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Mara Marini On ‘Parks & Recreation,’ Brandi Maxxx, Amy Poehler & ‘Black-ish’

Canadian actress Mara Marini had a breakout performance in season 3 of Parks & Recreation that led to a recurring role on the show – and more Hollywood gigs. Mara Marini On Brandi Maxxx On Parks & Rec, Marini played aspiring local politician and porn star Brandi Maxxx, who seeks to align herself with Amy Poehler‘s […]

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'Parks and Recreation': Sean Hayes smugs it up and a winter break poll

"To win an election, you have to be good and you have to be lucky." -- Leslie Knope

Thursday (March 8) night marked the winter finale (is it really still winter?) of "Parks and Recreation," which basically means the show's off till April 19. Thankfully, we'll have "Community" to fill the void.

Additionally, we'll have the warm memories of "Lucky" to keep us toasty on those cold "Parks and Rec"-less Thursday nights. Memories that include drunk Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ron (Nick Offerman, who also wrote this week's episode -- Love) hooking up with Andy's (Chris Pratt) women's studies professor Linda.

We also saw Jack Sean Hayes as Buddy Wood (sadly no reunion with Megan Mullally was to be had -- tear), which lead me to ask, why must this show keep bringing on actors I love in roles that make me loathe them? (See Kathryn Hahn as Jennifer Barkley, Bobby Newport's new campaign manager.
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'Parks and Rec': Election fever is in the air, albeit a bit early

As Knope 2012 kicks into high gear on "Parks and Recreation," there's a bit of an admission its campaign manager (ok, executive producer) needs to get off his chest. It wasn't supposed to happen this way.

At PaleyFest, show Ep Michael Schur explains that Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) wasn't supposed to run for higher office for another season. But then NBC made a change that accelerated the game plan.

"We had talked about this as a possible story line for Season 5. And then we were moved to a mid-season show in Season 3, and we thought 'Alright, well f*** it, we gotta do it now because who knows what the future holds,'" Schur says. "Then once we thought about that, we realized that it would line up better with the national events and that election fever would be in the air."

As for going down this path, producers explain that it's
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Psychosomatika in Hot Pink!

This reviewer has known actor Lee Perkins for a long time and now there is an opportunity to see Perkin's more quirky side. Psychosomatika is Perkin's latest feature to complete production. The film is slated for a likely October 2010 release, if all things go well. In the film Perkins places a strange neighbour or as Lee puts it: "a not so normal neighbour" (Perkins). The film is about secrets and putting a life back together (IMDb). Take a few moments to really appreciate Perkins in a pink bathrobe and gold mask here and inside.

The synopsis for Psychosomatika here:

"Lionel Perkins awakens from a coma only to find himself in the middle of what he believes to be an alternate reality - an adaptation of his own life. Remembering only bits and pieces of his past, he begins to wonder if these vague memories of the life he once had
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