Hollywood Reacts to Jemele Hill Controversy

Controversy was ignited on Monday when Espn’s “SportsCenter” anchor Jemele Hill tweeted her views on Donald Trump, calling the president a “white supremacist” and a “bigot.” Espn subsequently distanced itself from her comments, tweeting a statement denouncing her tweets and stating that the station had spoken with Hill regarding the incident.

Hill then issued a statement expressing regret that her comments “painted Espn in an unfair light” via Twitter on Tuesday, but not before White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded to a reporter’s question about the incident: “I think that’s one of the more outrageous comments that anyone could make, and certainly something that I think is a fireable offense by Espn,” she said.

In response to the goings on, the entertainment industry took to Twitter to express support for Hill.

Jemele Hill is sharp. Speaks her mind and never has to ‘get back to you on that.’ We
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Espn’s Dan Le Batard on Magic Johnson Criticism: ‘Social Justice Warriors Are Eating Their Own’

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Espn’s Dan Le Batard on Magic Johnson Criticism: ‘Social Justice Warriors Are Eating Their Own’
This week’s announcement that Magic Johnson has been named team president for the Los Angeles Lakers sparked celebration from many long-suffering fans, but caused a division among some of Espn’s top talent. “Highly Questionable” host Dan Le Batard kicked off a firestorm when he criticized the five-time NBA champion’s ability to run the team, saying he only got the top job because “he’s famous and charming.” Le Batard’s comments triggered an instant reaction, most notably from fellow Espn host, Mike Wilbon, who blasted him on Twitter asking: “Did the electricity go out in LeBatard’s
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Espn's Michael Wilbon Blasts NFL Refs Over Cam Newton Hit, Demands They Be Suspended

Michael Wilbon is not happy with the NFL refs who worked Monday Night Football this week, when the Carolina Panthers took on the Washington Redskins. 

In the game, Panthers' star quarterback Cam Newton took a hit to the head while he was attempting to slide. A flag was thrown, but as Newton was getting up, he threw the football in the direction of the player who hit him, so rather than call a personal foul for roughing Newton, the refs penalized the quarterback for taunting. 

Wilbon, co-host of Espn's Pardon the Interruption, was irate. 

"The officiating crew should be suspended rest...
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‘Pti’ Hosts Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon Sign Contract Extensions to Stay at Espn

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“Pti” hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon have signed new multiyear contract extensions to stay at Espn. Both will also continue their work on other platforms owned by the powerful Disney cable channel, most notably Wilbon’s NBA commentary. The popular Kornheiser and Wilbon also do the “Pti” podcast and a daily segment during the opening minutes of the 6 p.m. “SportsCenter.” This week marks the 15-year anniversary of “Pardon the Interruption,” which is Espn’s most-watched daily studio program, averaging more than a million viewers per day when including ESPN2’s 6:30 p.m. re-air. Also Read: Is a Netflix + Espn Service in the.
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Top TV for 2014: 10 more great returning series

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I am what James Poniewozik at Time would call an Everybody Gets a Trophy kind of person. With the Baseball Hall of Fame, I'm a big Hall kind of guy. (Vote Tim Raines this year, people!) I like honoring as much excellence as I can, whenever I can, even if it comes at the risk of making everything a bit less special because so many things are being called special. Even before the Too Much Good TV deluge began in the last couple of years, I was always somebody who tried to squeeze more than 10 shows into his yearly top 10 lists, whether through ties or other bending of the rules. One year, number 2 on my list was "Fact-based movies and miniseries," a ridiculous cheat that allowed me to squeeze six productions into one slot; another, I didn't even do a top 10 at all, but an amorphous list of things like
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President Obama -- Pardon The Interruption ... But I'm Golfing with Espn Hosts

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Happy time, people ... at least it was for "Pardon the Interruption" hosts Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser yesterday when they snuck in a full round of golf with President Obama! The gang all met up at the Congressional Country Club in Bethseda, Maryland yesterday ... along with a White House aide (who completed the 4-some) ... and played the 90-year old course. It's not the first time the Prez hooked up with the Pti gang for some golf -- last year,
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As Rivals Grow Vocal, Espn Touts ‘SportsCenter,’ World Cup

Espn took some time to cheer about its presentation of sports as a central facet of life, burnishing not only the content it provides but the way in which it distributes it.

“We tell the stories of what it means to be human,” said Ed Erhardt, the Walt Disney outlet’ president of global customer marketing and sales, holding forth at an “upfront” assembly of ad buyers and marketing executives.

Meanwhile Espn President John Skipper told the crowd that Espn had launched 80 different programs and products in the last year or so – a testament to the company’s determination to continue providing new ways of covering sport no matter how consumers wish to access them.

Espn made its pitch as sports-media outlets owned by rival companies have been making more noise. On Monday, some executives at NBC’s upfront presentation spent almost as much time talking about parent company NBCUniversal’s
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Espn Touts New ‘SportsCenter’ Set; ‘Pti’ Co-Hosts Sign New Multi-Year Deals

Espn Touts New ‘SportsCenter’ Set; ‘Pti’ Co-Hosts Sign New Multi-Year Deals
Espn teased its new “SportsCenter” set and announced contract extensions for “Pardon the Interruption” co-hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon at its upfront presentation to advertisers Tuesday. The new studio space, at Espn's Digital Center in Bristol, Conn., is about 10,000 square feet and boasts 114 monitors. It is technically two studios, allowing one show to rehearse while another shoots, and will debut in June. Also read: NFL Fines Miami Dolphins Player Over ‘Horrible’ Tweets About Michael Sam Kornheiser and Wilbon, who have co-hosted “Pti” since 2001, signed new multi-year extensions, the network said. Espn also touted its 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil coverage.
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Magic Johnson leaves Espn over Bill Simmons feud?

NBA legend Magic Johnson announced Thursday (October 11) that he was leaving Espn, where he has appeared since 2008 as a basketball analyst on "NBA Countdown." In a statement, Magic said he was leaving due to other commitments, but a report claims he actually called it quits due to fellow analyst Bill Simmons.

A source tells Deadspin that Simmons has essentially been handed control of "NBA Countdown." Magic was reportedly unhappy when co-host Michael Wilbon's role on the show was diminished.

Both Johnson and Simmons have released statements, saying a feud between them doesn't exist and that there are no hard feelings on either side. "I loved getting to know Magic these past 12 months and was saddened to hear about his decision," Simmons says, adding that Johnson is his friend and he was working ideas that could lead to them working together in the future. Meanwhile, Magic's agent reiterates that the
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Espn's Bill Simmons on joining 'NBA Countdown' and his close encounter with Mike Francesa

Espn's Bill Simmons on joining 'NBA Countdown' and his close encounter with Mike Francesa
When Bill Simmons first became the Boston Sports Guy, writing an obscure blog for AOL in the early days of the internets, he gradually cultivated a loyal audience who appreciated his exhaustive essays dissecting Beantown’s sport fandom while sprinkling in Karate Kid and Road House references. He wrote from a fan’s perspective, which is the only perspective he could afford at the time, but that voice ultimately made him famous and influential. He’s been at Espn now since 2001, and if he doesn’t yet run the network, he certainly is one of the Sports Leaders’ most important assets.
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Magic Johnson Expanding Role on NBA Pregame Show

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Magic Johnson Expanding Role on NBA Pregame Show
Espn and ABC's NBA pregame show is expanding Magic Johnson's role and moving to Los Angeles. Beginning Christmas Day at 2 p.m., the "Kia NBA Countdown" will originate from the Espn Los Angeles Production Center at L.A. Live – across the street from Staples Center. Johnson will become a featured analyst -- joining Jon Barry, Michael Wilbon and Chris Broussard. He will also continue to interview NBA stars and provide analysis on "SportsCenter" and other Espn shows. The show has previously aired from Bristol, Conn. and New York City. "It’s been a lot
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Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick dream cast Espn movie, chat about 'Worst Person' Newt

On the July 28th edition of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," Keith was joined by former Espn "SportsCenter" co-host Dan Patrick who stopped by to chat about fantasy-casting the movie version of the Espn saga -- plans for which are actually underway at 20th Century Fox. When Patrick said he thinks the screenwriters will focus on the mid-90s era at Espn because, thanks to Keith, there was tension in the building, Keith replied emphatically, "How come no one ever told me there was tension in the building? I didn't know!" Some of their dream casting picks? Larry David or Paul Giamatti for Tony Kornheiser; Sinbad or Forest Whitaker for Michael Wilbon; Tim Meadows for Stuart Scott. Finally, Patrick
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The 5 Most Ridiculous Parts From Espn’s LeBron James Announcement

LeBron James announced Thursday night that he’ll be playing for the Miami Heat next year. James made this announcement during a one-hour special on Espn. How did Espn manage to fill an hour of prime-time programming with a grain of information that I’ve already conveyed in that two-line introduction? The same way American Idol results shows manage to exist — by padding it with a bunch of time-wasting nonsense, obviously. Here are the five most impressively insulting examples: 1. Photoshops Of LeBron In Five Different Jerseys “With just minutes before the big announcement,” proclaimed Stuart Scott, “let’s take a look at what LeBron James would look like wearing the jerseys of his five different suitors.” Espn then showed that photo above, which is not news, information, or a thing. But what would LeBron James look like if he played…On The Moon? Thanks, Worldwide Leader In Sports and Theoretical Photoshops!
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Espn: LeBron special won't violate policy

New York -- Espn should reap big ratings for Thursday night's special "The Decision," when NBA superstar LeBron James will announce where he'll land in a free-agency deal worth tens of millions of dollars. And the network is taking extra care to make sure that its unusual structure -- James' marketing company is selling the ads and asked that a freelance reporter have a key role -- won't stray into any journalistic gray areas.

"Decision" will get primetime real estate on Espn, an hour or so at 9 p.m. Et, with James announcing where he will sign to freelancer Jim Gray within the first 10 or 15 minutes. Gray was handpicked by James to receive the announcement, reportedly in the New York suburb of Greenwich, Conn. Espn agreed but said that other personalities, including its Stuart Scott and Michael Wilbon, will also take part. Wilbon will interview James during the hour.

James' company,
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Mr. 3000

Mr. 3000
In his first at-bat as leading man, charismatic funnyman Bernie Mac delivers a winning turn as a retired 47-year-old baseball great making an unlikely comeback. Paired with a fiery Angela Bassett under the breezy, dynamic direction of Charles Stone III, Mac broadens his scope in Mr. 3000, showing off his athleticism and flexing some dramatic muscle. This tale of a lovable jerk who learns the meaning of sacrifice should capitalize on its star's sitcom popularity to hit one out of the park for Disney.

The instant he achieved his 3,000th career base hit, Milwaukee Brewers' Stan Ross (Mac) left his team in the midst of a pennant race in order to bask in retirement glory. Nine years later, he's living the entrepreneurial life in Milwaukee, where his Mr. 3000 shopping center and its flagship sports bar are a shrine unto himself. After the team retires his number, all that's left to seal the "certified immortality" he so craves is a slot in the Hall of Fame.

In anticipation of his nomination, the hall scrutinizes the record books and discovers that three of Stan's hits were counted twice. Hello, Mr. 2,997. Desperate to restore his crown and secure his spot in Cooperstown, Stan approaches the equally desperate Brewers. Although Stan has never been a team player, general manager Schembri (Chris Noth) welcomes his attendance-boosting presence on the fifth-place squad.

A lot is new since Stan was last on the roster: The team has switched to the National League, for starters. Pilates is part of the conditioning program, and the star of the team is T-Rex Pennebaker (Brian White, one-time player for the New England Patriots). The young hotshot is as mouthy and full of himself as Stan once was. That their adversarial relationship will shift to a mentoring connection is no surprise, but the script by Eric Champnella, Keith Mitchell and Howard Michael Gould makes its points with a light hand.

There are shades of Barry Bonds in Stan's refusal to play ball with the press. But Stan's driving force is sheer ego. Having shown he's not above ripping a record-making ball from the hands of a fan or baiting "stank-ass reporters," he's now a prime target for ridicule -- and a hot story. One of the journalists covering that story is his former flame Mo (Bassett), an ESPN reporter. Bassett brings a compelling mix of steeliness and passion to the character, who regards the one-time womanizer with guardedness, fighting her feelings for him.

There's a pleasing fortysomething credibility to the way their renewed romance plays out. And in a parallel to Stan's sudden old-timer status, Mo knows the network is sidelining her from onscreen work in favor of the next young thing.

Even with a couple of pauses for obvious Big Theme dialogue, the film never takes itself too seriously. Most of its observations unfold subtly in the midst of the laughs -- like the strange rituals of male communication between Stan and longtime pal Boca (Michael Rispoli), whose nickname reflects a preference for velour leisure suits more fitting to southern Florida than Wisconsin. Along the same lines, Paul Sorvino makes the most of an almost wordless role as the team's manager.

As a guy taking abuse from everyone from Tom Arnold to the Sausage Mascot (director Stone), Mac injects Stan's comic swagger with flashes of woundedness. Stone -- whose credits include Drumline and the "Whassup?!" Budweiser commercials -- has chosen actors who know their way around a diamond, lending immediacy and power to the game sequences. Shane Hurlbut's crisp lensing heightens the energy on the field and captures the shining design contributions. A strong element of the polished tech package is a fine selection of R&B favorites, propelling the story with a sure beat.

MR. 3000

Buena Vista Pictures

A Touchstone Pictures and Dimension Films presentation of a Barber and Birnbaum/Kennedy/Marshall production


Director: Charles Stone III

Screenwriters: Eric Champnella, Keith Mitchell, Howard Michael Gould

Producers: Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum, Maggie Wilde

Executive producers: Jonathan Glickman, Frank Marshall, Steven Greener, Timothy M. Bourne

Director of photography: Shane Hurlbut

Production designer: Maher Ahmad

Music: John Powell

Co-producer: Derek Evans

Costume designer: Salvador Perez

Editor: Bill Pankow


Stan Ross: Bernie Mac

Mo: Angela Bassett

Boca: Michael Rispoli

T-Rex Pennebaker: Brian White

Fukuda: Ian Anthony Dale

Fryman: Evan Jones

Minadeo: Amaury Nolasco

Skillett: Dondre Whitfield

Gus Panas: Paul Sorvino

Schembri: Chris Noth

As themselves: Tom Arnold, Ron Darling, Larry King, Tony Kornheiser, John Salley, Stuart Scott, Michael Wilbon, Jay Leno, Chris Rose, Peter Gammons

MPAA rating: PG-13

Running time -- 102 minutes

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