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Stephanie Sheh

Performer Profile

  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 4 feet 9 in
  • Age Range: 18 - 30
  • Physique: Slim
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Voice Type: Alto



Japan Airlines


Clifford Puppy Days Vocals PBS



Voice Over

Legend Korra Zhu Li Nickelodeon
Peter Rabbit Mrs. Rabbit Nickelodeon
Carebears: Welcome to Care-a-lot Share Bear The Hub
Monster High Jinafire Mattel
Secret Milliionaire's Club Lisa The Hub
Three Delivery Sue Yee Nicktoons
Naruto Hinata, Kin VIZ Media
Bleach Orihime, Isane, Yoshi VIZ Media
Eureka 7 Eureka Bandai Entertainment
IGPX Yuri, Bella Cartoon Network
FLCL Mamimi Synch-Point
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Mikuru Asahina Kadokawa Pictures
Paradise Kiss Nakayama, Alice Geneon Entertainment
DearS Natsuki Ikuhura Geneon Entertainment
Mar Bell VIZ Media
Street Fighter: Generations Sayaka Manga Enterainment
Grenadier Koto Media Blasters
Fafner Maya Tomi Geneon Entertainment
Ghost Talker's Daydream Miku, Ichinose Geneon Entertainment
Ravemaster Harmonia Tokyopop
Marmalade Boy Yayoi Tokyopop
Tenjho Tenge Aya Natsume Geneon Entertainment
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Girl, Dispatcher Manga Entertainment
Koikaze Nanoka Geneon Entertainment
Destiny of the Shrine Maiden Himeko Geneon Entertainment
Paranoia Agent Kamome Geneon Entertainment
Mermaid Forest Emiri Geneon Entertainment
Ikki Tousen Chinkyu Geneon Entertainment
R.O.D. the TV Haruhi Nishizono Geneon Entertainment
Bottle Fairy Hororo Geneon Entertainment
Haibane Renmei Midori Geneon Entertainment
Azumi 2 Kozue Urban Vision
Azumi Yae Urban Vision
Snow Fairy Sugar Greta Geneon Entertainment
Prince of Tennis Tomoka, Ann, Nanako, Yumiko
Digimon Battlerer Adventurers Minami
Ultra Maniac Ayu Geneon Entertainment
Hare+Guu Guu AN Entertainment
Hellsing Waitress, Female Vampire Geneon Entertainment
I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs Fujio Geneon Entertainment
Fighting Spirit Kumi, Aikawa, Young Miyata Geneon Entertainment
Winx Club: the Movie Flora Rainbow SPA
Vandread: the Second Stage Shirley Geneon Entertainment
I'm Gonna be an Angel Silky Synch-Point
If I See You in My Dreams Nagisa Media Blasters
Here is Greenwood Misako Media Blasters
Phoenix Tamami PBS
Jungle Emperor Leo Mary Media Blasters
Happy Cricket Little Christopher Arvintel
Blood + Monique Cartoon Network
GunXSword Wendy Geneon Entertainment
Girls Bravo Kirie Geneon Entertainment
Zatch Bell Penny, Shion VIZ Media
Viewtiful Joe Maeve, Amy Plastic Cow Productions
Kamichu Matsuri Geneon Entertainment
Leave it to Piyoko Gema Broccoli USA
Samurai Champloo Koza Geneon Entertainment
Digi Charat TV Gema Broccoli USA
Digi Charat Movie Gema Broccoli USA
Cybuster Mitsuki Geneon Entertaiment
Boys Be Yumi Right Stuf International
Count of Monte Cristo Haidee Geneon Entertainment
Mars Daybreak Megumi Bandai Entertaiment
Lucky Star Akira Kadokawa Pictures
Melody of Oblivion Coco Geneon Entertainment
Curse of the Golden Flower Chan Sony Pictures
The Yokai Wars Youko Arvintel
Digimon Data Squad Megumi Toei
Gurren Lagan Kinon Cartoon Network

Video Games

Strangehold Teko Midway Games
Devil May Cry 4 Kirie CAPCOM
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Rebecca Chambers CAPCOM
Project Slypheed May Creighton Microsoft
Valkerie Profile: Silmeria Silmeria Square-Enix
Grandia III Alfina Square-Enix
Radiata Stories Ridley Silverlake Square-Enix
Warriors Orochi Dai Ji Koei/Omega Force
Eternal Sonata Princess Serenade Namco Bandai
Tales of the World Arche Klein Namco Bandai
Tales of the Abyss Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear Namco Bandai
Shadowhearts 2 Princess Anastasia Midway Games
Riviera Lina Atlus
Odin Sphere Mercedes Atlus
Disgaea 2 Hanako Atlus
Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm Nell Ellis Atlus
Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerebus incidentals Square-Enix
Suikoden Tactics Corselia Konami
Romancing Saga: Minstrel's Song Marina Square-Enix
Obscure Shannon Hydravision
Rumble Roses XX voice type 1 Konami
Aquarian Age: the Movie Misuzu Broccoli USA


Scooby Doo webisode Ariani Warner Brothers
Ugly Betty telenovela various ABC

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Dancing, Voiceover, Singing, Improvisation
  • Athletic Skills: Yoga, Swimming, Ice Skating
  • Accents: British, Irish, French, Asian, Chinese
  • Spoken Languages: Japanese, Chinese
  • Dance: Ballet


  • University of California - Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA


  • Second City Training Center , Los Angeles, CA, improvisation
  • East West Players, Los Angeles, CA, Musical Theater, Stormy Saks
  • Susan Blu Voiceover workshop, Los Angeles, voiceover, Cynthia Songe

Employment Details

  • Work History: Voice Over, Commercial, Industrial, Internet
  • Job Categories: Sound, Acting, Directing, Producing, Writing
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title 1: Actor
  • Prior Job Title 2: Director
  • Prior Job Title 3: Engineer

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