Exclusive: Irish Romantic Comedy 'Food Guide To Love' To Shoot Next Month

'Food Guide To Love', a Dublin-set romantic comedy directed by Spanish husband and wife team Dominic Harari and Teresa de Pelegri, and starring Richard Coyle and Leonor Watling, will begin shooting in Ireland on August 7. The feature, an Irish, Spanish and French co-production, is currently in pre-production in Dublin. Ireland's Parallel Films and Spanish production company Tornasol are the main producers with France's Haut et Court also on board. A strong Irish cast have also been recruited with David Wilmot (Good Vibrations) set to play a hippie who comes between the two leads and Bronagh Gallagher cast as the cynical and humorous wife of Oliver's best friend. Other Irish cast attached to the project include Lorcan Cranitch (Rome) and Ger Ryan (Raw), who will play Oliver's mother. Chris Newman (Aisling's Diary) and Michelle Beamish (Eden) have also been cast in minor roles.
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Ferocious Planet and Sci-fi Thrills: A Movie Review

Director: Billy O'Brien.

Writer: Douglas G. Davis.

When you say the SyFy Network, some people cringe at the words, others laugh and even others look mystified. This is a television channel, which makes the best of low budgets, while offering b-movie fans something off the beaten path. With Ferocious Planet, the SyFy channel seems to have found something interesting, not too well travelled and a mostly fresh take on the parallel world construct. This ninety minute feature debuted on SyFy April 9th and this is a b-movie worthy of your attention.

The early minutes are used to develop some minor sub-plots involving affairs between scientists and military personnel, a disenfranchised senator and a presidential aid with far too much curiousity. Each of these story lines are well acted out, with Joe Flanigan playing the part of the hero. His subordinates (Yare Michael Jegbefume, Chris Newman) also play their roles of confused and terrified serviceman,
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Sink Your Canines into this Trailer for Ferocious Planet from Rhi Entertainment

The SyFy Network will take viewers into parallel dimensions with Ferocious Planet April 9th. Here, characters and sci-fi fans will find monsters roaming a heavily forested locale, where few escape sharpened teeth and talons. Looking very much like Journey to the Center of the Earth, Ferocious Planet involves seven story behemoths and smaller spiked killers terrorizing a group of scientists. So, break-out your best Survivor skills, as this action adventure thriller steals this show's tagline with: "the team must use ingenuity and courage to outwit, outplay and outlast the native man-meating creatures." The trailer for Ferocious Planet is below!

The synopsis for Ferocious Planet is here:

"It was a groundbreaking device designed to glimpse alternate universes and government commissioned by a brilliant physicist. But the machine malfunctioned on its first presentation, transporting a group of observers into a nightmarish new dimension. The team quickly must use ingenuity and courage to outwit,
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Syfy's The Other Side Gets a New Title (Ferocious Planet), a Trailer, and a Release Date!

I'm probably encroaching on Foy territory with this story, but after all his live tweeting last night during the Oscars, I figured he could use a break. Syfy's The Other Side, which we first told you about several months ago, has been given a new name - Ferocious Planet - and a release date of April 9th.

Ferocious Planet was written by Douglas G. Davis (Carny) and stars John Rhys-Davies (The Lord of the Rings trilogy), Joe Flanigan ("Stargate: Atlantis"), and Chris Newman ("Love Is the Drug"). Interestingly enough, there's no info on the director ... not exactly what you'd call a good sign. In any event, check out the synopsis and trailer below, and look for more soon.


It was a groundbreaking device designed by a brilliant physicist to glimpse alternate universes. But the machine malfunctioned on its first presentation, transporting a group of observers into a nightmarish new dimension.
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RTÉ Broadcasts Second Series of 'Aisling's Diary'

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Following commissioning from RTÉ's Young Peoples' Department, a second series of Cr Entertainment's 'Aisling's Diary' is currently being shown daily on RTÉ2. 'Aisling's Summer Diary' sees the return of Aisling, Ali, Siobhan in a 30 x 3 minute series. The new series, starring Esther Di Maggio and Chris Newman sees the gang all heading to the fictional Dun Máirtín Beach to work for Siobhan's Uncle little knowing that it is far from the luxury beachside hostel they were expecting.
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