including director Jim O’Hanlon and my fellow producers Idris Elba, Pippa Cross and Ros Hubbard, feel
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Samuel Goldwyn Picks Up Idris Elba-Starrer ‘100 Streets’

  • Deadline
Samuel Goldwyn Picks Up Idris Elba-Starrer ‘100 Streets’
Samuel Goldwyn Films has picked up U.S. rights to 100 Streets, starring Idris Elba and Gemma Arterton. Irish filmmaker Jim O'Hanlon directs the film from a script written by Leon Butler. Story follows the lives and interconnecting stories of a range of city dwellers including former rugby star (Elba) and his wife (Arterton), a small-time drug dealer, played by Franz Drameh, and a photographer, played by Tom Cullen, as they fight to keep their lives on track in…
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Casting: Nichols, Pacino, Carano, Rampling

  • Dark Horizons

Rachel Nichols ("Continuum," "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra") is attached to topline Miguel Angel Vivas' psychological thriller "Inside" for Nostromo Pictures.

Nichols plays a pregnant woman, left partially deaf from an car accident which killed her husband, who now lives in an isolated new home. As darkness descends on her deserted suburban street, she receives a visitor: A woman who will stop at nothing to snatch her soon-to-be-born baby. [Source: Variety]

Where the White Man Runs Away

Al Pacino, Barkhad Abdi and Melanie Griffith are set to join Evan Peters in "The Bronze" director Brian Buckley's "Where the White Man Runs Away". Filming begins this month in New York and will move to Cape Town next month.

Pacino will play a fictitious Vietnam War correspondent whose passion for telling the uncensored truth far exceeds the battlefield. Abdi will portray the translator who helps Peters' rookie journalist navigate Somalia. Griffith will play Peters' eccentric,
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9 things you need to know about A Touch of Cloth series 3

Charlie Brooker led a Q&A panel for the upcoming third series of A Touch of Cloth at London's BFI South Bank last night (July 29).

Joined by stars John Hannah, Suranne Jones and director Jim O'Hanlon, we and other lucky guests got to hear about the filming of Too Cloth for Comfort, to air on Sky1 on August 9. Here are just a few things we learnt from the spoof cop show screening:

1. Detective TV drama research involves hours of DVD compilations

Brooker revealed that he and his team of writers spent many hours watching DVDs of different cop show staples, including morgue scenes and interrogations. "The fun thing about this is that we write it as a team," he said.

"We sit there and we get compilation DVDs made of moments from detective dramas. So we're not watching the full shows, but shattered moments, so like an hour of morgue scenes.
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Alex Kingston, Noel Clarke in first trailer for ITV's Chasing Shadows

Alex Kingston and Noel Clarke have featured in the first trailer for ITV's Chasing Shadows.

Reece Shearsmith also stars in the upcoming four-part drama, which airs on the channel later this year.

Chasing Shadows follows a special unit hunting down serial killers, with Shearsmith starring as the awkward but brilliant detective Sean Stone.

Kingston will play his partner Ruth Hattersley, while Clarke stars as Di Prior.

Christopher Menaul (The Suspicions of Mr Whicher) will direct the first self-contained story - 'Only Connect' - across two episodes. The director of the second two-part story 'Off Radar' will be Jim O'Hanlon (In The Flesh).
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Up Next For Barkhad Abdi: Starring In Project Based On Life Of South African Marathon Legend Willie Mtolo

  • ShadowAndAct
Fresh off his Oscar nomination, for Best Supporting Actor, for his performance in a film that was his feature acting debut, Barkhad Abdi has booked what will be his follow-up role in a historical drama centered on famous South African marathon runner, Willie Mtolo. Titled The Place That Hits The Sun, the project hails from producer Noel Pearson (My Left Foot), with Jim O'Hanlon attached to direct. Abdi will play Mtolo, the South African running legend who was born in 1964, and has participated in more than 23 marathons in South Africa and around the world. He has won 9 marathons, including the J.S.E. Marathon (1985), S.A. Marathon (1988), Ford Marathon...
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Casting: Neeson, Watson, Abdi, Molla

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Entourage: The Movie

Liam Neeson has taken time out of his "Non-Stop" promo tour to film a cameo in the "Entourage" movie.

Neeson likely plays himself in the movie and was seen in Los Angeles shooting a scene with Jeremy Piven's Ari Gold character. [Source: The Wrap]

Testament of Youth

Emily Watson and Dominic West are in discussions to join the film adaptation of Vera Brittain's memoir "Testament of Youth" for BBC Films and Heyday Films. Taron Egerton, Colin Morgan, Kit Harrington and Alexandra Roach also star.

Alicia Vikander plays a young woman who overcomes the prejudices of her family and hometown to win a scholarship to Oxford. She volunteers as a nurse and travels to France in order to help during the first World War. Watson and West will play her parents. [Source: The Daily Mail]

The Place That Hits The Sun

Barkhad Abdi ("Captain Phillips") is in talks to star in Jim O'Hanlon
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Alex Kingston, Noel Clarke, Reece Shearsmith to lead ITV crime drama

Reece Shearsmith, Alex Kingston and Noel Clarke are to star in new ITV drama Chasing Shadows.

Shearsmith will play DS Sean Stone in the four-part series, which follows a special unit hunting down serial killers.

Socially awkward but brilliant, Stone is a misfit with self-destructive tendencies and an eccentric manner.

Doctor Who star Kingston will play his partner Ruth Hattersley. An analyst from the Missing Persons Bureau, Hattersley is tasked to work alongside Stone and her empathic nature helps to balance out his awkward temperament.

Fellow Who veteran Clarke has been cast in the role of Di Prior in the drama from Dci Banks writer Rob Williams.

Christopher Menaul (The Suspicions of Mr Whicher) will direct the first self-contained story 'Only Connect' across two episodes. The director of the second two-part story 'Off Radar' will be Jim O'Hanlon (In The Flesh).

Lewis to return for 8th series on ITV
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Emmett Scanlan talks 'In The Flesh', 'The Fall' and 'Hollyoaks'

It's now been eight months since he filmed his final scenes as Hollyoaks favourite Brendan Brady, but actor Emmett Scanlan is as busy as ever with a new part on BBC Three zombie drama In The Flesh and a second series of BBC Two's The Fall on the way.

Digital Spy caught up with Emmett this week for an in-depth chat about his new projects, life after soapland and whether he'd ever be tempted to revisit the role of Brendan…

How did you become involved with In The Flesh and what attracted you to the show?

"Doing In The Flesh was a no-brainer for me, no pun intended. I was asked to come in and read for this new character that the show's writer Dominic Mitchell was developing - Simon, one of the disciples of the Undead Prophet. Dominic is a fantastic writer. His spin on the zombie genre is so unique and so layered,
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Suranne Jones: 'My characters are really strong, miserable or tortured'

She exchanged Corrie's cobbles for the cop shop in Scott & Bailey but has no plans to 'be herself' on TV anytime soon

You wouldn't mess with Suranne Jones. Not on screen, anyway. Toughness is her trademark. Her DC Rachel Bailey, in Scott & Bailey, isn't fazed by the contents of a dead body's anal swab, a dodgy ex who tries to have her killed, or even her permanent hangover. She thumped Tracy Barlow when she was Karen McDonald, Corrie's hoop-earringed harridan, and as herbal tea-drinking lesbian caricature Anne Oldman in spoof A Touch Of Cloth, she took it to its piss-taking conclusion, delivering ridiculous one-liners with a deadpan face.

We meet the morning after a police ball, where she had been presenting officers with awards for an extraordinary undercover counter-terrorism operation. "They asked me which force I was from and I said, 'Er, that made-up one off the telly,
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Playing Cupid: An Advance Review of "Emma" on PBS' "Masterpiece Classic"

"Better to be without sense than misapply it as you do." - Mr. Knightley Jane Austen's novel "Emma" remains an enduring masterpiece of biting wit, scathing satire, and Regency society-trapped-in-amber since its publication in 1815. Even nearly 200 years later, there's still quite a bit of relevance and humor to be found in its pages and the novel's matchmaking heroine Emma Woodhouse--young, spoiled, and naive--remains a favorite for readers of all ages. Douglas McGrath's 1996 Emma, which starred Gwyneth Paltrow, Toni Collette, Alan Cumming, and Ewan McGregor, remains a favorite of mine when thinking of Austen adaptations. Daringly breaking away from the stylistic constraints of 19th century English novels, McGrath infused this story with modern flourishes, creating something timeless in and of itself. Likewise, the 1995 feature film Clueless transplanted Emma Woodhouse to mid-90s Beverly Hills, transforming the Austen heroine into the vapid Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone), a matchmaking naif addicted to her cell phone,
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