Bardot Defamation Case Thrown Out of Court

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Bardot Defamation Case Thrown Out of Court
French sixties siren Brigitte Bardot is celebrating after a Paris court threw out a defamation lawsuit against her. Radio Courtesy host Marc-Olivier Fogiel infuriated the ...And God Created Woman actress during a May 12, 2003 broadcast, when he insisted she talk about her controversial best-selling book Un Cri Dans Le Silence (A Cry In The Silence). Bardot, 70, was convicted in June of inciting racial hatred in her 2003 book with her comments comparing Muslims to "invaders, cruel and barbaric". On Monday the Parisian court ruled Bardot had been provoked into calling Fogiel "a little jerk". Judge Nicolas Bonnal agreed that "the expression little jerk seemed injurious" toward the presenter. Bonnal added, "There is a direct relationship between provocation and injury, appearing proportional to it. The injury can be excused."

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