Forgotten B&W Horror #11: Tarantula

We’re back with the eleventh installment in the Forgotten B&W Horror series. With this entry, we continue to look at a few movies that blur the line between horror and science fiction – a blurring that occurred with many sci-fi movies of the 1950′s.

Tarantula (1955) begins, oddly enough, with a man and his hideously misshapen face wandering through the desert until at last the man falls down dead. The county sheriff believes the man to be Eric Jacobs, a local scientist who works with Professor Deemer, a scientist who lives 20 miles out in the desert. The local doctor, Matt Hastings (who for some reason has his office in the lobby of the local hotel in the town of Desert Rock), doesn’t believe the official cause of death and begins poking around at Professor Deemer’s research lab. Along the way he meets up with the new lab assistant,
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