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Gladiators: ranking the events of the original series

Jenny Morrill Alex Carter May 23, 2017

Which original Gladiators event was better - Hang Tough or Powerball? We had the debate so you don't have to...

Like many people, we enjoy watching people beating the crap out of each other and then doing grapevines while wearing a bra. Because of this, Gladiators is the only exercise-themed show we ever watch.

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We spend our weekends watching Gladiators reruns while saying things like “I could do that, it's just running up an escalator,” while secretly being depressed because we know we're lying to ourselves. Sometimes, as a treat, we'll call Jet/Hunter names while eating several wagon wheels.

There's been an ongoing debate in our house over which are the best Gladiators events. Some we can agree are rubbish, and when these events are
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NCIS Season 14 Episode 15 Review: Pandora's Box, Part I

  • TVfanatic
It can be rough being part one of a two (or more!) part story.

It's easy to get relegated to set-up, with all the excitement reserved for the back half of the story. NCIS Season 14 Episode 15 didn't exactly escape that, unfortunately.

To be fair, it's a bit more complicated than that; there was a more-or-less self-contained plot for "Pandora's Box, Part I" in the less-than-fake terrorist attack that was an attempted assassination.

The connection to the follow-on portion on NCIS: New Orleans, however, depended on the rather impressively coincidental timing of a hack that resulted in the loss of Homeland Security's terrorist response playbook.

After all, Mr. Vengeance-Murder Homeland Security Aide didn't hack the playbook.

I could complain about the fact that Alex Carter's Homeland Security boss was so stupid and careless to make such a thing vulnerable in the manner he did, but that part was sadly believable.
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Gunge, pub quizzes and a baby: Edinburgh Fringe review

Jenny Morrill Alex Carter Aug 17, 2016

Get Your Own Back Live, Knightmare, Chloe from 24 and a bit of GroupOn? Jenny and Alex have been to the Fringe...

We've just spent a week at the Edinburgh Fringe, where we devoted equal amounts of time to eating, tutting and refusing leaflets. In between this, we managed to fit some shows in.

We're going to talk about some of these shows here, instead of telling you about the thousands of hipsters we encountered. Seriously, guy doing “street typing” on a typewriter – no thanks.

Get Your Own Back Live!

I'll cut to the chase here – being in the audience for Get Your Own Back Live was the most fun I've had since I was born. And I'm counting that time I found a bottle of mystery booze in a hedge.

The show is a pretty faithful (if cheaper and more self-aware) version of the original.
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Bargain Hunt and the quest for useless knowledge

Alex Carter Aug 17, 2016

The BBC has a packed line-up of daytime antique shows, but the original Bargain Hunt still provides the most edutainment...

It is an immutable law of the universe that everything everywhere will at some point be bought on Bargain Hunt. That important looking bit you keep in that tin of random things in case you find out what it’s for? In 2064 some antiques expert who hasn’t even been born yet will explain casually that it was used as a stand for rich Moldovan aristocrats' spare eyeballs, or a small portable gardening tool for calibrating parasols. It doesn’t matter if it was actually the plastic thing that keeps your router standing on end.

It’s these genuinely true histories of random objects bought from someone’s car boot that makes Bargain Hunt the most educational of daytime shows - it teaches you about things you
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Does Star Trek: Nemesis deserve its reputation?

Alex Carter Aug 3, 2016

A Generation’s Final Journey nearly killed the franchise. But did it deserve to bomb?

The first Nemesis disc I owned inexplicably didn’t work properly in my first DVD player, and eventually stopped working entirely. When rewatching the film for this article, I found that the Blu-ray I have is bent for no reason at all and won’t work in any player. I tried downloading it off Sky, but it stopped downloading halfway through and refused to download any more until I deleted the whole thing and tried again after rebooting the box. I tried Netflix but weirdly Star Trek: Nemesis is part of a different rights package to the other Next Gen movies. Is this such an awesome film that digital media are still unable to cope with its majesty? Or is it so bad that it reaches out into the real world and breaks everything it touches?
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Homes Under The Hammer: the most comforting show on TV

Alex Carter Aug 2, 2016

Homes Under The Hammer is a comforting constant in an ever-changing world. Here's why it's your TV best friend...

Homes Under The Hammer is the adult equivalent of Teletubbies: every episode is exactly the same, there is only the vaguest semblance of peril, and every episode has a weird house in it.

I bloody love Homes Under The Hammer. It’s the kind of low-engagement programming that suits any time and any mood. I like nosing around people’s houses. I like the idea I could be a filthy capitalist if I could just stop ranting about Star Trek and do some plastering. The identikit nature of every episode is ideally suited to its 10am weekday timeslot, being watched exclusively by the unemployed, the ill and everyone’s dad. As a freelance writer with both a cold and a dad I absolutely understand that feeling of having a head filled with mush,
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Star Trek: Insurrection - revisiting Star Trek 9

Alex Carter Jul 27, 2016

From the highs of Star Trek: First Contact, why did Star Trek: Insurrection become the most forgotten Trek movie?

“Ok, ok, so First Contact was a major box office and critical success, but it would have been so much better had all those great space battles been replaced with Riker having a shave in the bath.”

Said someone, somewhere, presumably.

Star Trek: Insurrection was the great hope for the franchise. The lessons learned from past failures. No more interference from the studio. Just put the right people in the right place and let them do their thing. It worked for Khan, it worked for First Contact, so it should work for Insurrection. Right?


Star Trek: Insurrection stands in the unusual position of being a film that would have benefited enormously from executive meddling. If one voice had spoken up and said “this film has problems”, perhaps
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Star Trek: Generations - looking back at Star Trek 7

Alex Carter Jul 12, 2016

The film where Jean-Luc Picard met James T Kirk: we take a look back at Star Trek: Generations...

This article contains spoilers for Star Trek: Generations

Entropy. That is the ultimate theme in Star Trek: Generations. As signified by the long tracking shots of a bottle of champagne, culminating with it smashing upon the bow of the new Enterprise. The mechanism by which all change happens. How order turns to chaos, and why all good things must come to an end.

It’s also the only word that can possibly integrate the two disparate halves of the film. The treatise on the afterlife and impermanence, versus Data discovering the meaning of laughter. But really, that’s clutching at straws (and that’s coming from the guy who defended Star Trek V). For all the good ideas and fascinating moments, Generations is the curate’s egg
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Nicolas Cage's Generation Game: how to reboot game shows

Jenny Morrill Jun 12, 2017

Jenny has a few tips for successfully rebooting some classic gameshows...

Game shows are one of the few formats that can withstand being rebooted. Some people might even argue that game show reboots are becoming necessary, given the calibre of new ideas being farted out onto the screen. For every Pointless, there's Dale's All Star Celebrity Family Kerplunk On Fire (actually I'd watch that).

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There are certain shows that could make up a stellar, unbeatable game show line-up, and they should all be brought back immediately. Some brave souls have tried to bring some of these shows back, with varying degrees of success. In some cases perhaps the execution needed a bit of tweaking, but the decision to reboot was the right one.

When a
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Cuffs: No Second Season for BBC Police Drama a Shame Says Star

[caption id="attachment_43257" align="aligncenter" width="393"] image via BBC/caption]

Cuffs star Eleanor Matsuura thinks it is a shame BBC One cancelled the police drama after one series (season). She and co-stars Amanda Abbington, Alex Carter, Jacob Ifan, and Pete Sullivan took to Twitter to express their sorrow over the cancellation, in mid-December.

More than a month later, Matsuura is still disappointed by the "premature" decision to cancel the Cuffs TV series, which also starred Ashely Walters and Broadchurch's Shaun Dooley.

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The Star Wars Holiday Special revisited




Reality takes a holiday along with the Star Wars cast. But is the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special that bad?

You know what go well together? Pop sci-fi, variety shows and Christmas.

Wait, no they don’t, that’s a terrible idea. The Christmas variety show is fine, but attaching a famously secular fantasy to it? Really? Still, this was the late 70s, where variety shows were the king of Christmas telly, and Star Wars was the king of everything else. So obviously some genius decided to put the two things together. The result? Something so bad that it was never shown again. Carrie Fisher reportedly uses it to get people to leave her house. George Lucas actually threatened to go on a rampage with a sledgehammer. Words have not been invented to describe how bad it is.

The story, which reportedly was included at Lucas’ request
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Cuffs: Cancelled by BBC One; No Season Two

BBC One has cancelled freshman crime drama, Cuffs, after one series (season). The Cuffs cancellation news broke late last week, and has been tweeted about by cast members, including Amanda Abbington, Eleanor Matsuura, Alex Carter, Jacob Ifan, and Peter Sullivan.

Fans are not ready to be uncuffed, at least not without a fight. A Change.Org petition to recommission (renew) Cuffs currently has 6,556 signatures. On Twitter, the Cuffs renewal charge is led by the We Love Cuffs account. Bearing the display name #Bringbackcuffs, the account's profile picture is a BBC logo, modified to read "Bring Back Cuffs." Cheeky.

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Amanda Abbington's show Cuffs cancelled

Amanda Abbington's TV show 'Cuffs' has been cancelled. After the final episode of series one of the BBC police drama aired on Wednesday (16.12.15), Amanda took to Twitter to confirm that it had been axed. She wrote: ''End of an era. And we are all gutted. Thanks to a wonderful cast, crew and fans. No series two. Sad day. #bbcCuffs ''Thanks for all your support and tweets regarding #cuffs. You're all so great. Bless ya. We will miss it so much. XxX (sic).'' Co-star Alex Carter added: ''Thank u 4all the #Cuffs love. It really was the perfect job & team,
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BBC One's new cop show Cuffs is definitely not trying to be The Bill

BBC One's Cuffs is a pre-watershed cop show that blends police procedure with the officers' personal lives - sound familiar?

But despite the apparent similarities, the Cuffs cast have insisted that their show is nothing like ITV's long-running The Bill, which wrapped a 26-year run in 2010.

"I mean, let's be honest, everyone's going to try and say it's the new Bill," admitted Ashley Walters, who plays PC Ryan Draper. "But for me, it's a lot more than that. It's very real... the raw emotion is very real."

Both Walters and co-star Shaun Dooley (DC Carl Hawkins) said Cuffs is actually closer in spirit to gritty, fly-on-the-wall documentaries like BBC Two's acclaimed The Detectives.

"It's less about solving the crime, and more about the human beings solving the crime," Dooley said.

Broadchurch actor Dooley was particularly keen to avoid comparisons to The Bill - telling press including Digital Spy
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Trailer: Ashley Walters Fronts New BBC One Cop Drama 'Cuffs'

"Cuffs" is a new fast-paced cop show commissioned by BBC One, with a cast that's fronted by Ashley Walters ("Top Boy," "Small Island"), along with Peter Sullivan ("The Borgias," "State Of Play"), Amanda Abbington ("Sherlock," "Mr Selfridge"), Shaun Dooley ("Exile," "The Game"), Paul Ready ("Utopia," "Ripper Street"), Eleanor Matsuura ("Utopia," "Vexed") and Alex Carter ("Hollyoaks," "Emmerdale"). The character-led drama, as well as a police procedural, takes the audience on an "exhilarating" ride through the challenges of...
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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Network: CBS

Episodes: 335 (hour) + finale movie

Seasons: 15

TV show dates: October 6, 2000 -- September 27, 2015

Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Laurence Fishburne, Ted Danson, Paul Guilfoyle, George Eads, Eric Szmanda, Robert David Hall, Gary Dourdan, Jorja Fox, David Berman, Wallace Langham, Archie Kao, Louise Lombard, Liz Vassey, Gerald McCullouch, Larry Mitchell, Joseph Patrick Kelly, Marc Vann, Sheeri Rappaport, Jon Wellner, Skip O'Brien, and Alex Carter.

TV show description:

This drama follows the cases of the Las Vegas Police Department's Crime Scene Investigation division (otherwise known as a crime lab).

The division solves crimes almost entirely through the means of forensics evidence and interesting procedures and equipment. The cases are sometimes bizarre and often reflect the series' unique setting but unlike many other dramas,
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Ashley Walters, Amanda Abbington to lead BBC One's new drama Cuffs

Ashley Walters and Amanda Abbington are to lead new BBC One drama Cuffs.

The pair will star in the new show, which focuses on the lives of police officers on the frontline.

Walters has previously appeared in Top Boy, while Abbington had a starring role in the third series of Sherlock.

Cuffs is written by Julie Gearey (Secret Diary of a Call Girl) and also boasts an ensemble cast featuring Peter Sullivan (The Borgias), Shaun Dooley (Exile), Utopia's Paul Ready and Eleanor Matsuura, plus Alex Carter (Hollyoaks).

Tiger Aspect's Head of Drama Will Gould said: "With her incredible wit, authenticity and balls-out storytelling - Julie Gearey is taking the cop show genre back to basics to create a fresh and bold series, bang up to date for 2015.

"And we can't wait for her vision to be brought to life by director Anthony Philipson and our extraordinarily talented and diverse cast.
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Cary Elwes, Alex Rocco Board Rick Bieber’s ‘The Other’ – Berlin

  • Deadline
Cary Elwes, Alex Rocco Board Rick Bieber’s ‘The Other’ – Berlin
Exclusive: Rick Bieber is currently in production on demonic love story The Other in Los Angeles. Cary Elwes and The Godfather‘s Alex Rocco are among the new cast just joining the pic that stars Dominic Sherwood (Take Down) as a young man tormented by the possibility of descending into the depths of insanity, or worse, becoming the target of an actual demonization. Also boarding are Alex Carter (CSI), Andrew Caldwell (Transformers), Dash Williams (The Remains), Chloe Noelle (True Blood), and Riley Lio (Teachers). Previously announced cast includes Jill Hennessy, Drea de Matteo, Charlbi Dean and Sinclaire Schaefer.

Bieber is directing from his own screenplay. His executive producer credits include the 1990s hits Flatliners, Made In America and Radio Flyer. He recently wrote, directed and produced inspirational sports pic The 5th Quarter starring Aidan Quinn, Andie McDowell and Ryan Merriman.

Highland Film Group is handling international sales with Gersh’s Jay Cohen repping domestic.
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7 films inexplicably turned into board games

Terminator 2, Escape From New York, and more films turned into very unlikely board games....

It's around this time of year that board games tend to get dusted off. There's nothing more traditional than an festive argument over who cheats at Monopoly, after all. You might think it'd be more fun to play something inspired by a movie, but, it turns out, that's not always the case. These seven movies-turned-games probably weren't the best ideas...


Objective: Don’t die horribly

There was actually a well respected (and remarkably rare) strategy game based on Aliens, that let you reenact battles from the movie. This is not that game. This is a quite frankly bizarre game where you have to guide the Nostromo astronauts to the centre of the board (The Narcissus) without being eaten by an Alien. Which is controlled also by you. So you can choose to move your own astronauts to safety,
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TVLine Items: Mad Woman Joins Period Comedy, CSI Vet to Stalker and More

Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks is traveling even further back in time for her next TV project.

Related Exclusive: Ben Stiller to Lord Over Comedy Central’s Workaholics in Season 5

The five-time Emmy nominee has joined the cast of Comedy Central’s Another Period, our sister site Deadline reports, playing a mysterious servant named Chair. A spoof set at the turn of the century, Period tells the story of the Bellacourts, an insanely wealthy family from Newport, R.I.

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets? Well…

* Alex Carter will guest-star on an upcoming episode of CBS’ Stalker, TVLine has learned exclusively.
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