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Blood Feast

Blood Feast


Arrow Video

1963 / Color /1.85 / Street Date October 9, 2017

Starring Mal Arnold, Connie Mason

Cinematography by Herschell Gordon Lewis

Written by A. Louise Downe (Ghostwritten by Lewis)

Produced by David F. Friedman, Herschell Gordon Lewis

Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis

1963’s Blood Feast, the infamous gorefest from director Herschell Gordon Lewis, is a pox on our culture; grossly stupid, comically inept and depressingly nihilistic. A perfect film for 2017.

Lewis’s movie was released the same year that Patsy Cline and John Kennedy died, George Wallace turned away black students from an Alabama college and Martin Luther King was jailed in Birmingham. Betty Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique and Sam Cooke recorded ”A Change Is Gonna Come”. In an already fractured country, those seismic shifts only deepened the decades-old divide along the Mason-Dixon line.

Meanwhile, in southernly states from Mississippi to Florida, Lewis and his production partner David Friedman were busy
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October 24th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Annabelle: Creation, War For The Planet Of The Apes, The Old Dark House

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With Halloween only a week away now (how in the heck did that happen?), of course there are a ton of horror and sci-fi home entertainment offerings arriving on Tuesday, ready to get you primed for all your spooky shenanigans leading up to October 31st. In terms of new titles, both War of the Planet of the Apes and Annabelle: Creation hit various formats, and Criterion has put together a stellar release for Olivier AssayasPersonal Shopper as well.

On the cult side of the genre spectrum, we have a myriad of movies to look forward to, including a quartet of titles from Vinegar Syndrome: The Corpse Grinders, Demon Wind, Blood Beat, and the double feature of Prime Evil and Lurkers. Arrow Video has assembled a special edition set for Herschell Gordon LewisBlood Feast that’s a must-own for any splatter fans out there, and the Warner Archive Collection
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11 Scary Horror Films, Made for $1 Million or Less, to Stream on Netflix

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Horror movies don’t need to be expensive to get audiences screaming. Some of the genre’s key titles have used budgetary limitations to their advantage, creating creeping dread from the isolation of single locations or the simplicity of a killer hiding right behind the door in your own home. IndieWire has selected 11 scary films now streaming on Netflix that prove horror doesn’t need big stars or flashy SFX teams to create a big onscreen impact.

Hellraiser” (1987)

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Clive Barker’s “Hellraiser,” an indelible blend of sadomasochism and terror, was made for only $1 million, but spawned a sprawling series that just will not die. While sequel quality varies, the original still looms large over the horror genre, with genuinely nauseating special effects and a knotty plot that touches on many of the key themes from Barker’s iconic writing career. —We

Monsters” (2010)

Click to watch
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The Pact Director’s Next Film Focuses on an Evil Child Genius

The Pact director Nicholas McCarthy has signed on to direct the horror/thriller Descendents, according to THR. The film is written by Jeff Buhler (Jacob’s Ladder) and will focus on a young boy who is a genius. However, as he grows… Continue Reading →

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'The Pact' Director Nicholas McCarthy to Helm 'Descendant' (Exclusive)

Nicholas McCarthy, who helmed 2012 indie The Pact, has signed on to direct horror-thriller Descendant.

Written by Jeff Buhler (Jacob's Ladder), the new project centers on Sarah and John Turner, parents of Miles, a young boy has been gifted with genius-level intelligence and perception. But as Miles grows older, he begins to change in chilling ways, leaving his parents and doctors wondering if his talents come naturally or if there is some sinister force influencing him.

Tripp Vinson (The Rite, Exorcism of Emily Rose) is producing the project with Xyz Films executive producing. Descendant is currently in preproduction, with principal...
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Celebrate Easter With These Nifty Horror Prints!

Celebrate Easter With These Nifty Horror Prints!
Easter isn’t exactly a holiday that gets associated with the horror genre very often. With the exception of last year’s Holidays, in which Nicholas McCarthy gave us one of the most horrifying Easter bunnies ever created, there aren’t a lot of Easter-themed horror movies out there (though Critters 2 just barely makes the cut). Austin-based artist Marcela Piñeda, who […]
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The Blackcoat’s Daughter Review

Oz Perkins’ The Blackcoat’s Daughter – formerly known as February to festival fanatics – actually predates his 2016 Netflix release I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House. While the latter sophomore effort left me feeling numb and unfulfilled, his former debut is a much more accessible breed of slow-burn damnation. Still not my cup of satanic tea, but Catholic prep schools and psychological torture go hand-in-hand. Many have heralded Perkins’ second first effort “this year’s The Babadook” – which I don’t understand because no themes, characters or techniques are shared – but not here. Hardcore genre fans are in for invasive visual attack, but also a lax attempt to weave symbolism with teenage terror. Perkins’ style will not be for everyone – remember that going in.

We meet three girls throughout The Blackcoat’s Daughter. Kat (Kiernan Shipka) is a quirky, quiet goody-good whose parents never pick her up for break.
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Scott Foley, Dave Annable to Star in Jeffrey MacDonald True Crime Murder Movie on Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery has greenlit a five-part true crime movie series. The first TV film, titled “Final Vision,” will center around the infamous Jeffrey MacDonald murders with Scott Foley starring as the title character.

Foley will portray MacDonald, who was convicted of brutally murdering his pregnant wife and two young daughters in the middle of the night. The television movie will be told through the eyes of bestselling author Joe McGinniss — played by Dave Annable — who was asked by MacDonald to write a book about his “personal nightmare” as he claimed he was flasely accused and was about to go on trial.

The film begins as a story about an innocent man being railroaded by a flawed legal system, then taking viewers through a twisted psychological thriller that exposes a sinister man, behind a charming and heroic façade. In real life, the MacDonald case is the longest-running criminal case in U.S
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Giveaway – Win anthology horror Holidays on DVD

Holidays is an anthology horror like no other and to celebrate its arrival on UK DVD, we have a copy to give away.

With Hollywood and horror favourites, Kevin Smith, Nicholas McCarthy, Gary Shore and Seth Green on board, among many others, Holidays is a portmanteau horror which challenges our perception of annual festivities, subverting them and laying their darker side bare. From a seriously bloody Valentine to an extremely gruesome Easter and a Christmas slay ride for good measure, Holidays is an anthology horror that puts a grisly twist on some of our most beloved seasonal events.

Holidays is available to buy on DVD from Monday 10 October 2016. Order today here.

The competition closes at midnight on Sunday, October 16th. UK readers only please. To enter, use one of the following methods…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This competition is promoted by Fetch Publicity. By entering you agree to the terms and conditions,
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Competition: Win horror anthology ‘Holidays’

Holidays is an anthology horror like no other and to celebrate its arrival on UK DVD, we have a copy to give away.

With Hollywood and horror favourites, Kevin Smith, Nicholas McCarthy, Gary Shore and Seth Green on board, among many others, Holidays is a portmanteau horror which challenges our perception of annual festivities, subverting them and laying their darker side bare. From a seriously bloody Valentine to an extremely gruesome Easter and a Christmas slay ride for good measure, Holidays is an anthology horror that puts a grisly twist on some of our most beloved seasonal events.

Holidays is available to buy on DVD from Monday 10 October 2016. Order it now: and check out our review here.

To win Holidayson on DVD, just answer the following question:

Holidays actor Seth Green voices which character on Family Guy? Is it:

a) Chris Griffin

b) Peter Griffin
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Release Details & Cover Art for The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast Collection, Dark Water (2002) & Vamp Blu-rays

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Bloodsuckers, the water-soaked paranormal, and a Herschell Gordon Lewis film collection are coming out on Blu-ray this October from Arrow Video, and the official special features lists and cover art for The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast collection, Dark Water (2002), and 1986's Vamp tease plenty to enjoy on all three releases:

"Mvd Entertainment Group furthers the distribution of Arrow Video in the Us with several new titles in October...

Dark Water [Blu-ray + DVD] (October 11th)

After terrifying audiences worldwide with the blockbuster J-horror classic Ring and its sequel, director Hideo Nakata returned to the genre for Dark Water, another highly atmospheric, and critically acclaimed, tale of the supernatural which took the common theme of the "dead wet girl" to new heights of suspense and drama.

Based upon on a short story by Ring author Koji Suzuki, Dark Water follows Yoshimi, a single mother struggling to win sole custody of her only child, Ikuko.
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Fantasia Review: The Alchemist Cookbook

One of the many wonderful things about covering film festivals is how with every one you attend, you end up discovering new gems. Films which don’t play by the typical Hollywood rules, think outside of the box and offer their viewers fresh and interesting new takes on telling great genre stories. Fantasia is that type of festival and with every year that comes and goes, I tend to walk away excited and rejuvenated, having experienced films that show that if you have an imagination and an enthralling story, then you’ll leave an impression. Past Fantasia films that have left their mark on me, like Nicholas McCarthy’s At The Devil’S Door and Gabriel Carrer’s The Demolisher are films which became instant favorites of mine.

Joining the ranks of those films, is the Joel Potrykus-helmed demonic possession film, The Alchemist Cookbook, a film so imaginative and full of laughs and scares,
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The Outre Eye of Daniel Xiii featuring: Holidays, Krampus, The Zero Boys and More!

The Outre Eye of Daniel Xiii featuring: Holidays, Krampus, The Zero Boys and More!
Did ya miss me? Regardless, I’m back, baby!


• Release Date: In Theaters Now

• Written By: Anthony Scott Burns, Kevin Kolsch, Nicholas McCarthy, Gary Shore, Kevin Smith, Sarah Adina Smith, Scott Stewart, Dennis Widmyer

• Directed By: Anthony Scott Burns, Kevin Kolsch, Nicholas McCarthy, Adam Egypt Mortimer, Gary Shore, Kevin Smith, Sarah Adina Smith, Scott Stewart, Dennis Widmyer

• Starring: Seth Green and like 100 other people

What’s this? A new horror anthology centered around a myriad of holidays and helmed by some cats I really dig (I mean, c’mon; look at that list of die-rectors up there)? You know, normally I’d make some ridiculous pun alluding to the quality or lack thereof of whatever film was at hand, and this time I think I’ll do that, too. Let’s see if this one is going to be more treats than tricks, or just an overstuffed and overcooked turkey!
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Kevin Smith continues to evolve with a contribution to the horror anthology “Holidays”

It’s no secret whatsoever that I’m a pretty big Kevin Smith fan, which is something I’ve said more than once on this site. Perhaps to some degree that’s why I’m so delighted by his recent foray into horror/genre work, but I’d also make the argument that Smith is exercising new muscles of late, and that’s indisputably exciting. Today, the anthology horror project Holidays is transitioning from its run at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival this month to a limited theatrical release, with Smith helming one of the segments. It’s one of the better ones in the flick too, so it’s a great excuse for me to pay tribute to a favorite in Smith once again. The movie is, as previously mentioned, an anthology horror tale, with different filmmakers taking different holidays and giving them a scary or just twisted spin. For example,
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Nicholas McCarthy Talks Easter Segment of Holidays!

Nicholas McCarthy is one of the most unique filmmakers working in the horror genre today. While a lot of directors focus on how flashy and fast-paced they’re able to make their genre films, McCarthy’s films (The Pact and one of my all time faves, At The Devil’S Door) have always felt like they’d be better suited in the ’70s, giving genre fans slowburn stories frequently focusing on familial bonds and darkness invading those bonds.

Last year, I was lucky enough to pay visit to the set of McCarthy’s Easter segment of the now in theaters anthology film, Holidays. What I saw while visiting that set was a director who got stuff done while remaining calm and collected. The final product of Easter is quite possible one of the most thought provoking anthology segments in quite some time, challenging the different icons we’re asked as children to believe in.
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Exclusive Q&A: Andrew Bowen on Playing a Quirky Killer in the Horror Anthology Holidays

  • DailyDead
Some of the biggest days on the calendar are viewed through a dark lens in the new horror anthology Holidays. Featuring a plethora of intriguing characters, one of the film’s standouts is Andrew Bowen’s performance as Reggie: an unconventional serial killer looking for his next victim on New Year’s Eve. Following Holidays’ world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival (and VOD debut) and ahead of its April 22nd theatrical release, we caught up with Bowen for our latest Q&A feature.

Andrew, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us, and congratulations on your excellent work in Holidays. What attracted you to this film and the role of Reggie in the “New Year’s Eve” segment?

Andrew Bowen: Thank you so much! It was such a cool project to work on. I got involved after my friend and producer Gabriella Lugo (who produced [the] “Christmas
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[Tribeca Review] Holidays

Horror anthologies are here to stay, with the V/H/S and ABCs of Death series, and Michael Dougherty’s more cohesive Trick ‘r Treat offering fans fun-size bits of terror. Now comes Holidays, a twisted little tribute to all our beloved religious, secular, and federal celebrations.

The vignettes, which are presented in order of the calendar year, open with Valentine’s Day, a story about a high school outcast, her alpha bitch tormentor, and a swim coach with a bad heart. The work from Starry Eyes duo Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer screams retro with its synth-y soundtrack and teen-centric drama, doing its very best to recall early Brian De Palma. (If the connection to Carrie wasn’t evident enough, there’s a girl wearing a red baseball cap à la Pj Soles to remind you.)

More disturbing high jinx abound in the following short, St. Patrick’s Day,
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VOD Vault #4 – Krampus / Holidays

Another Sunday and another installment of VOD Vault, taking a look at some of this weeks on-demand releases that have hit various VOD platforms here in the UK. This week we have a very seasonal edition, featuring two films that take a horrific look at the holidays…


Stars: Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner, Allison Tolman, Conchata Ferrell, Emjay Anthony, Stefania Lavie Owen, Krista Stadler | Directed by Michael Dougherty

Krampus has seemingly become the de jour villain in the horror genre recently. We’ve already had two movies featuring the evil anti-Santa, Krampus: The Christmas Devil and Krampus: The Reckoning; and now comes a third. Although unlike its seasonal brethren, this Krampus at least made it into cinemas – and so it should have. This is the latest film from director Michael Dougherty, who exploded onto the UK horror scene a few years back when his Halloween anthology Trick ‘r’ Treat was screened at Frightfest.
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Tribeca 2016 Review: Holidays

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For centuries, annual holidays have been widely celebrated as a time to put aside one’s worries and responsibilities in order to come together with loved ones and enjoy each other’s company. Holidays are magical, not only because they represent a time of love and harmony, but also because many of them are commemorated on a global scale, making them not only a positive junction, but a universal one that can be shared by nearly all of humankind.

Although we can all look back on our happy moments as a collective people, we can also all relate to the sense of dread that often goes hand-in-hand with an approaching festivity. Holidays like Valentine’s Day can be ridiculously expensive, Christmastime can mean grueling hosting duties for many, as well as fights with family. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can bring emotional baggage with it if a person has a lost parent,
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Tribeca ’16: Holidays Review

Holidays review: Screening at Tribeca Film Festival as part of the Midnight programme we review new horror anthology Holidays.

Ever since V/H/S snuck its way onto the scene there has been a resurgence of anthology movies within the horror genre. We’ve had another two V/H/S movies as well as two A, B, C’s of Death, a Christmas themed one – A Christmas Horror Story, and Tales of Halloween. Now comes Holidays, a film that builds on the idea of the latter mentioned films, but expands from just Christmas and Halloween to encompass all our favourite holidays. Here’s our Holidays review, straight from Tribeca.

Holidays review

Many other anthology films, right back to the likes of Tales from the Darkside: The Movie and The Twilight Zone Movie, feature an overarching plot that wraps around our series of short films. This decision has been many
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