200 Greatest Horror Films (170-161)

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Special Mention: Shock Corridor

Written and directed by Samuel Fuller

USA, 1963

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Shock Corridor stars Peter Breck as Johnny Barrett, an ambitious reporter who wants to expose a killer hiding out at the local insane asylum. In order to solve the case, he must pretend to be insane so they have him committed. Once in the asylum, Barrett sets to work, interrogating the other patients and keeping a close eye on the staff. But it’s difficult to remain a sane man living in an insane place, and the closer Barrett gets to the truth, the closer he gets to insanity.

Shock Corridor is best described as an anti-establishment drama that at times is surprisingly quite funny despite the dark material. The film deals with some timely issues of the era, specifically the atom bomb, anti-communism, and racism. It features everything from a raving female love-crazed nympho ward,
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'Fury' Review: 10 Things You Should Know About the Muddy Brad Pitt Action Movie

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War is hell. This much we know is true.

It's also the fodder for prestige action movies like "Fury," about a small team of men who pilot and maneuver the titular tank in the waning days of World War II, where Hitler's Germany acted like a scared and wounded dog -- all teeth and matted fur and ferocious intent. Brad Pitt leads the platoon, which is stocked handily with fine actors like Jon Bernthal, Logan Lerman, Shia LeBeouf (who lost a tooth and cut his face for the role) and Michael Pena.

Instead of a world-saving mission, these good ole boys are more interested in just surviving until the war officially concludes (a task that seems doable until, well, things go to hell). But does this rise out of the flames of war, triumphant? Or burn before it reaches the finish line? Read on to find out!

1. This Is Not
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Icons and Friends Bring You: Our Favorite Genre Film Scores!!

Howdy fright fiends! All of us here at Icons of Fright are pretty hardcore when it comes to being soundtrack fanatics. Whether it be Rob or Justin blasting away with their Death Waltz vinyl, or little ol’ me (Jerry), sorting through my insane amount of iTunes soundtracks or Mondo vinyl collection, the fact is that we’re constantly in adoration of all things music, especially when the tunes are from our favorite fright films. Since this whole month of April is one big celebration of our ten year anniversary, and we wanted to make things really fun, we decided that instead of just writing an article about Our favorite soundtracks, we would reach out to our friends and colleagues and ask them to join up and contribute to this one. So, without further ado, we bring you Icons and Friends: Our Favorite Genre Film Scores!

Rob G. (Co-creator, Icons Of Fright,
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Oscars Lowdown 2014: Best Original Score - Arcade Fire aiming to defy 'Gravity'

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Oscars Lowdown 2014: Best Original Score - Arcade Fire aiming to defy 'Gravity'
In the lead-up to the 86th annual Academy Awards on March 2, HitFix will be bringing you the lowdown on all 24 Oscar categories with multiple entries each day. Take a few notes and bone up on the competition as we give you the edge in your office Oscar pool! Year after year, Best Original Score is probably the technical category where I'd most like to see a significantly different slate to the one the Academy has put together -- a certain cronyism and conservatism often keeps them from recognizing standout work in the category. This year, two films scored by relative newcomers face off again three established Academy favorites (two of them due an award by now, the third amply recognized), and it's the freshman nominees' work that is generating more discussion in the category than the others. Personally, I'd suggest that there's only one truly great score in the race this year,
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The 2011 RopeofSilicon Movie Awards

The 2011 RopeofSilicon Movie Awards I know the Oscars are still a little over a month away, but for me the RopeofSilicon Awards are the moment I begin putting the old year behind me and truly begin focusing on the new one. This is the fourth year I've done this and to celebrate the year's films I gained inspiration from one of the movie posters I declared one of the best of the year and put together my own poster for just this occasion, taking images from several of 2011's films and creating the collage you see below. The poster is made up of films and performances I enjoyed on one level or another, and while you'll find a couple of duplicates here and there, all-in-all there are 61 films represented and I've included a high resolution version should you want to give it a closer look. How many of the films can you name?
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Basement Jaxx: 'Next album could be our last'

Basement Jaxx have revealed that their next album could be their last major release. The group, who started in 1994, said that they are "ready" to release another album but suggested it could also be their final record. Simon Ratcliffe told Digital Spy: "We're ready to do another Basement Jaxx album. It might be the last one, but we'll probably work together still making music for films or an opera or something. "We'll see. I mean, I'm definitely keen on continuing with film music. I released a solo Ep this year, which was me being self-indulgent - that was really nice and rewarding. I'd (more)
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‘Attack the Block’ Director Joe Cornish on Staying True to the Game

‘Attack the Block’ Director Joe Cornish on Staying True to the Game
Screen Gems A scene from “Attack the Block

Since “Attack the Block” first screened at the 2011 South by Southwest Film Festival, director Joe Cornish has heard almost nothing but good things about his feature debut. But the scrappy alien-invasion movie was released in the midst of a summer already overcrowded with spectacle, and he’s grateful just to get it seen, even if he knows it will have an uphill battle finding a broader audiences. “I feel very lucky,” Cornish said in an exclusive interview.
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Music in the movies: May score round-up

In this week’s Music in the movies, Glen looks over the scores for such films as Source Code, Submarine and Thor…

We’re not even half way through 2011 yet, and we’ve already heard some spectacular movie scores from seasoned composers and newcomers alike. Here are some of the movie soundtracks released recently that are worthy of your attention.

Source CodeChris Bacon

Duncan Jones’ follow up to the fantastic Moon saw him work with a larger budget, but also with a property that other people were attached to prior to his involvement. Despite this, many of the themes evident in his debut feature can be seen in Source Code. I really enjoyed the film, and I know a lot is being said about the ending, but I didn’t feel that it derailed the film by any means. It leaves a certain amount to be left to the viewer’s imagination,
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Attack The Block: Review – Intergalactic Excellence

Brit Sci-Fi movie Attack The Block has been occupying much of Thn’s time and thought lately – earlier this week we attended the premiere and chatted with the films director Joe Cornish and some of its cast (check out the pics and video), which got us salivating with anticipation. Well last night our cinematic palette was satisfied with an advanced screening. First thoughts? Fan-bloody-tastic!

The films tag line really says it all ‘Inner City versus Outer Space’ and its narrative is as brilliantly simple and efficient as this pitch; some no good hoodlums are enjoying an evening of dastardly violent crime when their felonious antics are interrupted by an alien crash landing – no strangers to danger the youths quickly dispatch this vicious meanie, but hold your horses hoodies – this mean mother is not alone! The ensuing film is an exciting blend of suspense, action, laughs and a smattering of gore for good measure,
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Love This Attack the Block Theme Like I Do

Aggressive and muscular, here is the theme for the UK import Attack the Block , the aliens-versus-kids creature feature by Joe Cornish that is earning rave reviews. Screen Gems acquired the film for U.S. distribution. While you await release details, spin this theme - by Basement Jaxx - a few times. Basement Jaxx - "The Ends" from "Attack The Block" by Basement Jaxx
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Basement Jaxx Soundtrack For 'Attack The Block' Gets U.K. Release Date

Basement Jaxx Soundtrack For 'Attack The Block' Gets U.K. Release Date
Scores for films are no longer just the domain for classically driven composers. The past year has seen a crop of electronic-based artists take the reins with Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers powering "Tron: Legacy" and "Hanna," respectively, while Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor surprised everyone by walking away with an Oscar for his work on "The Social Network." And it's not gonna stop there. House music icons Basement Jaxx have tuned the forthcoming alien invasion flick "Attack the Block" and the soundtrack--at least for those of you across the pond--is right around the corner. The 20-track disc from…
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Second Attack the Block Trailer

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Here is the second trailer for Joe Cornish’s sci-fi alien invasion action comedy “Attack the Block”, which not only shows the movie’s story, but features the soundtrack from English house duo Basement Jaxx.

Attack the Block is a fast, funny, frightening action adventure movie that pits a teen gang against an invasion of savage alien monsters. It turns a London housing estate into a sci-fi playground. A tower block into a fortress under siege. And teenage street kids into heroes. It’s inner city versus outer space.

The film stars Nick Frost, Jodie Whittaker, John Boyega, Alex Esmail, Franz Drameh, Leeon Jones, Simon Howard and Luke Treadaway, hits UK screens on May 13th, and was picked up for domestic release by Screen Gems though no release date has been announced as of yet.

Check out their official webpage or Facebook!

Second Attack the Block Trailer is a post from: www.
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New Trailer for Attack the Block; Plus Meet the Cast in Character Featurettes

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British sci-fi import Attack the Block had a strong U.S. debut at this year's South by Southwest Festival (SXSW), earning universal praise, the SXSW Audience Award, and, eventually, U.S. distribution.

Attack the Block is the feature debut from writer/director Joe Cornish, who, along with Edgar Wright (who produced Attack the Block), co-wrote the screenplay for Steven Spielberg's upcoming The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. The movie follows a group of teens defending themselves during an alien invasion and has drawn comparisons to The Goonies and Gremlins, which is somewhat easy to see in the movie's synopsis.

Set on a council estate in South London on Bonfire night, the film follows a gang of youths, Moses (John Boyega), Pest (Alex Esmail), Dennis (Franz Drameh), Jerome (Leeon Jones) and Biggz (Simon Howard). While they are mugging nurse Sam (Jodie Whittaker), a fiery object falls from the sky,
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Watch: Another New Trailer for Joe Cornish's Sci-Fi 'Attack the Block'

We've been very excited to catch a glimpse of Joe Cornish's sci-fi indie Attack the Block since it opened to rave reviews (like Jeremy's!) at SXSW and since the first trailer debuted a few months ago. Well, to go along with all the other trailers this week, The Guardian posted a shorter but just-as-awesome new trailer for Attack the Block that is definitely worth watching. The trailer is only 60 secs, but features a badass score by Steven Price, Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe of Basement Jaxx. This is looking better and better with every trailer, hopefully it'll make its way to the Us soon enough! If you like sci-fi at all, you've got to see this. Watch the second official trailer for Joe Cornish's Attack the Block: Follows a gang in South London defending their block from an alien invasion. "Think Assault on Precinct 13 only with monsters
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Second 'Attack The Block' Trailer Lands!

Second 'Attack The Block' Trailer Lands!
In the four years I've been going to SXSW, I have never seen a film blow up quite the way Joe Cornish's Attack The Block has. This is a flick that was so much fun, it had attendees watching it again and again, filling the theatre to capacity Every Single Time it played despite the mind-blowing amount of other new films there were to explore. And then there was the La screening... Today a new trailer dropped, showcasing the great score by Basement Jaxx. With its UK theatrical debut on the horizon, hopefully Screen Gems will follow suit sooner rather than later. In the flick a gang of South London teenagers defending their housing project home against an alien attack.
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‘Attack the Block’ – New Trailer

Here’s a brand new trailer for the eagerly awaited Attack The Block, which comes from writer/director Joe Cornish (of Adam & Joe fame). The film is a fast, funny, frightening action adventure movie that pits a teen gang against an invasion of savage alien monsters. It turns a London housing estate into a sci-fi playground. A tower block into a fortress under siege. And teenage street kids into heroes. It¹s inner city versus outer space…

This new trailer, with music from the legends that are Basement Jaxx, comes to us via The Guardian (and yes, that’s their pre-roll ad – apologies):

Trainee nurse Sam is walking home to her flat in a scary South London tower block when she’s robbed by a gang of masked, hooded youths. She’s saved when the gang are distracted by a bright meteorite, which falls from the sky and hits a nearby parked car.
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Second trailer arrives for Attack The Block

Joe Cornish’s streetwise alien invasion movie, Attack The Block has a new trailer, which you can see here…

We’ve been getting good early vibes from the forthcoming Brit alien invasion movie, Attack The Block, in which extra-terrestrials make the terrible mistake of besieging a South London housing estate.

Director and writer Joe Cornish’s script sounds sharp, funny and exciting, and the latest trailer, which comes to us via the Guardian, certainly hasn’t made us any less excited about seeing it – even if the fast-talking, fresh-faced cast makes us feel rather old.

The trailer also features music from Basement Jaxx, which I understand is a pop band of some sort.

Attack The Block arrives in UK cinemas on 11th May.

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Brand New Attack the Block Trailer Featuring Basement Jaxx

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Here’s something rather nice for a Thursday evening, it’s a brand new trailer for Joe Cornish’s new movie, Attack the Block. It comes courtesy of The Guardian and features music from UK super group, Basement Jaxx who feature on the soundtrack. The way they have mixed the trailer and spoken word to coincide with the music is fantastic and is yet another step of brilliance in this flawless movie!

We’ve actually been lucky enough to see it too and you can read our five star review here. You can also keep track of all of our Attack the Block coverage right here.

Attack the Block stars Nick Frost, Luke Treadaway and Jodie Whitaker and executive produced by Edgar Wright. It hits UK cinemas 11th May.

Attack the Block is a fast, funny, frightening action adventure movie that pits a teen gang against an invasion of savage alien monsters.
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‘Attack The Block’ UK Trailer #2 & Character Featurettes

The Us breathed a collective sigh of relief when Screen Gems picked up the SXSW favorite Attack The Block earlier this month. We aren’t sure when it will theaters, but in celebration of the UK release next month we have a new trailer and five character featurettes. One can check out the first, longer UK trailer here.

Joe Cornish‘s alien attack/comedy/horror/thriller is produced by Edgar Wright and stars Nick Frost, Jodie Whittaker, John Boyega, Simon Howard, Franz Drameh, Leeon Jones, and Alex Esmail. One can see the new trailer featuring the Basement Jaxx score via Guardian and the character featurettes via HeyUGuys.


Moses “The Leader”

Pest “The Funnyman”

Biggz “The Young One

Dennis “The Hothead”

Jerome “The Brains”

Attack the Block is a fast, funny, frightening action adventure movie that pits a teen gang against an invasion of savage alien monsters. It turns a
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SXSW '11 Review: 'Attack the Block' the Best of the Fest!

SXSW '11 Review: 'Attack the Block' the Best of the Fest!
Our final review out of this month's SXSW Film Festival is for Joe Cornish's Attack The Block, which has been receiving Rave reviews over the past few weeks. The genre comedy follows a gang of South London teenagers defending their housing project home against an alien attack. David Harley Loved it: "A heavy dose of dry, witty humor mixed with engaging action and a score by Basement Jaxx that will appeal to fans of Daft Punks 'Tron: Legacy' work, 'Attack The Block' is an unquestionable homerun and the kind of film that doesnt come around often enough. Cornish manages to take what could have been unlikeable antagonists and transforms them into heroes with razor-sharp wits and tongues through the occurrence of unlikely, random circumstances, making him come off like a British Shane Black...."
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