Megyn Kelly Is a Terrible Cook, But She's 'Never a Phony,' Her Friends & Family Say

Megyn Kelly Is a Terrible Cook, But She's 'Never a Phony,' Her Friends & Family Say
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David Muir, Lester Holt Readying Irma Coverage in Latest TV-News Scramble

David Muir, Lester Holt Readying Irma Coverage in Latest TV-News Scramble
David Muir and Lester Holt will both lead on-the-ground coverage in Florida this week, one of the earliest signals that the nation’s TV-news outlets are preparing for another severe cycle just days after trying to chronicle the havoc wreaked on Texas by Hurricane Harvey (above, pictured).

Hurricane Irma is one of the strongest storms ever recorded. The Category 5 hurricane has been steadily swirling over islands in the Caribbean and moving toward Puerto Rico and Florida. President Trump has already declared a state of emergency in Florida, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands. At present, Irma is expected to reach Florida on Sunday, with severe flooding anticipated.

The coverage can bring new attention to some of the TV journalists attempting to bring details of the weather to viewers. CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell gained some notice for her recent work on the ground in Texas covering Harvey’s aftermath, as
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TV News Covers Harvey: Weather Channel, ABC, Others Track Chaotic Hurricane

A bevy of TV-news outlets have begun coverage of Hurricane Harvey, a massive storm expected to strike the Texas coast with winds of over 100 miles an hour, attempting to track the storm even as they continue to cover news related to the controversial Trump administration and its attempts to shape national policy.

The Weather Channel early Friday morning — at 5 a.m. Et — launched live coverage of the storm and expected to continue that programming until further notice. The network said it had deployed ten crews, with anchors Jim Cantore and Paul Goodloe stationed in the Corpus Christi area; Jen Carfagno placed in Houston; Mike Seidel embedded in the Port Lavaca/Victoria area; and Maria Larosa in San Antonio.

CNN said Nick Valenica and Martin Savidge were stationed in Corpus Christi; Polo Sandoval and Derek Van Dam were positioned in San Antonio; Ed Lanvadera was on the ground in Galveston; and Rosa Flores was reporting from Houston. Meteorologist
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Janice Dean Says Return to Fox News Was ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ After Cosmetic Surgery Mishap

Fox News Channel’s Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean says she “was nervous” for her return to television on Monday after undergoing a new type of cosmetic surgery that left her with horrible side effects. “I think it went very well,” Dean told TheWrap of her return to Fox News’ morning show. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive after sharing my story. Even social media – which can be a very negative space sometimes, has been flooded with well wishes and thank yous from both men and women for being open and honest.” Dean had been off the air since early March after.
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Fox News Meteorologist Blogs About Her Plastic Surgery Side Effects: ‘My Bottom Lip Looked Like It Had Vanished’

Fox News Meteorologist Blogs About Her Plastic Surgery Side Effects: ‘My Bottom Lip Looked Like It Had Vanished’
After Fox & Friends aired a segment about Christie Brinkley looking flawless in a swimsuit at 63, meteorologist Janice Dean decided to fix a perceived flaw that had long been bugging her — her wrinkly neck.

Dean, 46, said she had already been using Botox to smooth wrinkles on her forehead — “Believe me when I tell you if you don’t see wrinkles on someone over the age of 45 it’s not because they have a great new face cream!” she wrote in a blog post — but wanted to do something to smooth her neck, a body part she had been self-concious about for most of her life.
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Watch: Megyn Kelly Explains Decision to Move From Fox News: ‘I Need More Human Connection’

Watch: Megyn Kelly Explains Decision to Move From Fox News: ‘I Need More Human Connection’
Thank you for watching. With love…

Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) January 4, 2017


Megyn Kelly addressed her departure from Fox News during Tuesday’s broadcast of her show, The Kelly File.

The journalist, whose last day on Fox will be Friday, explained that her decision to exit was fueled by a need for more “human connection.”

“This was a tough decision for me because I love this show, our staff, my crew, my colleagues here at Fox, and you. All of you,” Kelly, 46, began her speech.

“Now I don’t actually know most of you,
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Today’s Savannah Guthrie Extends a ‘Big Welcome’ to Megyn Kelly as She Makes Her Move to NBC News

Savannah Guthrie is extending a “big welcome” to Megyn Kelly as she makes her move to NBC News.

Following the announcement Tuesday morning that the Kelly File anchor would be leaving her post at Fox News for a new role at NBC, the Today co-host congratulated the Settle for More author on her new position and welcomed her to the network where Kelly will soon soon join her as a colleague.

“Big welcome to @megynkelly – awesome get for @NBCNews!! May I not be nine months pregnant in the next picture we take side-by-side!” Guthrie, 45, tweeted alongside a photo of Kelly
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Scott Pelley to Anchor ‘CBS Evening News’ From Florida for Hurricane Coverage

CBS News said its evening-news anchor, Scott Pelley, would lead the broadcast from Florida in order to provide on-the-ground perspective on the effects of Hurricane Matthew, a signal that the storm and potential damage resulting from it are likely to take more command of an already busy news cycle.

Pelley will anchor his Thursday-night broadcast from West Palm Beach. The hurricane is expected to be one of the most powerful in a decade.

A team of correspondents will contribute to CBS News’ coverage from across the Southeast, the Atlantic Coast and the Caribbean. CBS News Correspondents Manuel Bojorquez and Mark Strassmann are reporting from Florida. Omar Villafranca is in the Bahamas. Errol Barnett is in Georgia, and Jericka Duncan is in South Carolina. Kris Van Cleave will cover the storm’s impact on travel, and Wbz Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher is tracking the storm.

CBS News will have coverage of the storm all day on Cbsn.

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How Megyn Kelly Became the New Star of Fox News

Megyn Kelly is bucking the conventional wisdom of what it means to be a Fox News anchor. The take-no-prisoners newswoman isn’t afraid to throw hardballs at Republicans. She recently lectured Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul over his penchant for arguing with female reporters. She poked Jeb Bush about whether he would have invaded Iraq in 2003. She cornered Mike Huckabee for saying it was trashy for women to swear in public. Last year, she told Dick Cheney, “History has proven that you got it wrong” on Iraq. On Election Night 2012, she dared to question Karl Rove for claiming that Barack Obama hadn’t won Ohio, and it went viral.

Just as surprisingly, she says she wouldn’t brawl with a certain Democratic presidential candidate if she landed an exclusive with her. “I think Hillary Clinton could handle me — easily,” Kelly says on a recent afternoon in her Manhattan office. “That would be epic television,
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Election Day timeline

Election Day timeline
From the tiny township of Dixville Notch, N.H., to the sidewalks of Santa Monica, voters flocked to the polls in record numbers Tuesday in what is arguably the most important as well as the most exhilarating election in decades. And for these last crucial 24 hours, the media -- starting abroad with foreign broadcasters, the worldwide blogosphere, cable news networks, radio pundits and the Big Four -- rose to the occasion with blanket coverage of the historic returns. The Hollywood Reporter also fielded a global team to provide readers with a blow-by-blow rundown of the round-the-clock highlights. All times Est.

2 a.m. MSNBC reports amazing numbers from the Minnesota Senate race. With 89% of precincts reporting, Norm Coleman leads Al Franken by 172 votes -- 1,048,956 to 1,048,784. (Read more about Franken's too-close-to-call race)

1:03 a.m. Ktla cuts from its election coverage to show breaking news of a high-speed pursuit.

12:50 a.m.
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