Former Friend Writes Scathing Lady Gaga Tell-All About her Pre-Fame Days

Along with the perks of fame come the downsides, including plenty of people trying to make money off of your life. On the receiving end of criticism recently is

Lady Gaga, whose former friend is writing a book about her pre-fame days.

Divulging what he believes to have been a change to please a boyfriend, former DJ Brendan Jay Sullivan says the "Born This Way" singer ditched her simpler tunes to write a heavy metal song for beau Luc Carl, claiming, "since Carl liked only heavy metal and 'doesn’t like my sing-songy piano ballads' she would perform music to impress him, 'so I can be close to him'."

The book also claims that the song "Paparazzi" was about Luc, as she used to call him Papa. Other changes he claims were made were dying her hair blonde and her attitude, later telling her beau, "One day you’re not
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