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Film Community Powers Catalonia’s Rebound From Recession

Decimated by Spain’s financial crisis, which shriveled regional government and TV finance for its movies, the once-effervescent film hub of Catalonia is finally showing signs of recovery.

Some early indicators: A live-action short Oscar nomination for Juanjo Giménez’s security-guard romance “Timecode.” Lluís Quílez’s post-apocalypse love story “Graffiti” made the Academy Award shortlist for shorts. Carla Simón’s childhood tale “Summer 1993” won the Generation Kplus Grand Prix in Berlin and Laura Ferrés’ “The Disinherited” is playing Critics’ Week, the lone Spanish film selected for Cannes.

The drivers of recovery are twofold: government support and the other filmmakers themselves.


Genre Kings Weigh Their Market Options

A tax levy on telecoms in Catalonia is fueling the country’s film industry via the Catalan Institute of the Cultural Industries, says its head Xavier Díaz. In 2013, the institute’s cinema-tv budget stood at €8.5 million ($9.2 million); the 2016 budget comes in at $19.6 million.
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Berlinale: Film Factory Sells to Arp Selection All French Rights to Paco Plaza’s Horror Movie ‘Veronica’

Berlinale: Film Factory Sells to Arp Selection All French Rights to Paco Plaza’s Horror Movie ‘Veronica’
Arp Selection, one of France’s premier arthouse distributors, has acquired all French rights to “Veronica,” a real case-based horror movie by “Rec” co-director Paco Plaza.

The deal was negotiated by Michele Halberstadt and Laurent Petin at Arp with Film Factory Ent.’s Vicente Canales, who handles movie’s international rights.

Enrique López Lavigne (“The Impossible,” “A Monster Calls”) produces at Apache Films. Sony Pictures plans a theatrical release in Spain by next fall.

Plaza, one of Spain’s biggest genre film talents, directs in “Veronica” a largely female cast, including Ana Torrent (“The Other Boleyn Girl”), Leticia Dolera (“The Bride”), Consuelo Trujillo (“The Bride”) and debutant Sandra Escarcena.

Formerly known as “The File,” film is inspired by the only case in history that the Spanish police classified as supernatural, remaining unsolved to this day.

During a total eclipse of the sun, Veronica and two friends decide to make a
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'[Rec]' director Paco Plaza’s 'Veronica' gets France deal

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Exclusive: Upcoming horror follows a woman who attempts to bring back her dead father through a Ouija ritual.

Film Factory has licensed French rights to [Rec] director Paco Plaza’s upcoming horror film Veronica.

Arp Selection will distribute the story which producer Apache Films claims to be based on the only unexplained supernatural case in the annals of the Spanish police.

Sony has earmarked an autumn release in Spain on Veronica, about a young woman who must protect her younger brother and sister after she attempts to bring back the spirit of their dead father through a Ouija ritual.

Ana Torrent will star with Leticia Dolera, Consuelo Trujillo and newcomer Sandra Escacena in the lead role.

Enrique López-Lavigne from Apache Films serves as producer. Film Factory chief Vicente Canales brokered the deal with Michèle Halberstadt and Laurent Petin for Arp Selection.

“We’re glad to have closed this deal with such a good company as Arp Selection and to
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10 Talents To Watch In Spanish Cinema

10 Talents To Watch In Spanish Cinema
Eduardo Casanova

A provocative actor-shorts-director, and now writer, Casanova’s “Eat My Shit” — about a girl who has a hyper-realistic anus for a mouth — was selected for this year’s SXSW Fest and competed at online Notodofilmfest, beating viewing records. His feature debut “Skins” — a “Shit” spin-off about “malformed people looking for a place in society” — is produced by auteur Alex de la Iglesia and rumored to be a Netflix global acquisition.


Cirbián’s label Niu d’Indi produced “The Long Way Home,” which won best film at Catalunya’s Gaudi Awards. The savvy young producer with a knack for crowdfunding is developing helmer Sergi Pérez’s follow-up “The Ungifted Man,” about an intersexual’s homecoming, and also produced Hammudi Al-Rahmoun’s admired feature “Otel.lo.” Cirbián channels pioneering investment from the Fiare Banca Ética Popular and Group Gicoop into Spain’s entertainment sector.


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10 Talents To Watch In Spanish Cinema

10 Talents To Watch In Spanish Cinema
Eduardo Casanova

A provocative actor-shorts-director, and now writer, Casanova’s “Eat My Shit” — about a girl who has a hyper-realistic anus for a mouth — was selected for this year’s SXSW Fest and competed at online Notodofilmfest, beating viewing records. His feature debut “Skins” — a “Shit” spin-off about “malformed people looking for a place in society” — is produced by auteur Alex de la Iglesia and rumored to be a Netflix global acquisition.


Cirbián’s label Niu d’Indi produced “The Long Way Home,” which won best film at Catalunya’s Gaudi Awards. The savvy young producer with a knack for crowdfunding is developing helmer Sergi Pérez’s follow-up “The Ungifted Man,” about an intersexual’s homecoming, and also produced Hammudi Al-Rahmoun’s admired feature “Otel.lo.” Cirbián channels pioneering investment from the Fiare Banca Ética Popular and Group Gicoop into Spain’s entertainment sector.


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Spanish film-makers to follow: the magnificent seven

Spanish film-makers to follow: the magnificent seven
Who are the exciting new film-makers emerging from Spain? Elisabet Cabeza profiles seven to keep an eye on.Esteban Crespo

Experienced in TV documentaries, short films and commercials, this Madrid-born film-maker had a significant career breakthrough with his successful short That Wasn’t Me (Aquel No Era Yo), which won the Goya for best short film in 2013 and the Oscar for best live-action short film in 2014. Crespo is now working on his first feature, To Love (Amar), about an adolescent couple in love, based on his own script. Shooting starts in April in Valencia and Avalon is producing. Crespo is then set to direct another thriller, Black Beach, produced by Lazona. He is repped by CAA in the Us and by Anxo Talent in Spain.

Contact Agent: anxo@zigguratfilms.com

Leticia Dolera

Chainsaw in hand and wearing a blood-spattered bridal dress — this is how Leticia Dolera appeared in Rec 3, the third instalment in the successful zombie franchise
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Berlin: First Look At Trailer Of Pepa San Martín’s ‘Rara’ (Exclusive, Watch)

Berlin: First Look At Trailer Of Pepa San Martín’s ‘Rara’  (Exclusive, Watch)
Here’s a first look at the trailer from “Rara,” the feature debut of Chilean Pepa San Martin which world premiered Feb. 13 at the Berlin Fest’s Generation Kplus, the sidebar for 4-14s. Generation’s two sections Kplus and 14plus—showcased 28 films this year.

Playing San Sebastian’s Films in Progress in trough-cut last September, “Rara” was rapidly picked up for international sales by Madrid-based Latido Films, a company which has seen success with Chilean cinema, selling, for example, Andres Wood’s “Violeta Went to Heaven,” a Sundance World Cinema Jury Prize winner.

Rara” is the first feature produced by Santiago de Chile-based Manufactura de Películas. Buenos Aires’ Le Tiro Cine, which backed Nicolas Rosso’s “Animal’s Run,” co-produces.

A Lgbt family drama, “Rara” turns on a family comprised by two daughters, their biological mom and her couple –another women. Pic is focused on Sara, “who’s almost
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Eleven Films Presented at the 63rd San Sebastian Festival Receive 39 Goya Award Nominations

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The Academia de las Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas de España has announced the nominees for the 30th edition of the Goya Awards, to be presented on February 6.

The finalist with most nominations is "La Novia" (The Bride) , which had its world premiere in the Zabaltegi section at the last edition of the San Sebastian Festival. The film by Paula Ortiz is nominated in twelve categories: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress (Inma Cuesta), Best Actor (Asier Etxeandia), Best Supporting Actress (Luisa Gavasa), Best New Actor (Álex García), Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Music, Best Sound, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction and Best Makeup and/or Hairstyles.

"Truman," the film by Cesc Gay which competed in the Official Selection and won the best actor award for Ricardo Darin and Javier Cámara at the last edition, earned six nominations: Best film, Best Director, Best Actor (Ricardo Darin), Best Supporting Actor (Javier Cámara), Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing.

The winner of the best actress award at the last Festival, Yordanka Ariosa for Agustí Villaronga’s "El Rey de La Habana" (The King of Havana), received a Best New Actress nomination alongside another two in the Best Cinematography and Best Adapted Screenplay categories.

Another two titles screened in the Official Selection have landed nominations: "Amama" (When a Tree Falls) for Best New Actress (Iraia Elias), and the film by Álex de la Iglesia, "Mi Gran Noche" (My Big Night) , premiered out of competition, which competes for the Best Art Director, Best Costume Design, Best Sound and Best Special Effects Goya Awards.

Another two titles that premiered in this year’s Zabaltegi section are also among the finalists. Álvaro Longoria’s "The Propaganda Game" is nominated for best documentary, while Fernando Colomo competes for the best new actor award with his movie "Isla Bonita."

Dani de la Torre’s "El Desconocido" (Retribution) , screened in the Velodrome section, garnered eight candidacies: Best New Director, Best Actor (Luis Tosar), Best Supporting Actress (Elvira Mínguez), Best Original Screenplay, Best Production Supervision, Best Editing, Best Sound and Best Special Effects.

Furthermore, Borja Cobeaga's "Negociador" (Negociator), which premiered in the Zabaltegi section at the 62nd edition of the Festival, landed a nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

"Un Otoño Sin Berlin" (An Autumn without Berlin) by Lara Izagirre, opening film of the Zinemira section, also got a nomination for Best new Actress for Irene Escolar.

Two films that also screened at the San Sebastian Festival compete for the Best Foreign Film in the Spanish Language Award: Pablo Trapero’s "El Clan" (The Clan) screened in the Pearls section following its premiere at the Venice Festival; and Salvador del Solar’s "Magallanes" winner of the Films in Progress Award at the 62nd edition of the Festival, before going on to form part of this year’s Horizontes Latinos selection.

Another three nominated were programmed as part of the Made in Spain section, following their premiere at the Malaga Festival: Daniel Guzmán’s "A Cambio de Nada" (Nothing in Return) , with six nominations, Leticia Dolera’s "Requisitos Para Ser Una Persona Normal," with three candidacies and Gracia Querejeta’s "Felices 140" (Happy 140) , which competes for two awards.
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Film Review: ‘The Bride’

Film Review: ‘The Bride’
“The Bride” may be a pedestrian choice of title for a new adaptation of Federico Garcia Lorca’s ever-crimson play “Blood Wedding,” but perhaps the change is fitting: Paula Ortiz’s decorative but inessential pic sees the famed source material losing a lot of blood in more ways than one. Instead, pure, perfumed soap pumps through the veins of this placeless period love triangle, set over the eventful wedding day of the eponymous, romantically conflicted heroine. Retaining the melodrama of Lorca’s words, but downplaying their ornate poetry and symbolic subtext, Ortiz’s film nonetheless takes (and gives) a certain amount of pleasure in placing unfeasibly beautiful people in telenovela-style poses of emotional distress. This cranked-up, borderline camp approach should yield commercial rewards in Latin territories, even as it proves Spain’s most celebrated writer a Lorca unto himself.

Ortiz, best known for her 2011 feature “Chrysalis,” isn’t the first
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Iffi 2015 to bring a perfect mélange of spectacular films and celebrities

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The International Film Festival of India (Iffi) today announced a stellar lineup of International Competition, Indian Panorama films and Juries for its 46th edition to be held in Goa from November 20 to 30 2015. The film festival will showcase 187 films from 89 countries in World Cinema section along with 26 Feature and 21 Non-Feature films in Indian Panorama section.

Curtain Raiser Press Conference of Iffi 2015

Addressing the curtain raiser press conference, Shri Arun Jaitley, Hon’ble Minister, I&B, Finance & Corporate Affairs said, “The Kingdom of Spain is the focus country of Iffi 2015.The films of master Spanish filmmakers Carlos Saura and Pedro Almadovar along with contemporary filmmakers like Alejandro Amenabar will be screened at the festival. The section will also feature Spanish actress Leticia Dolera’s directorial debut ‘Requirements to Be a Normal Person.’ ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’ written and directed by Matthew Brown would be the opening film of Iffi 2015. Mr. Anil Kapoor
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‘Off Course,’ ‘Summer Camp,’ ‘Requirements’ Set to Screen at Madrid de Cine

‘Off Course,’ ‘Summer Camp,’ ‘Requirements’ Set to Screen at Madrid de Cine
Nacho Garcia Velilla’s “Off Course,” Alberto Marini’s “Summer Camp” and Leticia Dolera’s “Requirements To Be a Normal Person” will screen at next week’s 9th Madrid de Cine-Spanish Film Screenings, Spain’s biggest annual international sales market for Spanish titles.

The three-day minimart, aimed to promote export sales on Spanish productions, returns after a one-year hiatus, reportedly determined by economic reasons and also to rethink the event. The 2015 edition suggests continuity, at least in format terms.

Madrid de Cine also allows a snapshot of major film industry trends in Spain. The impact of Spanish broadcast groups on local film production is evident in 2015 box office results. Scoring a successful €10.4 million ($11.4 million) B.O., Germany-set immigration dramedy “Off Course” represents a recent investment by Atresmedia Cine, the film production arm of broadcaster Atresmedia, in a surer play of boarding local comedies in partnership with box office-friendly filmmakers such as Garcia Velilla.
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San Sebastian: Latido, A Contracorriente Forge World Sales Alliance (Exclusive)

San Sebastian: Latido, A Contracorriente Forge World Sales Alliance (Exclusive)
San Sebastian – In the run-up to Spain’s 2015 San Sebastian Fest, Latido Films, one of the country’s premier sales agents, and producer-distributor A Contracorriente Films, one of its most successful indie distributors, have inked an world sales alliance – propelling both to the forefront of the Spanish film industry.

Pact renders both companies more attractive as distribution partners in and outside Spain. It sees Latido Films, which sold Academy Award winner “The Secret of Their Eyes,” taking international sales rights on films produced or distributed in Spain by A Contracorriente. Partnership kicks in with seven titles, taking in name auteurs – Spain’s Carlos Saura (“The Hunt,” “Raise Ravens,” “Carmen”), Andalusian auteur Benito Zambrano (“Alone,” “The Sleeping Voice”) and Eduard Cortes (“The Pelayos,” with “Rush’s” Daniel Bruhl) and Argentina’s Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat, helmers of quirky comedy hits such as “The Man Next Door.”

As importantly, Latido will
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Recent Spanish Cinema Los Angeles 2015 Announces First Lineup of Films

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The Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts of Spain (Icaa) alongsie the American Cinematheque and Egeda, announced the 21st edition of Recent Spanish Cinema series, a showcase of the most outstanding recent Spanish films at the Egyptian Theatre. The film screenings will take place October 15-18, 2015. This year the producers of this annual film series will collaborate with Spanish Filmmaker, journalist, writer and producer Guillermo Fesser, who has created the poster and the promo spot with theme “Let your Spanish side out” bringing his sense of humor and unique Spanish style to the marketing campaign.

Read More: MiamiFF Review: 'Marshland' is a Provocative Thriller with Unique Political Undertones

The full schedule will be announced October 1st , but several of the films to screen as part of this exciting program have already been revealed. Take a look at some of the highlights below including "Marshland," which our writer Carlos Aguilar described as "a technically immaculate production that feels like a major motion picture while retaining its art house appeal."

- "Off Course" (Perdiendo el Norte) , 2015, 102 min. Dir. Nacho G Velilla.International Distribution: DeAPlaneta International.Hugo (Yon González) and Braulio (Julián López) both have university degrees but no jobs, and think they can escape the economic doldrums by leaving Spain for Germany. But what looked like a land of opportunity on TV presents more challenges to the two friends than they expected in this sparkling comedy. In Castillan and German with English subtitles. One of the biggest Box office hits in 2015 .

- "Happy 140" (Felices 140), 2015, 98 min. Dir. Gracia Querejeta. International Sales: Latido Films. Elia (Maribel Verdu) has just hit the jackpot – literally. One of the things she spends her 140 million euro lottery prize on is a 40th birthday bash in the Canary Islands, to which she invites a motley group of family and friends, including the ex she still pines for. But proximity to wealth can warp even the closest relationships, and the reunion soon takes a shocking turn.

-"Shrew's Nest" (Musarañas), 2014, 95 min. International Sales: Film Factory. First-time feature directors Juan Fernando Andres and Esteban Roel (and producer Alex De La Iglesia) lead viewers through a terrifying psychological maze in 1950s Spain. At its center is the apartment of Montse (Macarena Gómez, in one of the wildest performances you’ll see all year), who has raised her younger sister to the brink of adulthood. But agoraphobia and religious ritual have taken their toll on Montse, and when an injured young man (Hugo Silva) turns up at the door, help is the last thing she gives him. With Luis Tosar as the spectral father figure. In Spanish with English subtitles.

-"Magical Girl," 2014, 127 min. Dir. Carlos Vermut. International Sales: Films Distribution. Luis (Luis Bermejo) has a 12-year-old daughter with a terminal illness and a last wish – to have a dress just like the main character of her favorite Japanese anime series. The unemployed professor doesn’t have the money to purchase the dress, but thinks he can get it with a little help from a former teacher (José Sacristán) and an unbalanced young woman (Goya and Feroz winner Bárbara Lennie). Vermut’s sure directorial hand weaves multiple storylines together in this haunting (and occasionally intense) drama. In Spanish with English subtitles.

"Sidetracked" (Las Overjas No Pierden El Tren), 2014, 103 min. Dir. Alvaro Fernandez Armero. International Sales: Film Factory. The mid-life crises of three Spanish couples provide the laughs in this gleeful ensemble comedy. Luisa (Inma Cuesta of Three Many Weddings) and Alberto (Raúl Arévalo) move to the countryside, thinking it a better place to raise kids, though the change puts a damper on their sex life. Luisa’s sister (Candela Peña) and Alberto’s brother (Alberto San Juan) have their own relationship challenges - her obsessive pursuit scares men away, while his much-younger girlfriend is a little on the impulsive side.

"Requirements to Be a Normal Person (Requisitos Para Ser Una Persona Norma), 2015, 90 min.Everybody tries to fit in, but few people go about it as methodically as Maria de la Montana (writer-director Leticia Dolera), who hopes to reach normality through a 7-item checklist. Her mentally challenged younger brother (Jordi Llodra) and overweight friend (Manuel Burque) seem to have most of the bases covered, and the success of Maria’s quest may boil down to just being herself. Brightly colored and boasting a jangly folk score from Luthea Salom, this romantic comedy is, as one might hope from its title, charmingly eccentric. Winner of the Best New Screenwriter, Cinematography and Editing Awards at the Málaga Spanish Film Festival.

"Marshland" (La Isla Minima), 2014, 105 min. Dir. Alberto Rodriguez. Us Distribution: Outsider Pictures. Spain’s democracy was still on wobbly legs in 1980, particularly in the backwater of Andalucia where this tense crime drama is set. City cops Juan (Javier Gutiérrez) and Pedro (Raúl Arévalo) are dispatched to the depressed rural area to investigate the disappearance of two sisters; their differing backgrounds – one a ruthless veteran and the other an idealistic rookie – lead to increasingly unsettling discoveries. Winner of 10 Goya Awards, including Best Film, Director, Lead Actor (Gutiérrez) and Cinematography (Alex Catalán’s aerial shots are truly dazzling).
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Emily Watson to receive San Sebastian honour

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Emily Watson to receive San Sebastian honour
British actress to receive career award; festival guest list includes Tom Hiddleston, Ellen Page, Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro.

Emily Watson, star of Breaking The Waves, The Book Thief and Everest, is receive the Donostia Award at the 63rd San Sebastian Film Festival (Sept 18-26) in recognition of her 30 years in film.

The British actress will collect the award at a gala on Sept 25 in San Sebastian’s Kursaal Auditorium.

The festival also unveiled some high-profile names and juries for its upcoming edition.

Actors attending include stars of Ben Wheatley’s High-Rise, Sienna Miller, Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans; Freeheld actress Ellen Page; Sicario stars Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro; Tim Roth, at the festival with 600 Miles and Chronic; Louise Bourgoin, star of The White Knights; and Karin Viard and Isabelle Carré from 21 nuits avec Pattie.

Filmmakers in attendance include Pablo Agüero (Eva Doesn’t Sleep), Laurie Anderson (Heart of a Dog), Scott Cooper ([link
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Telefonica Studios Boards Kike Maillo’s ‘Toro’

Telefonica Studios Boards Kike Maillo’s ‘Toro’
Madrid – Adding another awaited title to a powerful 2015 production slate, Telefonica Studios has boarded action thriller “Toro,” the second feature from Kike Maillo whose 2011 debut, “Eva” starring Daniel Bruhl, was sold by Wild Bunch and is seeing a belated U.S. release from the Weinstein Co.

Aligning once more with some of the movers and shakers in Spain’s motion picture business, Telefonica Studios will co-produce “Toro” with “The Impossible” producers Apaches Entertaintment and Atresmedia Cine, the film arm of TV network group Atresmedia whose production credits include “I Want You” and “Red Lights.”

Already teaming with Telefonica Studios, Argentina’s K & S and Pedro and Agustin Almodovar’s El Deseo to finance, produce and sell Damian Szifron’s Oscar-nominated Cannes competition player “Wild Tales” and Pablo Trapero’s upcoming “The Clan.” Film Factory, a preeminent Spanish sales company, is handling world sales on “Toro.”

Written by up-and-coming scribes Fernando Navarro
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¡Viva! Film Festival 2014 Review - Los ultimos dias (2013)

Los ultimos dias, 2013.

Directed by Àlex Pastor and David Pastor.

Starring Quim Gutiérrez, José Coronado, Marta Etura and Leticia Dolera.


A mysterious epidemic spreads across the globe, causing an irrational fear of wide open spaces that has lethal symptoms. In Barcelona, one man searches the chas to find his missing girlfriend.

Spanish cinema aficionados among you will no doubt already be aware of how popular both the sci-fi and horror genres are in the Hispanic film industry. Individually they have produced some huge successes that have even become familiar to foreign cinema novices; international hits such as Rec (2007) and The Skin I Live In (2011). However, hybrids of the two genres have often struggled to get off the ground, with Spanish filmmakers lacking the wealth of resources of their English-speaking counterparts. That being said, Los ultimos dias (The Last Days) is certainly a step in the right direction.

The films
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‘The Last Days’ DVD Review

Stars: Quim Guttierez, Jose Coronado, Marta Etura, Leticia Dolera, Isak Ferriz | Written and Directed by Alex & David Pastor

The directing duo behind the underrated Carriers, Alex and David Pastor, return for yet another slice of post-apocalyptic horror with The Last Days, which sees a mysterious epidemic known as The Panic spread across the planet – essentially extreme agoraphobia, this new-found irrational fear of open spaces leads to instant death and soon the world’s population remains trapped inside buildings afraid to move. As Barcelona descends into chaos Marc embarks on a citywide quest to search for his pregnant girlfriend Julia without setting foot outside. Teaming up with his hated boss Enrique who was just about to fire him, this means travelling via sewer, subway line, cellars and basements, avoiding opportunistic feral gangs, armed only with a failing Gps device and lots of ingenuity.

Despite differing wildly in subject matter, The Last Days
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Film Factory Launches Genre Label for Spanish Scarefare

Film Factory’s Vicente Canales, one of Europe’s most experienced genre pic sellers, has launched a genre label, Fear Factory, focusing on European – especially Spanish – and Latin America scarefare.

Unveiled at Berlin’s European Film Market, Fear Factory’s first slate includes “Shrew’s Nest,” godfathered by Alex de la Iglesia, “Purgatory,” from “The Impossible” producer Apaches Ent., and “Damned Friday,” helmed by [Rec] director Paco Plaza.

Set up at Pokeepsie Films, the new production house of De la Iglesia and actress Carolina Bang, the ’50 Spain-set “Shrew’s Nest” turns on a agoraphobic woman (Macarena Gomez) who cares on her own for her small sister. Years pass until an attractive man (Hugo Silva) knocks on her door, begging for help. Her sister is now not so young. The man may never get out of the sisters’ flat alive. Esteban Roel and Juan Fernando Andres co-direct.

A psychological thriller turning on a baby-sitting gig from hell,
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Paco Plaza To Direct Damned Friday In Spain

News from Berlin's Efm is that one-half of the directing team of the [Rec] franchise, Paco Plaza, will helm Damned Friday (Maldito Viernes) later this year.  Plaza has written it and already teased his fans in 2008 with the release of a mock trailer on YouTube that you can see below. Leticia Dolera, who plays the crazed bride in [Rec]3, will star.Adrian Guerra's Nostromo Pictures will produce with Spanish sales agent Film Factory apparently due to share the screenplay and design while still in Berlin.  According to the Variety exclusive, the project is already fully financed and will be the first time Guerra will produce a non-English language film.  Plaza promises just one thing when shooting begins in July, "I've shot a werewolf movie, a...

[Read the whole post on twitchfilm.com...]
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Paco Plaza Expands Faux Vampire Film Damned Friday into a Feature

The immediate reaction we horror fans have to any faux teaser trailer we dig is that we want to see it become reality, is it not? Following in the footsteps of Machete Kills and Clown, Rec co-director Paco Plaza is making such a desire come true. Read on!

A few years back, Plaza directed a 50-second faux teaser for a vampire film called Damned Friday (Maldito Viernes), which spawned a comic book and had many fans begging for a feature.

As reported by Variety, Plaza will indeed be directing a feature-length expansion on the teaser, which begins filming this coming July over in Spain.

Rec 3's Leticia Dolera will star as a young woman who struggles with her family and boyfriend before becoming a vampire.

The Spanish-language film is set to be shot in color, with Adrian Guerra attached as producer.

"I’ve shot a werewolf movie, a bunch of zombie films,
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