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Vincenzo Natali's Sundance Diary: January 22, 2010

The quiet has ended. Sundance is running on all cylinders. I sit shotgun while Cynthia Amsden, Splice's courageous publicist, tears up Park City streets in her sporty Kia rental. The Gps spits out directions with the mellifluous voice pattern of a James Bond villain as we weave between snowdrifts and beefy Hummers.  First destination is to pick up Sarah Polley. Next, to a series of television interviews.

Sarah is radiant and brilliant. This is Sundance number seven for her and she wears it well. She carries the interviews with a relaxed intelligence and good humor that reminds me of how pleasurable it was to work with her on the set. Her best quip yet, "Splice is a film that is morally indefensible."  She says it with pride. Who would have thought that this sterling icon of Canadian cinema is so damn twisted?   It fills me with a rare jolt of patriotism.
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