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Storyville: Mad Dog - Gaddafi's Secret World; Panorama: Educating North Korea – TV review

This portrait of Gaddafi was as powerful as you'd expect – and twice as horrifying

Storyville: Mad Dog – Gaddafi's Secret World (BBC4) was as dense, as informative and as powerful as you might expect of an 80-minute documentary about the Libyan leader containing interviews with those he bereaved, tortured and imprisoned, those who tried to stop him, and those who – when the money was right and the risk worth it – helped him; and it was twice as horrifying.

Christopher Olgiati's film outlined Gaddafi's funding and coordinating of terrorist movements, the orchestrating of civil conflicts, the training of genocidal warlords, the ceaseless executions of enemies real and imagined. Amid the litany of violations against God and man and conscience, some details stood out. Idi Amin's prisoners having to choose between suffocation in their overstuffed cells or death by stepping into the electrified water outside. The hot pokers and dogs trained to
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