The Liberty Bell Rings: Wake-Up Video

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Though American independence is obviously commemorated on the Fourth of July, a very significant symbolic event happened several days after the Second Continental Congress signed their names to the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On this day in 1776, Colonel John Nixon sounded the Liberty Bell, which called together citizens of Philadelphia for the first public reading of that historic document (which had just been returned from the printers). The bell, which at the time was housed in the tower of the Pennsylvania State House (which came to be known as Independence Hall), bore the inscription "Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land unto All the Inhabitants Thereof."

The bell was originally cast in 1751 to commemorate the 50 year anniversary of Pennsylvania's constitution. It was used regularly to summon locals for important announcements and celebrations (up until 1776, the most notorious ringing of the Liberty Bell was in 1765, when it was rung to
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