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  • (1925 - 1953) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1925) Stage Play: All Wet. Written by W. Maxwell Goodhue [earliest Broadway credit]. Directed by Edward Emery. Wallack's Theatre: 6 Jul 1925- Jul 1925 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: James Baber (as "Captain Amos Ruggles"), Charles Brown (as "Thomas Finch Ingram"), Mary Duncan (as "Mae Ingram"), Elizabeth Dunne (as "Violet Fish"), Edward Emery (as "Higgins"), Howard Freeman (as "William Archibald Johns"), Mann Holiner (as "Frederick Vallandingham Carter") [Broadway debut], Carolyn McLean (as "Caroline Brewster"), Constance Molineaux (as "Jane Hastings"), Beauton O'Quinn (as "Lucy Norton"). Produced by The Players.
  • (1926) Stage Play: Gay Paree. Musical review. Music by Alberta Nichols, Maurice Ruebens and J. Fred Coots. Lyrics by Mann Holiner, Clifford Grey and J. Fred Coots; Dialogue by Harold Atteridge. Musical Director: Harry Nieman. Additional music by Guy Massey and Powers Gouraud. Additional lyrics by Guy Massey and Powers Gouraud. Directed by J.C. Huffman. Winter Garden Theatre: 9 Nov 1926- 9 Apr 1927 (192 performances). Cast included: Jack Haley, Winnie Lightner, Charles 'Chic' Sale, Al Wholman. Produced by Lee Shubert and J. J. Shubert.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Luckee Girl. Musical comedy. Music by Maurice Yvain. Lyrics by Max Lief and Nathaniel Lief. Book adapted by Gertrude Purcell [final Broadway credit]. Based on a French operette by Andre Barde. Musical Director: Earl Busby. Featuring songs by Werner Janssen. Featuring songs with lyrics by Mann Holiner. Choreographed by Harry Puck and Marie Kelley. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Costume Design by Ernest Schrapps. Directed by Lew Morton. Casino Theatre (moved to The Sam H. Harris Theatre from 29 Oct 1928- close): 15 Sep 1928- 24 Nov 1928 (81 performances). Cast: Ayres (as "Specialty"), Charles A. Baker (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Barber (as "Celina"), Julia Barker (as "Ensemble"), Dan Berrigan (as "Ensemble"), Malease Bisland (as "Ensemble"), Edward Brown (as "Ensemble"), Evelyn Carpenter (as "Ensemble"), Virginia Cartlich (as "Ensemble"), Ted Clarke (as "Ensemble"), Don Cortez (as "Ensemble"), Josephine Drake (as "Mme. Falloux"), Irene Dunne (as "Arlette") [final Broadway role], Thelma Dye (as "Ensemble"), Jinny Evans (as "Ensemble"), Johnny Ferrara (as "One of four Diplomats"), Irving Fisher (as "Lucien DeGravere"), Helen Hackbarth (as "Ensemble"), Andy Hamilton (as "One of four Diplomats"), Billy House (as "Hercules"), Dorothy Kirtley (as "Ensemble"), Frank Lalor (as "Pontaves"), Lucille Leverich (as "Ensemble"), Neva Lynn (as "Ensemble"), Malinoff (as "Specialty"), Dorothy McGushion (as "Lili"), Gertrude McGushion (as "Lulu"), Elena Meade (as "Ensemble"), Betty Montgomery (as "Ensemble"), Carmen Morales (as "Ensemble"), Lenny Nelson (as "One of four Diplomats"), Georgia O'Brien (as "Ensemble"), Roberta Parnell (as "Ensemble"), Viola Paulson (as "Ensemble"), Flo Perry (as "Colette"), Harry Phelps (as "Ensemble"), Lou Powers (as "Tampon"), Harry Puck (as "Paul Pechard") [final Broadway credit], Albertina Rasch [credited as Miss Rasche] (as " Specialty"), Albertina Rexroth (as "Ensemble"), Larry Rockwell (as "Ensemble"), Hal Saliers (as "One of four Diplomats"), Kay Simmons (as "Ensemble"), Billy Skinner (as "Ensemble"), Clifford Smith (as "Man/Jean"), Frances Stevens (as "Ensemble"), Doris Vinton (as "Camille"), Harold Vizard (as "DeGravere"), Lorraine Weimar (as "Mme. Pontaves"), Elizabeth Whitehead (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J. J. Shubert.
  • (1929) Stage Play: Boom Boom. Musical comedy. Music by Werner Janssen. Book by Fanny Todd Mitchell. From the play "Mlle. Ma Mere" by Louis Verneuil. Lyrics by Mann Holiner and J. Keirn Brennan. Music orchestrated by Werner Janssen. Musical Director: Tom Jones. Choreographed by John Boyle. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Costume Design by George Barbier, Josephs and Orry Kelly. Directed by George F. Marion. Casino Theatre: 28 Jan 1929- 30 Mar 1929 (72 performances). Cast: Jeanette MacDonald (as "Jean Elva Adams"), Laurette Adams (as "Chorus"), Tennylis Allyn (as "Chorus"), Jimmy Ardell (as "Chorus"), Clement Cancid (as "Chorus"), Kendall Kapps (as "Skippy Carr"), Azeada Charkouie (as "Chorus"), Ray Cirake (as "Chorus"), Cortez and Peggy (as "Cortez and Peggy"), Katharine Dayton (as "Chorus"), Tina DeBrauw (as "Chorus"), Alice Edrique (as "Chorus"), Jack Edwards (as "Chorus"), Margaret Gilligan (as "Chorus"), Doreen Glover (as "One of the Four Nightingales"), William Hale (as "Chorus"), Katherine Hoevel (as "Chorus"), Pat Hunter (as "Chorus"), Jackie Hurlbut (as "Friend of Tilly/Chorus"), Nell Kelly (as "Tilly McGuire"), Harry Kirby (as "Chorus"), Cary Grant [credited as Archie Leach] (as "Reggie Phipps"), Richard Lee (as "Sigmund Squnk"), George Leland (as "Chorus"), Ann Loomis (as "Chorus"), Virginia Martin (as "Chorus"), Frank McIntyre (as "Worthington Smith"), Lucille Mercier (as "Chorus"), Eddie Nelson (as "Texas"), George Oliver (as "Chorus"), Dorothy Palmer (as "Chorus"), Jessie Payne (as "One of the Four Nightingales"), Rosalind Rensing (as "Chorus"), Bob Richards (as "Chorus"), Stanley Ridges (as "Tony Smith"), Doreen Roberts (as "Chorus"), Charles Roth (as "Chorus"), Jean Russell (as "Chorus"), Loretta Sayers (as "One of the Four Nightingales"), Evelyn Sayres (as "One of the Four Nightingales"), Evelyn Shay (as "Chorus"), Frank Sherlock (as "Chorus"), Bobby Shutta (as "Chorus"), Evelyn Sintae (as "Chorus"), Frances Stevens (as "Chorus"), Marcella Swenson' (as "Maybella La Tour"), Maybel Van (as "Chorus"), Virgie Vane (as "Chorus"), Bee Walz (as "Chorus"), Sam Wasserman (as "Chorus"), Harry 'Zoup' Welsh (as "Head Waiter"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.

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