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Podcast: Reviewing 'The Smurfs 2', '2 Guns' and 'The Spectacular Now'

Laremy and I began today's podcast intending to only go about an hour... Instead we nearly went two hours. I guess you are the beneficiaries as we review The Smurfs 2, 2 Guns and The Spectacular Now as well as answer your questions and voicemails and we've also started receiving entries in the Safe Haven review competition. Also, if you are on Twitter, we have a new Twitter account dedicated to the podcast at @bnlpod. Give us a follow won'tchac I want to remind you that you can call in and leave us your comments, thoughts, questions, etc. directly on our Google Voice account, which you can call and leave a message for us at (925) 526-5763, which may be even easier to remember at (925) 5-bnl-pod. Just call, leave us a voice mail and we'll add those to the show and respond directly. An alternative to that option is a new way
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MTV Geekend at Comic-Con to Include Teen Wolf Panel, First MTV Comics Launch

Again, before you get too jealous of those who get to attend Comic-Con 2013, remember that you will probably get to spend the weekend watching live coverage in the comfort of your jammies, with no pesky stormtrooper armor chafing issues. MTV is offering some of that live coverage, along with a Teen Wolf special, the launch of the first graphic novel from MTV Comics, and more:

“Teen Wolf” Returns To Comic-con For The Fourth Year As Part Of “MTV Geekend” “MTV Geekend” Also Includes First-Ever “MTV2 Party in the Park” in San Diego on Thursday, July 18 and One-Hour “Guy Code Honors” Special Airing on MTV and MTV2 Sunday, July 21 MTV News’ Josh Horowitz and MTV Geek’s Steven Smith to Live Stream Exclusive News and Interviews with Fan Favorite Celebrities All Weekend

New York, NY – MTV will be geeking out from Comic-Con International in San Diego all weekend long, beginning on Thursday,
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MTV And “Teen Wolf” Geeking Out At Comic-Con

MTV And “Teen Wolf” Geeking Out At Comic-Con
MTV will be bringing back Teen Wolf to Comic-Con this year, returning five series regulars and the new cast members who play the twin Alpha werewolves. They’ll also be hosting a party at Petco Park on July 18th, called MTV2 Party In the Park. For the press release and more details, read on! New York, NY (June 24, 2013) – MTV will be geeking out from Comic-Con International in San Diego all weekend long, beginning on Thursday, July 18 with the highly-anticipated return of a “Teen Wolf” panel featuring all five series regulars and new cast members who play the twin Alpha werewolves, Max and Charlie Carver. Additionally, the network, along with MTV2, MTV News and MTV Geek will be on the ground at Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, for the first-ever “MTV2 Party in the Park.” Open to all Comic-Con badge holders, the July 18 event celebrating the die-hard fans
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San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Teen Wolf Panel Announced Along with MTV2 Party in the Park

Time for another Sdcc 13 announcement, this time from MTV, which is bringing "Teen Wolf" back to the show and throwing a big bash for all badge holders at Petco Park on Thursday, July 18.

From the Press Release:

MTV will be geeking out from Comic-Con International in San Diego all weekend long, beginning on Thursday, July 18, with the highly-anticipated return of a “Teen Wolf” panel featuring all five series regulars and new cast members who play the twin Alpha werewolves, Max and Charlie Carver. Additionally, the network, along with MTV2, MTV News, and MTV Geek, will be on the ground at Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, for the first-ever “MTV2 Party in the Park.” Open to all Comic-Con badge holders, the July 18 event celebrating the die-hard fans in attendance at Comic-Con will feature live music performances, free food, and drinks and the taping of “Guy Code Honors,” a
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'Human Target' And 'Locke & Key' Reactions, Ninjak, And 'Powers' Casting In Today's Twitter Report

Fox broke some bads news to "Human Target" and "Locke and Key" fans this week, canceling this first show and passing on the latter. Along with the also-cancelled "Chicago Code," the programs left a pile of sad tweets in their wake.

On a more positive front, the "Powers" TV series still seems to be climbing its way toward reality, as Brian Michael Bendis teased Twitter about his casting tapes once again. This morning's rundown boasts that update, some Ninjak dismay from Kurt Busiek and more absolutely incredible Jim Lee artwork. Brace yourself and check it out after the jump.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for May 11, 2011.

@KurtBusiek Bah. Just found out Robin Shou wanted to make a Ninjak movie out of my version of the character. Woulda been awesome.

-Kurt Busiek, Writer ("Astro City," "Avengers")

@Brianmbendis night 2 of powers tv audition tapes. i discovered i'm the
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Elisabeth Sladen Remembered, 'X-Men: First Class' Hopes, And 'Avengers' In Today's Twitter Report

"Doctor Who" fans tweeted en masse yesterday to commemorate actress Elisabeth Sladen, who passed away this week at the age of 63. Writers and artists both noted the impact she had on them as Sarah-Jane Smith in the series, and I've retweeted the likes of Edgar Wright, Paul Cornell and Pia Guerra, who all remembered Sladen fondly.

The feed brought speculation about what's to come in 2011 as well. Bryan Lee O'Malley got a little snarky about "X-Men: First Class," Robert Kirkman expects great things from "The Walking Dead" in Season 2. Find out why and what Brian Michael Bendis had to say to "Internet babies" down below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for April 20, 2011.

@RobertKirkman If Greg Nicotero was emailing you the jpegs he's emailing me almost daily, you'd be 10,000 times more excited for @WalkingDead_AMC season 2.

-Robert Kirkman, Writer ("The Walking Dead," "Invincible")

Elisabeth Sladen pt.
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Best Of 2010: Comic Books, Webcomics, And Graphic Novels

There are only a few weeks left until 2010 is behind us, so it's time to look back on the year and recall our favorite comics, comic book movies, toys, games, and other items that made the year so memorable.

Over the next three days, we'll roll out our Best Of 2010 selections, starting with today's list of the best comic books, webcomics, graphic novels, and story arcs of 2010. Keep it locked to Splash Page throughout the rest of the year for more of our Best Of 2010 lists, as well as everything else that carved out a place for itself on our bookshelves, display cases, office desks, and news cycle throughout the year.

Best Of 2010: Comics

Best New Series

"Morning Glories" by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma (Image Comics)

School is hard enough without brutally murdered parents, ruthless faculty members and stunning betrayals, but we can't thank Nick Spencer and Joe
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Sdcc '10 - Schedules for Preview Night and Thursday (7/21 and 7/22)

And we're off! The first bit of programming for San Diego Comic-Con 2010 is up on the official site, and we've got a look at the horror-themed panels and events for both Preview Night (July 21st) and Thursday, July 22nd.

Wednesday – July 21

Not much real horror here, but if you're into anime (and sushi), this is the night for you!

Marriott Hotel and Marina:

Anime introduces its new big room with four screenings, plus a sushi and pizza meet and greet! Located in the Marriott Hall, the Anime rooms are 4, 5, and 6, with Wednesday night's screenings taking place in Room 4; the party is in the Marriott Hall foyer starting at 7:00 Pm.

The Films Department will screen three big movies starting at 6:00 pm in Marriott Hall 2, which will be the home for the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival on Thursday through Sunday.

Convention Center:

6:00-9:00 Special Sneak Peek Pilot
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'Absolute Justice' Premiere, A 'Thor' Cameo, And The End of 'Anders Loves Maria' In Today's Twitter Report

Geoff Johns' big night finally comes around this evening with the epic two-hour premiere of his "Smallville" story "Absolute Justice." He's got a special screening lined up, and you can check out who he's taking with him today in his tweet feed.

There was some truly momentous tweeting going on in the world of webcomics this morning as Rene Engström's cartoony relationship comic "Anders Loves Maria" came to an end, and it's worth checking out from the beginning. Much like LeVar Burton, you don't have to take my word for it, though. Bryan Lee O'Malley's a fan as well. You can find his contemplation of the comic's end, as well as Stan Lee's fears about his "Thor" cameo and Jason Aaron's plans for his Wolverine writing this year.

It's all in the Twitter Report for February 5, 2010.

@GeoffJohns0 Tomorrow I'm going to a screening at Warner Brothers of Absolute Justice.
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Comic Creators In 2010: Projects They're Looking Forward To & New Year's Resolutions [Updated]

With 2010 only a few days old, there's a lot to look forward to in the coming year — and in many cases, a clean slate to begin tackling a new year's worth of projects, goals and various other plans.

That applies to the comic book industry as much as anywhere else, so I surveyed a wide range of creators in and around the comics scene to find out what has them most excited for 2010, and if they had any resolutions (comics-related or otherwise) for the coming year.

Their responses ranged from eager anticipation of buzz-friendly video games and movies to a distinct avoidance of anything with too much hype — so read on for the full breakdown of which projects and plans are foremost on creators' minds as we begin 2010.

MTV: Which comics, movies, games, music or any other types of projects arriving in 2010 are you looking forward to the most?

Aside from "Bioshock 2," I got nothing.
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'Mad Men' Finale, 'Call of Duty' Parties, And 'Doctor Who' Research In Today's Twitter-Wood

The "Man Men" season finale Sunday night had more than a few Twitter accounts waiting to see what the third season's cliffhanger would be. Matt Fraction, Jon Favreau and Mike Costa all had reasons to be pleased by the time it was all over. Don't worry though; their tweets are spoiler free.

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" launches this week, and quite a few comics folks seem to have gotten their hands on advance copies. At least one got in to the launch party last night as well. Find out who that was after the jump along with a pair of "Doctor Who" posts, a Bryan Lee O'Malley prediction for "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" and a new Elvis discovery by Chris Staros.

It's all in the Twitter Report for November 9, 2009.

@mattfraction also Mad Men gave me a weird mixture of nostalgia and Ptsd. what a great episode, season, show,
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Emmy Thoughts, 'Captain America' Casting And Jeffrey Dean Morgan Sketches: It's The Twitter Report!

"Mad Men" and "30 Rock" may have won big at the Emmy Awards ceremony Sunday, but Neil Patrick Harris got Mark Waid's pick for performance of the night. Meanwhile, Jon Hamm, star of the night's Outstanding Drama Series winner, got a nod from Rob Liefeld in a tweet calling him an ideal candidate to star in "The First Avenger: Captain America."

Amid the other Emmy and NFL tweets that flew around Sunday, Jock updated on his "Judge Dredd" work and "Losers" set visit plans, adding that he's going to be drawing Jeffrey Dean Morgan for a charity event. Elsewhere, Jimmy Palmiotti called for a moratorium on vampire-genre tales, and Chris Staros lavished praise on the Windy City Comicon show in Chicago.

Check out all of those posts, as well as memorial note from Joe Quesada and which "Losers" creator had a meeting with Marvel today. It's in the Twitter Report for
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Sdcc '09: Saturday Horror

  • Fangoria
The 2009 Edition of Comic-Con gets underway this week at the San Diego Convention Center, promising the biggest pop-culture event of the year.

Fangoria will be there reporting on the action live from the show floor, with constant updates on all the genre panels, announcements, and more - bringing all the latest Sdcc '09 Horror News direct to you right here on

For those of you planning to attend the 100% Sold-out show, here's a look at what to expect for genre programming on Saturday, July 25th, 2009.

10:00-11:00 Idw: Angel on the Rise— With L.A. back from Hell, what's next for Idw's Angel comics? Fans of the show and the tall, dark, and brooding fangster can find out who's still fighting, who's been eaten, and what sinister forces are still to come during this panel featuring Juliet Landau (Angel writer/actress), Brian Lynch (Angel: After the Fall
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