Deadfall Trail and Losing Focus: A Movie Review

Director: Roze.

Writers: Roze, Candace Rose, and Josh Staman.

Deadfall Trail is a smallish indie production, which released in some theatres May 16, 2010. Recently, has been hosting this horror title, as part of its online movies for April, 2011. This is director Roze's first feature film and so, the film suffers from some pacing issues, a stumbling plot direction and a missing unifying theme. The result is a beautiful (cinematography) film, but there is the mundane and a convoluted story to wade through, in the meantime.

Paul (Cavin Gray Schneider), John (Slade Hall) and Julian (Shane Dean) set out for an extended wilderness survival hike. There are no action sequences to hook your attention, nor interesting plot twists, early. Instead, you must wait for the tension to build between the newbie, Paul, and the experienced survivalist, Julian. Fourty-five minutes in and finally these two characters are butting heads, as
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Mary Shelley Classic Rejigged With Tiffany Shepis Hitting DVD This July

If you like me are a fan of horror hottie Tiffany Shepis then you'll be happy to know that Mti Home Video have scored the rights to distribute the Nwr and Ominous Production co-project 'The Frankenstein Syndrome'. And it's set to hit Us DVD this 5 July. It's a modern retelling of the classic Mary Shelley novel and comes courtesy of writer/director Sean Tretta ('Death of a Ghost Hunter'). The gorgeous Tiffany (below) stars alongside veteran actor Ed Lauter along with Louis Mandylor, Kristina Wayborn, Scott Anthony Leet, Patti Tindall, Maya Stojan, Shane Dean, David C. Hayes, Michael Tassoni and Richard Anderson. Check out the trailer below, artwork coming soon....
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DVD and Blu-ray Releases: November 2nd - My Super Psycho Fallen Centurion Diaries

This week's DVD and Blu-ray offerings are no longer a cash-sucking onslaught like the last few weeks, which does make it easier for our wallets.

First up, Centurion, Neil Marshall's fun epic, is finally available for us to take home, and we can definitely recommend it with good conscience. Also, series and movies from TV and their dead-tree companions are out, and they are surprisingly decent in this batch. (Well, one re-release is surely capitalizing on the popularity of its actor, and we bet you can figure out which one that is.) Finally, don't forget the duo release of a couple of Roger Corman flicks!


Directed by Neil Marshall

In Centurion (review), the Roman Empire stretches from Egypt to Spain, and East as far as the Black Sea. But in northern Britain, the relentless onslaught of conquest has ground to a halt in the face of the guerrilla
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November 2nd Thriller Release Addendum: Deadfall Trail

Deadfall Trail is an independent film made for under a million dollars by Gas Mask Films. This movie was shown in several screenings in May leading up to a limited theatrical release May 16th. Now, the film will move to DVD and November 2nd from GoDigital Media Group. The film follows three hikers into the bush where they find themselves up against an aggravated Mother Nature. Check out the nude mud wrestle in blood below (mature clip).

The synopsis for Deadfall Trail is here:

"John, Julian and Paul enter the Kaibab National Forest for a three-week survival trip and peyote vision quest. The only items they take with them are a knife, a bottle of water and a garbage bag each. A week into their journey a disastrous turn of events changes everything and the men are forced to ultimately confront the darkest corners of their morality and mortality. Battling the elements and each other,
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Cover Most of Your Eyes then Watch this Movie Clip for Deadfall Trail

Something that needs to be on everyone's bucket list is a nude mud wrestle with a beautiful woman in blood. This is exactly what happens in this newest clip for the independent horror film Deadfall Trail. This first clip, courtesy of Quiet Earth, shows one male character naked wrestling with an anonymous female. Thankfully, there are no below the belt shots. The first poster for the film is also available and Deadfall Trail hopes to revitalize the survivalist wilderness horror genre that has been done well before by Cabin Fever, Deliverance, and others. Have a look at the first clip for Deadfall Trail entitled "Bloodbath," which might have been given a more exciting title like "Nude Blood Wrestling."

The synopsis for the film:

"John, Julian and Paul enter the Kaibab National Forest for a three-week survival trip and peyote vision quest. The only items they take with them are a knife,
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