Fmx Weighs Up Contribution of SFX, Sound in ‘Gravity’

Fmx Weighs Up Contribution of SFX, Sound in ‘Gravity’
London — Fmx, the Stuttgart, Germany-set conference on animation, special effects, vidgames and transmedia, will include four separate presentations on Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity,” which won seven Oscars, including director, cinematography, sound mixing and visual effects.

British visual effects company Framestore, which took home the VFX trophy on Oscar night, will deliver a detailed talk on their work at the event, which runs April 22-25.

Senior VP Matthew Bristowe and senior stereo supervisor Richard Baker from Prime Focus World, which was responsible for the stereo conversion of the live-action scenes in the film, will talk about why the filmmakers chose to convert, Pfw’s collaboration with Framestore, and their thoughts on the legacy of the film.

Cuaron’s vision of weightlessness was furthermore realized with the help of design and engineering studio Bot & Dolly and their programmable robots to carry and move cameras and lights. Tobias Kinnebrew, head of product strategy at Bot & Dolly,
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James Cameron Calls on Bolder Use of 3D by All Filmmakers

James Cameron Calls on Bolder Use of 3D by All Filmmakers
James Cameron called on his fellow filmmakers to be bolder in their use of format on day two of the international 3D Creative Summit in London. The “Avatar” director was the two-day event’s biggest draw taking part via an exclusive pre-recorded interview to talk about his upcoming 3D docu “Deepsea Challenge” and the current state of the format.

“The best work has been done by confident filmmakers like Ang Lee, Martin Scorsese and Alfonso Cuaron,” Cameron said. “They are confident so they didn’t worry about asking questions, and there are no dumb questions. Ask questions on day one and two and go nuts on day three.”

In the session preceding Cameron, Steve Schklair, CEO of 3ality and 3D producer on Russian Imax hit “Stalingrad,” noted that helmers were starting to make better use of 3D’s capabilities. “One of the changes I’m seeing is depth budgets getting bigger,
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Gravity - Visual Effects Artist Breakdown

Gravity was awesome, and the effects in it were absolutely mind blowing. We've got a really cool video for you to watch from Prime Focus World Official. It gives us the anatomy of the visual effects in a scene from the film. It also gives us a little taste of how much work went into the making of the film.

In this Artist Breakdown we analyse a scene from 'Gravity' starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Prime Focus World's Richard Baker (Creative Director, View-d™) and Matthew Bristowe (Svp, Production) take you on a step by step journey through the stereo conversion of the shot, describing how Pfw's View-d conversion process allows for the full integration of the VFX and conversion processes.
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Watch: 'Gravity' Visual Effects Breakdown & 3D Conversion Featurette

After seeing the sci-fi sensation Gravity, the film's special effects are so seamless and realistic, you're not sure where practical filmmaking ends and the world of visual effects and computer generated imagery begins. If you saw the film in 3D, the film is that much more captivating, and knowing that every single shot of the film is a visual effects shots makes the 3D elements of the film all the more impressive and taxing on the filmmakers. Now a featurette (that's really more of a technical sales pitch) shows how the 3D conversion process and visual effects can work together easily by way of View-d. It's very sophisticated, but cool to see. Here's the Gravity 3D VFX featurette from VFX Breakdowns on Vimeo (via SlashFilm): As the explanation on the video indicates, "In this Artist Breakdown we analyze a scene from Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Prime Focus World
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Explore the 3D Post Conversion Process of 'Gravity'

I'm not a fan of 3D. With pretty much every 3D film I've ever seen I think I can honestly say it would have been just as good in 2D barring a couple exceptions such as Hubble 3D. This isn't to say there aren't a few moments here and there in films where the 3D visuals may "wow" me, but for the most part I'm there for the story and the here-and-there wows are nice when they arrive, but not essential to the experience in most cases. That, of course, doesn't mean some of the behind-the-scenes processes aren't interesting, such as the continual attempts to master post-conversion 3D and in the video below Prime Focus World's Richard Baker (Creative Director, View-d) and Matthew Bristowe (Svp, Production) detail the process of converting a scene from Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity. Or, as the description says, take us "on a step by
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Gravity: Interview With 3D Post-Conversion Company Prime Focus

3D is far from defunct, judging by the critical and commercial reception of Gravity so far. In three-and-a-half weeks it has grossed over $360 million worldwide, and with a domestic haul nearing $200 million, it’s now one the top 10 highest-grossing movies of the year.

A lot of the praise for Alfonso Cuarón’s latest is down to the spectacular conversion job done by Prime Focus London on. James Cameron has called it the “best 3D conversion ever”. When 3D is considered as part of the storytelling process, and not just an afterthought to charge audiences extra, it can be as important a decision in the production of the film as casting or script. And ‘Gravity’ is a game-changer on every level.

It was without doubt the most detailed and sophisticated shoot that Prime Focus World has completed to date, including what must be the longest converted shot ever – 15,531 frames, which is over 10 minutes and 47 seconds.
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