Master and Commander 2 Still Possible Says Russell Crowe

Master and Commander 2 Still Possible Says Russell Crowe
A few weeks ago, the swashbuckling adventure Master and Commander: The Far Side Of The World celebrated its 14th Anniversary, and it seems that Master and Commander 2 may be coming soon. Star Russell Crowe revealed that he has heard that a sequel may be possible, asking for fans who enjoyed the first movie, and the Patrick O'Brian Aubrey Maturin novels, to let 20th Century Fox know that they want a sequel. Here's what the actor had to say below on social media earlier today.

"For the Aubrey Maturin lovers, I do hear whispers indeed that a second voyage is perhaps potentially pre-proposed a possibility . So O'Brian affectionate's and aficionados, let @20thcenturyfox know of your pleasure."

The 2003 adaptation Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, is based on the 1969 Patrick O'Brian novel Master and Commander, the first in a 20-book series that followed the exploits of Captain Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe) and Dr.
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Closing Night at the American Film Festival in Wroclaw Poland

Artistic Director Urszula Śniegowska has created a family here of great cineastes and cinephiles. Included is the Austin posse with David Gordon Green receiving the double-barreled Indie Star Award and the European debut of his latest film, "Our Brand is Crisis" with the formidable Sandra Bullock in her ballsiest role ever playing the political strategist, James Carville, as she dictates the terms to her candidate for the President of Bolivia played by my new heartthrob, the Portuguese actor, Joaquim de Almeida. David says he may star in the next film he will direct which will be in Portuguese.

I'm betting on David Gordon Green becoming heir to the throne now occupied by Clint Eastwood as Warner Bros. creates its new brand. Warner Bros. also supplied the Clint Eastwood prints and virtual prints for the Eastwood retrospective. His masterpiece "The Unforgiven" was shown in 35mm. The evolution of Dgg since the Sundance debut (and his own first feature) of " George Washington" in 2000 shows his skill directing both indie and major genres.

The family in the Austin posse includes the grand director Berndt Mader ("Winnebago Man") of "Booger Red" (exec produced by Dgg) with his producer, Irish transplant and immigrant Johnny McAllister who co-wrote with Berndt, and Onur Tukel, the "Turkish Woody Allen" whose own directed and produced " Summer of Blood" debuted at Tribeca last year and was a huge hit at the Champs Elysees Film Festival (this year June 7-14), the sister of Aff who share their child Us in Progress. "Booger Red" is a hybrid documentary/narrative about a veteran reporter who searches for the truth behind the largest purported child sex ring in Texas history. On his journey through the bowels of East Texas, he's forced to confront his own history with abuse while he discovers that the allegations at the root of his investigation might have never happened.

At one of the nightly bar gatherings (which last til 4 am!), Dgg credited Onur for keeping the independent film scene in Austin alive.

Second to receive the double-barreled Indie Star Award with Dgg was Hal Hartley whose humble acceptance of the prize touched us all. He thanked the audience, a new generation for its "fresh" questions, a great pleasure for him after 25 years of doing Q&As. And he thanked the festival for putting on the most complete retrospective of his film ever held.

The Audience Award of Us$10,000 went to the Spectrum film "Dope" by Rick Famuyiwa , one of the freshest films to show in Sundance this year; a delightful, sweet romp with young talents De'aundre Bonds, Kiersey Clemons and Tony Revolori as they follow the orders of dope dealer Rakim Mayers, through the streets of Inglewood California.

The Audience Award of Us$5,000 went to the American Doc film "Transfatty Lives" by Patrick O'Brian. The Awards were funded by festival sponsor, Bny Mellon, wealth management and investments banker to the world. Started by Alexander Hamilton in 1784, Bny Mellon is one of the longest-lasting financial institutions in the world.

Festival Director Roman Gutek has created a great and lasting bond between film artists in U.S. and in Poland. He has also created Europe's largest international film festival, New Horizons, held here in Wroclaw July 25-31 which this year will have a special section of America as depicted by European filmmakers. In addition he has created Europe's largest arthouse multiplex, the New Horizons Theater where these two festivals are held.
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Crowe Wants Fans' Support for a 'Master and Commander' Sequel

Though its been a while since we've heard anything about a sequel to Peter Weir's 2003 adventure-drama Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, that's not stopping Russell Crowe from crying out for support. The actor recently tweeted: "If you want a Master and Commander sequel I suggest you e-mail Tom Rothman at Fox and let him know your thoughts." This is the same Rothman that supposedly had a hand in ruining Wolverine and is now holding back on Master and Commander. Some may remember that Crowe did say a script had been written based off of another novel, but it was still in the very early stages. We haven't heard much since that update a few summers ago, but it sounds like it hasn't moved very far. According to Crowe, they're looking to adapt the eleventh novel of Patrick O'Brian's 20-novel series, titled The Reverse of the Medal,
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Russell Crowe Asks Fans to Demand Master and Commander Sequel

Back in July of 2009, Russell Crowe was in negotiations to reprise the role of Jack Aubrey in a sequel to "Master and Commander." The actor revealed that a script based on Patrick O'Brian's 11th (out of 20) novel, called "The Reverse of Medal," has been written. But apparently 20th Century Fox didn't see a reason for a sequel, considering that the first film only grossed $93 million domestically on a $150 million budget. So Crowe is now attempting to get fans to write to the studio asking for "Master and Commander 2." He wrote on Twitter: "If you want a 'Master and Commander' sequel I suggest you e-mail Tom Rothman at Fox and let him know your thoughts."
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Paul Bettany and Gangster No. 1: The Retro Hollywood Interview Flashback

(Paul Bettany in Gangster No. 1, above.)

[I did this interview with Paul Bettany in 2002 and it originally appeared in Venice Magazine, This was one of the earlier long-form interviews he did in the States. Other than as the "Naked Guy" in A Knight's Tale and the imaginary roommate in A Beautiful Mind, he was unknown to the American public at the time. But Gangster No. 1, while not a perfect film (largely due to the difficulty in believing that Bettany grew into Malcolm McDowell as an older man), showcased an actor in Bettany who had screen presence and intensity that was impossible to look away from.

Bettany is currently starring in the film Legion, set to open this month. Here's a look back at the period in his life when he was just about to become famous.]

The Contender

With Gangster No. 1, Paul Bettany reveals himself, all hype aside, as one of the most promising actors of his generation.

by Terry Keefe

The Silent Scream. As delivered by Paul Bettany in his new film Gangster No. 1, it's one of the most bone-chilling moments you'll see on screen this year, or any other year, for that matter. And there isn't a CGI effect in sight. Bettany simply closes his eyes, kicks back his head, and unleashes a blood-curdling scream as the sound drops out completely. This amazingly effective moment is designed to symbolize the unrelenting evil which lurks within Bettany's character, known only as Young Gangster, as he
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Russell Crowe Ponders 'Master and Commander 2'

According to the Associated Press, Russell Crowe is in the early stages of negotiations to reprise the role of Jack Aubrey as a British sea captain in a new movie version from the "Master and Commander" series of novels.

Crowe told the AP on Friday that a script based mostly on the eleventh novel of Patrick O'Brian's 20-novel series, "The Reverse of the Medal", had been written, but that discussions were at a very early stage.

"There's still a long way to go," Crowe told AP at a cricket match between England and Australia in London. He said talks had been taking place with the owner of the rights to the novels.

Crowe gave no indication of when filming could start but said it was one of a number of projects he is considering.

The original 2003 film took place during the Napoleonic Wars, as brash British captain Jack Aubrey
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Russell Crowe to Set Sail with Another Master and Commander Film?

It seems that Russell Crowe might be hitting the high seas once again. According to the Associated Press, Crowe has entered into early negotiations to star in sequel to Master and Commander: The Far Side Of The World.

Crowe revealed that there is a script already written, largely based off of the 11th novel in the 20-book series, The Reverse of the Medal, but it's too early to tell if the deal will come together or not.

The Reverse of the Medal sees Crowe's Captain Jack Aubrey sailing into the Carribbean with his Hms Surprise ship, where he discovers his illegitimate son, Samuel Panda, now a Catholic priest.

The first Master and Commander: The Far Side Of The World film took material from several of the books, written by Patrick O'Brian, so it isn't clear if this is the storyline the film will be centered on.
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Crowe Considering New Master & Commander Movie

The Associated Press is reporting that Russell Crowe is in early talks to reprise the role of Jack Aubrey in a follow-up to 2003's Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World , directed by Peter Weir and co-starring Paul Bettany. Crowe said on Friday that a script based mostly on the eleventh novel of Patrick O'Brian's 20-novel series, "The Reverse of the Medal," had been written. "There's still a long way to go," Crowe said, adding that he had been talking with the owner of the rights to the novels. "The Reverse of the Medal," published in 1986, sees Aubrey in the Caribbean in his ship Hms Surprise, where he meets his illegitimate son Samuel Panda, a Catholic priest born from an illicit liaison.
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