Instrumental outfit This Patch Of Sky conjures an elegant beauty on These Small Spaces

There’s no denying it: The big names of instrumental rock cast a long shadow. Explosions In The Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Tortoise, Mogwai. Fairly or not, it’s silly to pretend these and the other bands that have carved out their distinctive sounds in the post-rock landscape haven’t made alternative points of…

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Scandal Recap: Who's the Boss?

Following weeks of complicated conspiracies, ridiculous drone strikes and obnoxious ponytailed terrorists, Thursday’s Scandal finally allowed Olivia Pope and Associates to resume business as usual.

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Of course, “business as usual” for Opa isn’t any less insane than what we’ve seen in recent weeks. Tasked with proving the innocence of a man on death row, the remaining Gladiators — Quinn, Huck and the other guy — traveled to his backwoods hometown to confront the racist bartender whose testimony led to his arrest. (And I mean this guy was, like, cartoonishly racist.) Anyway, guns were
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Scandal to End With Season 7

Scandal to End With Season 7
The End Date has been handled.

Although ABC isn’t commenting, multiple sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Scandal‘s upcoming seventh seventh will be its last. The network is expected to make a formal announcement at its upfront presentation on Tuesday. I’m told series creator Shonda Rhimes made the call to conclude the series, and ABC accepted her decision.

The news comes with three episodes remaining in Scandal‘s current sixth season.

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Rhimes has previously said that, unlike the long-running Grey’s Anatomy,
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Ratings: Mom Hits 2-1/2 Month Highs, The Amazing Race Rises

Ratings: Mom Hits 2-1/2 Month Highs, The Amazing Race Rises
CBS’ Mom this Thursday drew 8.2 million total viewers and a 1.5 rating (per finals), rising 16 percent and two tenths to mark its best numbers since Feb. 2 and Feb. 16, respectively.

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Leading out of that, Life in Pieces (6 mil/1.2) ticked up a tenth and Amazing Race (4 mil/0.9) hit 3-week highs. Opening the Eye’s night, Big Bang Theory (12.4 mil/2.4) dipped juuuuuust a bit.


ABC | Grey’s Anatomy (7.1 mil/1.8) was flat, Scandal (5.2 mil/1.3) dipped a tenth and bubble drama The Catch (3 mil/0.6) held steady, clutching onto its series lows.

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Marvel's Inhumans: First Teaser Trailer Hints at Family Betrayal — Watch

Marvel's Inhumans: First Teaser Trailer Hints at Family Betrayal — Watch
“Are we supposed to follow our king and remain as silent as he is?” That’s the tricky question posed by the first teaser trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans — especially when the king is your brother.

The video, released on Friday morning, hints at family betrayal and potential treason, all for the sake of attaining freedom.

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Marvel’s latest TV series — which will premiere two of its eight episodes on Friday, Sept. 1 in IMAX theaters for a two-week window, before the show lands on ABC — centers on a royal family of superhumans,
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Grey's Anatomy Recap: Faith Accompli

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Faith Accompli
Heaven help him, Alex squared off in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy against not only a couple of religious zealots who preferred to watch their son die than allow him to receive medical treatment but also Eliza, who supported the parents’ right to murder the kid through inaction. On top of that, he came one step closer to losing Jo for good when Andrew began to get antsy about his unexpressed feelings for her. How did it all play out? Read on…

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‘You Want To Let
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Movie Review: They really should have found a way to get some Nirvana songs into As You Are

There are no Nirvana songs in As You Are. It makes sense: More than a few seconds of the iconic, underwater guitar warble from the radio smash in question would probably cost more than the entire budget of this tiny American indie. Still, we are talking about a movie named for a Nirvana song, that follows a couple of teenagers obsessed with Nirvana, and that uses Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s suicide as a plot point. The omission feels a little glaring, even distracting. So, too, does the absence of any music from the mid-’90s, when As You Are is set. While the characters gush about the Melvins and Mudhoney and Gg Allin, director Miles Joris-Peyrafitte and avant-garde composer Patrick Higgins provide their own original soundtrack. Sometimes it sounds like outtakes from an Explosions In The Sky record. Other times it sounds like an imitation of the moody synth
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Watch Explosions in the Sky's Thunderous 'Colbert' Performance

Explosions in the Sky delivered a powerful performance of their devastating new song, "Disintegration Anxiety" on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Monday.

The track finds the Texas instrumental rock outfit at their sprawling, cinematic best. The song begins with a simple vamp centered around high-wire guitar picking and proceeds to rise and recede deftly until reaching a final anthemic, emotional blowout.

"Disintegration Anxiety" was the first single off Explosions in the Sky's new album, The Wilderness, which arrived April 1st via Temporary Residence Ltd. The album was produced
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10 Haunting Ghost Towns From Around The World

© Richard Cummins/Corbis

This town is coming like a ghost town. This town is coming like a ghost town… Only someone who’d grown up in Coventry could have written a song like that. But The Specials were really onto something with their seventies ska revival and two tone hit single about urban decay and the increasing problems of deindustrialisation in working class cities. People failed to heed their warning however, and now there are a boatload of abandoned towns around this planet that are, for a wide variety of reasons, stuck in more of a time warp than Frank N. Furter.

These deserted districts act as relic to a nearly forgotten past; a sort of comatose time capsule where the streets have no name and the houses have no doors. They’re the sort of places that playing hour after hour of Silent Hill in a dark room has
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Exclusive: 2 Songs From ‘Knight Of Cups’ Score By Hanan Townshend, Plus Full Soundtrack Details

It was on “The Tree Of Life” that composer Hanan Townshend first entered the sphere of Terence Malick. One of his pieces, "Eternal Pulse," was featured in the soundtrack, and he has since become a regular collaborator with the director. Townshend scored Malick's next feature, “To The Wonder,” and now he’s back to do the same on the upcoming “Knight Of Cups.” Starring Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, and a huge ensemble of actors, the film chronicles one man’s search for himself in the empty industry of Hollywood. And below, we have an exclusive listen to two of Townshend’s tracks for the film — “Water Theme No. 1” and “Distress” — providing an evocative backdrop for Malick’s film of spiritual and personal musings. Read More: All The Songs In Terrence Malick's 'Knight Of Cups': Lots Of Classical, Plus Tracks By Explosions In The Sky, Burial,
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Unauthorized 'Friday Night Lights' Musical Headed to L.A.

Unauthorized 'Friday Night Lights' Musical Headed to L.A.
Friday Night Lights — the book, turned movie, turned TV show about football in a small Texas town — will assume a new cultural form next year when it's staged as a musical in Los Angeles, E! reports.

The Unauthorized Friday Night Lights Musical will be based primarily on the beloved NBC series, which ran between 2006 and 2011. The show will even feature series star Scott Porter — who played golden boy quarterback Jason Street — as Coach Taylor (originally portrayed by Kyle Chandler).

Porter confirmed his involvement on Twitter with a Dubsmash video, in
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Friday Night Lights Is Getting the Musical Treatment—and You'll Lose It When You Find Out Who Is Playing Coach Taylor

Friday Night Lights Is Getting the Musical Treatment—and You'll Lose It When You Find Out Who Is Playing Coach Taylor
Clear eyes, full hearts, no auto-tune... Friday Night Lights is getting the musical treatment, y'all. We repeat: Fnl: The Musical is happening. "Every day counts. One night matters," The Fnl Musical account tweeted on Tuesday. "The Unauthorized #FNLMusical is coming to La in 2016!" Go on, feel all the feelings while queuing up "Explosions in the Sky" on your phone. We'll wait.  From the masterminds behind the summer's one-night-only hit production of The Unauthorized O.C. Musical comes The Unauthorized Friday Night Lights Musical, which we're hearing will premiere in late spring or early summer (date and venue to be announced later). Dillon, here we come! Oh...
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Death Cab for Cutie Instrumentalist Chris Walla Released a Perfect Record to Work To

  • Vulture
Death Cab for Cutie Instrumentalist Chris Walla Released a Perfect Record to Work To
There are a variety of jobs in this economy (in this economy?!). Some jobs have music playing over a speaker, which probably means you’re working at a restaurant (yummy!). Some jobs drag and demand you listen to music that's as upbeat as possible (as coke-line stains on desks are no longer de rigueur). Some jobs allow you an opportunity to listen to a podcast, a fact that constantly amazes this writer (what could they possibly be doing all day? Filing? Is it really just eight hours of filing and "Radiolab" archives?). Some of us, who spend a lot of time with words for work, are forced to go instrumental (because you can’t be writing an obit and accidentally slip the word Tubthumping in there). Personally, as I find jazz too jazzy, this means minimal movie scores, like Arcade Fire’s one for Her or Explosions in the Sky
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Watch: Kyle Chandler’s Coach Taylor Wants You to Turn Your Phone Off

Watch: Kyle Chandler’s Coach Taylor Wants You to Turn Your Phone Off
Over five seasons of “Friday Night Lights,” Kyle Chandler’s coach Eric Taylor became TV’s poster boy for inspirational locker room speeches, rallying the Dillon Panthers and East Dillon Lions to victory on the football field each week with a rousing declaration of “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!”

Now, thanks to the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain, Chandler has slipped back into Coach Taylor’s iconic Panther blues to record a necessary PSA for everyone who can’t stay quiet during a trip to the movies.

“This is what we’ve all worked for, we’ve paid to be here,” he intones, his words set to a stirring score from Explosions in the Sky — the band that provided all the instrumental background music for “Fnl.” But instead of a room of bright-eyed high school football players hanging on to his every word, Coach is faced with a crowd of texting,
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Kyle Chandler in a Ladies' Locker Room: Behind the Scenes of That Fnl PSA

Kyle Chandler in a Ladies' Locker Room: Behind the Scenes of That Fnl PSA
If Peter Berg and Connie Britton couldn’t get Kyle Chandler to don Coach Taylor’s baseball cap again, how the heck did a Texas-based chain of movie theaters bring home the win?

Easy, says a very grateful John Gross, director of creative production at Alamo Drafthouse — aka the people who brought us Chandler’s Friday Night Lights-themed, silence-your-cell-phones public-service announcement: The actor, who lives in Austin, is a frequent patron of the movie-theater chain.

Video Friday Night LightsKyle Chandler Resurrects Coach Taylor on the Big Screen — Watch the Lol Clip

“Kyle lives near one of our locations and is a regular,
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Friday Night Lights' Kyle Chandler Resurrects Coach Taylor on the Big Screen — Watch Lol Video

Friday Night Lights' Kyle Chandler Resurrects Coach Taylor on the Big Screen — Watch Lol Video
This may be the closest thing we’ll get to a Friday Night Lights movie — and we’ll take it.

Kyle Chandler has brought back Coach Taylor for Alamo Drafthouse’s new no-talking-during-the-movie PSA that includes the phrase, “Clear eyes, full hearts… turn your g-ddamn cell phones off!”

Photos Fall TV Death Watch: 18 Characters We Fear Won’t Survive Past 2015

In the “inspirational message” — the type of which airs before feature films at the Austin, Texas-based chain’s movie theaters — Coach delivers one of his signature team pep talks only to be interrupted by members of the audience chatting and mobile phones ringing.
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Manglehorn review: Al Pacino and pet pussy enliven dull drama

Manglehorn review: Al Pacino and pet pussy enliven dull drama
Director: David Gordon Green; Screenwriter: Paul Logan; Starring: Al Pacino, Holly Hunter, Harmony Korine; Running time: 97 mins; Certificate: 12A

"I'm losing hope in tomorrow," groans Al Pacino's lonely locksmith Manglehorn midway through this lethargic movie. It's a feeling we can relate to, given the failure of an engaging narrative to emerge and take the titular character on an absorbing journey.

It's a real shame, as Pacino excels as a man who can't let go of the love of his life despite her continued absence. Anyone who has looked someone in the eyes and felt such pure love for them, only to have it taken away, can relate to his heartbroken predicament. He even has his own creepy room containing a stash of mementoes and photos from their time together, along with numerous letters he wrote to her that were 'returned to sender'.

But can he move on from that with
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Interview: Director David Gordon Green on Manglehorn

david j. moore chats with Manglehorn director David Gordon Green

One of the most interesting filmmakers working today, David Gordon Green has worked up an impressive list of films to his credit. He started with the true indie films George Washington (2000), All the Real Girls (2003), and Undertow (2004), and moved into studio-driven films like Pineapple Express (2008), Your Highness (2011), and The Sitter (2011), and he has segued back to indie fare like Prince Avalanche (2013), Joe (2013), and now with his latest, Manglehorn, starring Al Pacino and Holly Hunter. Pacino stars in a challenging role as a lonely locksmith, stuck in a memory of a past love, and when he meets a lovely bank teller (played by Hunter), his life veers in a different direction. Set in and around Austin, Texas, the film is a highly unusual drama from a filmmaker at the peak of his powers. (Manglehorn is currently in theaters throughout the U.
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‘Manglehorn’ is a warmed-over character study


Written by Paul Logan

Directed by David Gordon Green

USA, 2014

Manglehorn dabbles in the strange and peculiar, but at its core, it may be director David Gordon Green’s safest and least rewarding drama yet. The film contains weird scribbles in its margins, but the narrative is overwhelmingly slight. A.J. Manglehorn (Al Pacino) is a grizzled locksmith and wounded soul living in small-town Texas, still aching for a woman named Clara who got away many years ago. He sends regretful letters to her like clockwork but they always find a way back to his mailbox unread. Manglehorn now spends his days cutting locks, looking after his ill cat and making kind, flirty conversation with Dawn (Holly Hunter), the friendly bank teller he visits each week.

It’s often tricky to pigeonhole Green, whose work has shifted from lyrical indie to stoner-comedy, and now, he’s found a brief
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Movie Review – Preservation (2015)

Preservation, 2015.

Directed and written by Christopher Denham.

Starring Wrenn Schmidt, Pablo Schreiber and Aaron Staton.


When a woman, her husband and his ex-army brother go on a hunting and camping trip, they quickly become the hunted.

Oh boy, that State Park has seen better days. Probably why it’s been closed down. And jeez, that’s a creepy looking playground, all rusted and covered in graffiti. Is that a tunnel full of children’s shoes? Yuck. Don’t worry, I’m sure your recently-discharged-from-the-army brother with a drinking problem will keep us safe. After all, he’s snuck up on us out of nowhere several times already. Shows he’s got skills. Good to have him and his vicious looking dog on our side.

Preservation is a horror movie that opens with more red flags than an overly cautious game of Minesweeper – some similarly coloured herrings, the others impending traps,
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