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Diane E. Howard

1716 Jamie Dr., NA Belton, Texas 76513 United States
12549396082 . 12549396082 drdehoward@gmail.com . http://www.dianehoward.com
Non-Union, SAG Eligible

Performer Profile

  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5 feet 8 in
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Age Range: 50 - 70
  • Physique: Average
  • Hair Color: Blond(e)
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Voice Type: Soprano



Dr. Ted Baehr's Movieguide recommendation-http://www.movieguide.org/news-articles/importance-dialogue-dialect.html#.U-OEQPldWLG

Ht-5/8|Wt-180|Hair- Blonde|Eyes-Blue


One-on-One Interview with Jennifer Garner for Miracles From Heaven, Principal, Interviewer, Sonoma Christian Home; http://sonomachristianhome.com/2016/02/jennifer-garner-on-faith-healing-miracles-from-heaven-movie/

My Heart Dies with You, Hearts Journey; Principal, Aunt Eliza (Scottish), Dialect Coach, HD Texas

My Heart Dies with You, Hearts Race; Principal, Aunt Eliza (Scottish), HD Texas, Dialect Coach, HD Texas

My Heart Dies with You, Hearts at War; HD Texas; Dialect Coach

My Heart Dies with You; Teaser; Doctor, Voice-Over; HD Texas; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgWRQZEdbes

The Prodigal Film; Dialogue/Dialect/Acting Coach; HD Texas

Broken; Dialogue/Dialect/Acting Coach; HD Texas

Ruth; Dialogue/Acting Coach; HD Texas

The Long Run; Dialogue Coach; Chicken in the Gate Productions & HD Texas

Return to the Hiding Place; Dialect Coach; Spencer Productions

Alone Yet Not Alone; Dialect Coach; ANYA

Martha Washington; Principal, Martha; QuickTime Movie, Apple Learning

Performing Poetry; Principal, Instructor; Apple Learning

Performances of Autobiography; Principal, Professor,Narrator;Cru Films; Un.of Wales

Humanizing Videoconferences; Principal,Professor;Cru Films,University of Germany

Role Models,Videoconferences;Principal,Professor;Cru Films,University of Arizona

Distance; Principal, Narrator; Genius Productions, Austin, TX

Martha Washington's Dilemmas; Principal, Martha; Cru Films

Acting for the Camera; Principal, Professor; TISD Films

Fairytail, Map Thieves, Bullets at Twilight, Dumb Love, Fly Away, Split Ends, Runaway, The Good Wife, Documentary- Redemptive Films, The Last Waltz, Choice Decision, The Walk; Professor, Producer, Cru Films

Shine! FUMC Temple, TX Shines Since 1895 - Trailer, Documentary; Producer, Director; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3caqEijO5no

Equal Opportunity, Principal, Recurring Performer/Presenter; Ft. Hood, TX

Temple Grandin, parent; HBO

Rebellious Children of the Unconscious Mind, senior citizen; Reveal Films

Industrial Film, TXDOT, Principal, Supervisor

Educational Films- Principal, Instructor- Cru Films, TISD Films, Bellnet Films


Performances of Poetry; Principal, Instructor,Recurring; TX Nafas,Ch 16

Susan B. Anthony; Principal, Susan B. Anthony; Pentagon Channel; Ft. Hood

Equal Opportunity, Principal, Recurring, Performer/Presenter; Ft. Hood TX;

Interviews; Director,Talent, Recur.; Regional Affiliates; KNCT/PBS; KPLE

Red Carpet Interviews, 23rd Movieguide (R) Awards Gala, Hollywood; 23rd Movieguide (R) Awards Gala, Hollywood

Red Carpet Interviews, 24th Movieguide (R) Awards Gala, Hollywood; 24th Movieguide (R) Awards Gala, Hollywood

Commercial- Competitive List Available Upon Request (3 International, 2 National, Recurring Regional)


International Marketing;Principal, Caseworker;Caputo Images, Austin, TX

International Web cast;Principal,Presenter; Apple Corp., Austin, TX

National Sales Meeting Video;Principal,Teacher; Elephant Prod.,TX

National Advertising;Principal, Wife; Oscar Williams Photography, TX

Non-Verbal Communication;Principal, Trainer;TISD;TX

Supervisory Training Video;Principal, Senior Supervisor; TXDOT,TX

Artist-for-Hire; Principal, Martha Washington; CAC;TX

International Advertising;Principal, Therapist; Inferno Films;TX

Nascar Promotional; Featured, Patron; ESPN, TX

Voice Over:

Martha Washington Dilemmas;Principal, Martha; Schrimsher Studio,TX

Autobiographical Writing;Principal, Martha; Schrimsher Studio,TX

Character, Commercial, Indus.;Principal, Samples; Voiceworks,TX

Character, Commercial, Indus.;Principal, Samples; Soundmine,TX

Character, Commercial, Indus.;Principal, Samples; New Sound; WI http://www.new-sound-studio.com/narrators/newsound/

Japanese Anime; Character Voice; Principal, Older Geisha; ADV, TX

News, Events, Commercials; Principal, Anchor; Recurring; AIS, TX

Audiobook; Principal; New Sound; WI


Hamlet; Lead, Gertrude; Shakespearean Festival, Salado, TX

Comedy of Errors;Lead, Aemelia; Shakespearean Festival, TX

Martha Washington; Lead, Martha; Tisch School of Arts, NYC

Pirates of Penzance; Lead, Ruth; Temple Civic Theater, TX

Amahl,Night Visitors; Lead, Mother; Hughes Theater; TX

Macbeth; Lead, Lady Macbeth; Shakespearean Festival, TX

Music Man;Lead, Mrs. Paroo; Temple Civic Theater, TX

Hello Dolly; Lead, Dolly; Temple Civic Theater, TX

Oliver; Lead, Nancy; Manhattan Theater, KS

Peter Pan; Lead, Mrs. Darling; Performance Circle,WA

Narnia;Lead, White Witch; Puget Sound Theater; Tacoma, WA

Platform/Stage- Performances of Autobiography:

Martha McWirter- Prinicpal,Reucurring; McWirter House, Belton, TX; Bell County Museum, Belton, TX; Wildflower Country Club, Temple, TX

Martha Washington- Principal, Recurring; Sons & Daughters of the American Revolution,Temple, TX; Temple Meridian, Temple, TX; AARP, Temple, TX; PSi Conference, NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, NYC; Artists-for-Hire, Cultural Activities Center, Temple, TX ; QuickTime Movie, Apple Learning Interchange, Austin, TX; City Federation of Women's Clubs, Temple, TX; Creative Arts Classes, University of Mary Hardin Baylor...

Elli Moore Townsend- Principal, Recurring; University of Mary Hardin Baylor, TX; Temple Civic Theater, TX; University of Texas, Austin, TX...

Harriet Beecher Stowe- Principal; Truett Seminary; Waco, TX

Janie James- Principal- 100th Anniversary, Wednesday Literary Club, TX

Francis Trask- Principal- University of Mary Hardin Baylor, TX

Susan B. Anthony, Principal- Ft. Hood, TX

Training: Movieguide (R), Dr. Ted Baehr's class, L.A.- How to Succeed in Hollywood Without Losing Your Soul; Casting Works, L.A., D. Hardy, H. Collier- Auditioning-Commercials; Two Chairs Studio, V. Brooks- Film Acting, Mastery; VoiceWorks, L. Frasier- Voice Acting, Commercials, Animations, Narrations; Alleywood , M. W. Allen- Voice Acting; Keene Studios, S.Rowe- Film Acting; M. Perella-Film Act.; Period-Cont. Styles-all univer. levels; B.A., UO; M. Ed., UW; Ph.D. , UT- Performance Studies Communication

Special Skills: Fitness/Health/Outdoor Enthusiast; Grandmother, Wife; On Camera Talent; Spokesperson; Instructor,Professor, Administrator; Singer; Voice-Over Talent; Red Carpet Interviewer; Movie Journalist

Celebrity Interviews: See http://dianehoward.com/publications.php Some of the leading producers, writers, directors, as well as actors and more who have been part of exclusive interviews with Dr. Diane Howard include: David Qunito, (Prominent Hollywood Attorney, VidAngel Case); Mark Burnett (Producer, “Ben-Hur”); Roma Downey (Executive Producer, “Ben-Hur,” Actor, "Touched by An Angel");Jack Huston (Actor ,“Ben-Hur”); Nazanin Boniadi (Actor, “Ben-Hur”); Toby Kebbell (Actor, “Ben-Hur”); Timur Bekmambetov (Director,“Ben-Hur”); Phil Neilson (Second Unit Director, “Ben-Hur”); Dr. Ted Baehr (MOVIEGUIDE®); Ken Wales (Producer, “Captive,” “Amazing Grace ”…); Jennifer Garner (Actor ;“Miracles From Heaven”); T. D. Jakes (Producer, “Miracles From Heaven”); Todd Komarnicki (Writer; “Sully”); Caleb Holloway (real crew member of "Deepwater Horizon"); Dolly Parton (Singer/Musician, Actor, Producer , Dolly Parton Movies) ;Ricky Scroder (Actor, “Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors” …); Alyvia Alyn Lind (Actor , Dolly Parton’s Movies); Cyrus Nowrasteh (Producer, Writer, Director, “The Young Messiah,” "The Last Campaign"...); Betsy Nowrasteh,“The Young Messiah”) ; Stephen Kendrick (Producer, “War Room”);Craig Scultz (Writer/Producer,"The Peanuts Movie"); Steve Martino (Director, "The Peanuts Movie"); Karen Abercrombie (Actor, “War Room ”); Priscilla C. Shirer (Actor, Writer, “War Room”);T.C. Stallings (Actor, “War Room,” “Courageous”); Alena Pitts (Actor, “War Room”); Ben Davies (Actor, “War Room,” “Courageous”); Andrew Erwin (Producer "Woodlawn") ; Kevin Sizemore (Actor, ""Woodlawn"); DeVon Franklin (Actor, Producer, "Woodlawn," “Miracles From Heaven”), Caleb Castille (Actor, "Woodlawn"); Kevin Sorbo,( Actor, “Hercules,”“God’s Not Dead,” "Let There Be Light"…); Ernie Hudson, (Actor,“Touched By An Angel,”“God’s Not Dead 2”); Martha Williamson , (Producer, Writer,“Touched by An Angel,” “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”); Bruno Gunn (Actor, "The Hunger Games”); George Parra (Producer,“Joy”), Sadie Robertson (“God’s Not Dead 2,” "I'm Not Ashamed"); Mark Henn ("Moana"), Harry Connick Jr. ("Harry," "Dolphin Tale" Movies); David Oyelowo ("A United Kingdom"); Pat Boone (Actor, “The God’s Dead 2”); and Terry Benedict (Producer, Writer, "Hacksaw Ridge").

Other leading producers, writers, actors who have been a part of exclusive interviews on Red Carpets or in one-on-one interviews with Dr. Diane Howard for publications include the following: Bill Engvall (Actor, MOVIEGUIDE® Host); Brian Bird (Producer, Writer, “Captive,” “When Calls the Heart,” "Touched by An Angel"; Don Piper (his story, "90 Minutes in Heaven"); Bobby Batson (Actor, "90 Minutes in Heaven");Connor Corum (Actor, “Heaven is For Real”);Liam Matthews (Actor, “Do You Believe”);Chipo Chung (Actor, “A.D. The Bible Continues”);Eduardo Verástegui (Actor, “Little Boy”); Imani Hakim (Actor, “The Gabby Douglas Story” ) ;David R. White (Actor, Producer, Pure Flix, "God's Not Dead" movies, "The Case for Christ," Pure Flix comedies...); Andrea Logan (Actor, “Do You Believe?); Aaron Burns (Producer, “War Room,” “Beyond the Mask”…); Kristopher Polaha (Actor, “Where Hope Grows”); Erin Krakow (Actor, “When Calls the Heart”); Pascalle Hutton (Actor, “When Calls the Heart,” “Artic Air”), Martin Cummins (Actor, “When Calls the Heart”, “The Christmas Shepherd”), Beth Nimmo (Rachel Scott’s Mother, “I’m Not Ashamed”), and Tracy Price (Producer, "The Young Messiah," "Stoning of Soraya M." and more); Adam Greaves-Neal (Actor, “The Young Messiah”); and Mark Fincannon ("The Blind Side," "The End of the Spear").

Further, Dr. Diane Howard has also recently interviewed the following for publications on Red Carpets and in one-on-one interviews: Senyo Amoaku/ Sammy Aaron (Actor, “Do You Believe”);Stephen Bradley (Producer, Writer, Director, “Noble”); Whitney Goin ( Actor, “Welcome to Inspiration ”); Britt George (Actor, “Welcome to Inspiration”);Christy Sutherland (Actor, Singer, “Welcome to Inspiration”);John David Ware (Founder, Director 168 Film Festival);Corbin Bernsen (Producer, Actor, “Rust”),Jackie Carpenter ( Producer, “Stand Your Ground,” “The Christian View”); Rachel Hendrix , (Actor, “October Baby”); Shari Rigby (Actor, “October Baby”); John Savage, (Actor, “Touched by an Angel”); Serena Miller (Writer, “Love Finds You in Sugarcreek”);Michael Rosander (Actor, “Adrenaline”); Stan E. Hubbard (Producer); Anita Gaffney ( Executive Director, Stratford Festival);Joey Lankford (”Living Hope” Documentary); Walon Green (Producer, Writer, Director…; Bill ‘O Reilley’s "Killing Jesus"); Erin Bethea (Actor, “Laughing at the Moon”), Drew Waters (Producer, Writer, Director, Actor , “New Life”), Dallas Jenkins (Director, "Resurrection of Gavin Stone"), Matthew Faraci ("Frankly Faraci"); Amy Reid(Writer, "Pocahontas: Dove of Peace"); Anthony Hamilton (Singer with Pastor Shirley Caesar, videos);Kate Linder (Veteran TV Actor, "Faith Hollywood"), Khaneshia 'KJ' Smith (Veteran TV actor, “Queen Sugar”); Sharon Thomas ( Christian Indian Bollywood star) and Jencarlos Canela and Adam Anders (Actor, Producer, The Passion: New Orleans); Evan Sayet (Satirist), and DR Fraley and Walker Haynes (Professor, Actor, “Hamlet’s Ghost”); and Serena Laurel (Actress, Singer-Songwriter, "Bird Song").

Personal Interviews for television, radio, print and online given to the following: Movieguide, The Bells from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, H.D. Texas, Vocal Point for Dr. James Kenendy's Coral Ridge, Bahamas Radio, KPLE TV, KNCT TV, Faithflix, Chrissy Bernal Show, Nadia Sahari Show, Donald Parker Show, Emily Pearls Show and more.

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Singing, Host, Voiceover
  • Athletic Skills: Equestrian
  • Accents: Southern, Mexican, Cockney, New York (Bronx), New England, Asian, African, Japanese, American Regional Accents, Cajun, Puerto Rican, Canadian, Scandinavian, Texan, New York (Brooklyn), South African, British, German, Chinese, West Indian, Spanish, French, Italian, Australian, Russian, Jamaican, Midwest, Middle Eastern, Irish, Scottish
  • Spoken Languages: French, German
  • Musical Instruments: Piano
  • Dance: Waltz


  • University of Texas, Ph.D., Austin, TX, 1996
    Performance Studies
  • University of Washington, M. Ed., Seattle, WA, 1987
    Performing Arts, Gifted Ed.
  • University of Louisville, Grad. Studies, Louisville, KY, 1982
    Voice, Instructional Television
  • University of Portland, Grad. Studies, Portland, OR, 1971
    Voice, Experimental Theatre
  • University of Oregon, B. A. , Teaching Credentials, Eugene, Oregon, 1969
    English, Music, Education


  • See http://dianehoward.com/resume.htm;http://www.dianehoward.com/diane_elizabeth_howard_printable_performance_resume.htm
    See http://dianehoward.com/resume.htm;http://www.dianehoward.com/diane_elizabeth_howard_printable_performance_resume.htm
  • Movieguide®, Hollywood, CA, All facets of making excellent movies: screenwriting to producing to marketing/distributing..., Dr. Ted Baehr, 2015
    Intense four-day course (from 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily) with Dr. Ted Baehr, leading Hollywood execs., and other associates on all aspects of making excellent, redemptive movies and television programs
  • Keene Studio, Film Acting Intensive, Austin, TX, Film Acting Intensive , Step Rowe
  • Two Chairs Studio , Austin, TX, Acting for the Camera, The Mastery, Van Brooks
  • Casting Works, L.A, Austin, TX, Auditioning for Commercials, Donise Hardy, Heather Collier
  • Voice Works, Austin, TX, Voice Acting, Commercials, Animations, Narrations, Lainie Frasier
  • Alleywood Studio, Austin, TX, Voice-Over Acting , Marcie Winter-Allen
  • Reel Women, Austin, TX, Film Production

Employment Details

  • Work History: Industrial, Theater, Radio, Voice Over, Dilaect/Dialogue Coach, Commercial, Music Video, Film, Television, Internet
  • Job Categories: Writing, Production, Casting, Directing, Producing, Acting, Dialect/Dialogue/Acting Coach
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title 1: Dialect/Dialogue Movie Coach- See https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmVuOhKMVLVHGga6soP2ngQ
  • Prior Job Title 2: Professor of Performance Studies, Communication- See http://dianehoward.com
  • Prior Job Title 3: Artistic Director, Arts in the Park, Manhattan, KS- See http://dianehoward.com/resumes.php

Directing & Producing

See http://dianehoward.com/resumes.php .


Dr. Diane Howard is a national and international dialogue/dialect/voice-over performer and coach for redemptive movies and media. She is also a family and redemptive movie and entertainment journalist. A former Professor of Performance, Media, and Film Studies with a Ph.D. in Performance Studies (College of Communication, UT Austin), she has been involved in all aspects of filmmaking and media production, regionally to internationally. She has served most extensively in the film industry in the following roles: dialogue/dialect/acting coach, actor, voice-over artist, journalist, and consultant. In her university teaching work she has served in the following capacities: professor, producer, director, national/international presenter, writer, and adviser. See http://dianehoward.com/

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