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The Silent Thief

While it’s easy and natural to assume that wayward drifter Brennan Marley (Toby Hemingway) is the eponymous criminal of the low-key thriller The Silent Thief, actually all of the characters in the film tend to keep mum about their lives of quiet desperation. The nice and seemingly normal suburban family that Brennan infiltrates are all leading lives of quiet desperation that make them easy prey.

The plot kicks in pretty quickly when Brennan is automatically welcomed with open arms into the Henderson family, who are renting out their son Mike’s (Cody Longo) room while he’s away at college. While there’s the perfunctory glancing at Brennan’s driver’s license, none of the Hendersons ever really bother to verify his identity or, probably more importantly, his sanity before they start treating him as a Mike substitute.

At first, it doesn’t totally seem quite believable that a
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Casting Bits: ‘Animal Kingdom’ Star Ben Mendelsohn in ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’, Toby Hemingway and Josh Pence in ‘The Silent Thief’, Nia Vardalos in ‘American Girl’ Movie

Casting Bits: ‘Animal Kingdom’ Star Ben Mendelsohn in ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’, Toby Hemingway and Josh Pence in ‘The Silent Thief’, Nia Vardalos in ‘American Girl’ Movie
[1] Derek Cianfrance's been collecting quite a solid cast for his next project, the "Deer Hunter meets The Godfather" crime drama The Place Beyond the Pines. Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, and Eva Mendes are already on board, with Greta Gerwig circling [2] another part. Now the latest addition to his cast is Aussie actor Ben Mendelsohn, who along with Joel Edgerton and Jacki Weaver has been enjoying a nice (and well-deserved) career boost from the success of last year's Animal Kingdom. The Place Beyond the Pines focuses on a multi-generational feud sparked by an encounter between Gosling’s character, a pro motorcycle rider who turns to bank robbing to support his family, and Cooper’s character, a cop. Mendes will co-star as Gosling's love interest, while Gerwig is up for the role of Cooper's wife. Mendelsohn is in negotiations to play Robin Van Der Zee, a mechanic who pulls Gosling into his bank robbery operation.
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Hemingway, Pence Hire A "Silent Thief"

Toby Hemingway ("Black Swan," "In Time") has joined and Josh Pence ("The Dark Knight Rises") is in negotiations for one of the lead roles in the indie drama "The Silent Thief" for Jenkev Productions says Variety.

Hemingway plays a drifter who descends upon a family in crisis and suggests an odd solution: he'll take their biological son's place in the family unit. The situation unravels as his ingratiation tactics become pernicious.

Cody Longo will play a closeted athlete, while Pence is in talks to play his best friend and secret boyfriend. Scout Taylor Compton and Reid Ewing also star.

Jennifer Clary directs from a script she co-wrote with Kevin Haberer and Chris Sapp.
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Toby Hemingway & Josh Pence In Talks For ‘The Silent Thief’

Variety lets us know that the upcoming indie film The Silent Thief - directed by Jennifer Clary and written by her, Kevin Haberer, and Chris Sapp - has two young actors in negotiations for roles. One is Toby Hemingway, who recently appeared in Black Swan, and has a role in Andrew Niccol‘s In Time. The other actor is Josh Pence, the unseen Winklevoss in The Social Network and a young Ra’s al Ghul in 2012′s The Dark Knight Rises.

The plot of the movie follows “a drifter who descends upon a family in crisis and suggests an odd solution: he’ll take their biological son’s place in the family unit.” This plan begins to falter, however, when his attempts at fitting in hurt others. Filmofilia has some more information on the movie, saying that the lead character is named Brennan Marley, and that he “rents a room
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Black Swan’s Toby Hemingway to Star in the Indie Thriller The Silent Thief

One of the two boys who tease with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in Black Swan is starring in the indie drama/thriller The Silent Thief. His name is Toby Hemingway.

Scout Taylor Compton and Cody Longo were also attached and Josh Pence, who’s currently shooting The Dark Knight Rises, is in negotiations as one of the leads, while Modern Family topliner Reid Ewing is set to make a cameo.

The Silent Thief is a scary story of Brennan Marley, an outsider who pressures to destroy a family’s unity by steadily displacing their absent son, Mike Henderson. Starving for acceptance and exceptionally sly, Brennan rents a room from the Henderson family under false fronts. He uses his conciliatory skills to ingratiate himself with each particular family member before Mike returns from college. As Brennan’s tactic becomes progressively destructive, psyches and driven to the breaking point and violence results.
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