Confirmed: Liverpool Manager Kenny Dalglish Axed

Updated: Liverpool have now released a statement on their website confirming that they have sacked Kenny Dalglish.

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As we reported yesterday, Liverpool have parted ways with manager Kenny Dalglish. He leaves the club after showdown talks earlier in the week with Us owners John W Henry and Tom Werner at their stateside base in Boston

Dalglish ends his 16 month spell in charge at Anfield with a Carling Cup trophy and a runners up Fa Cup medal but an extremely disappointing league campaign saw the Reds finish eighth, behind bitter rivals Everton and way outside the Champions League places.

BBC news confirmed the story saying he had paid the price for Liverpool’s poor run in the league.

The 61-year-old Kop legend has now arrived back in Merseyside and has postponed an overseas holiday he was to take today but has yet to comment on the axing.

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Matt Lawton,
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TV Recap: 'Death Valley' Episode 108 - 'Undead Hookers'

TV Recap: 'Death Valley' Episode 108 - 'Undead Hookers'
Death Valley Episode 108 "Undead Hookers" Written By: Matt Lawton Directed By: Austin Reading Original Airdate: 24 October 2011 In This Episode... The cops are all given "look-see" devices: tiny cameras that fit over the ear like blue tooth headsets. When Billy and Stubeck answer a zombie sighting at a crack house, another uniform gets bitten and runs off, infected. The guys follow him based off the location of his look-see and see what they think is a vampire giving the zombie his backpack. When the guys finally reach the look-see, they find it attached to some kid's car antenna. The guys never find the infected cop, but we see him go into a convenience...
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"Death Valley" and Sharing a Few Laughs: A Television Review ("Zombie Fights").

*here be some spoilers.

Director: Drew Daywalt.

Writer: Matthew Lawton.

The new "Death Valley" series from MTV is much like Shakespeare's shortest work, "The Comedy of Errors." Instead of mistaken identities there are mistaken motivations. One character, unknowingly, does not appreciate his partner enough, while Captain Dashell (Bryan Callen) is still struggling to understand his sexuality. This leads to all sorts of awkward dialogue from him: "I regulate my semen count. You want to know how?" or "Do you want me to come in for coffee?" Dashell is completely oblivious to the underlining meta message of homosexuality in his dialogue and John John (Texas Battle) does his best to keep an awkward distance. Other plots points in Epis. 5, "Zombie Fights" include more zombie madness, cage fights, a lost relative found, a cliffhanger ending and a Lloyd Kaufman zombie look-a-like to round out the evining. These subplots and the use of
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TV Review: 'Death Valley' Episode 105 - 'Zombie Fights'

TV Review: 'Death Valley' Episode 105 - 'Zombie Fights'
Death Valley Episode 105 "Zombie Fights" Written By: Matt Lawton Directed By: Drew Daywalt Original Airdate: 26 September 2011 In This Episode... Carla and John-John answer a call of zombies at a nursing home. John-John beats the suspect with his trusty bat, but it wasn't a zombie - it was a resident's brother. Consequently, John-John is put on desk duty, so Kirsten accompanies Carla on patrol. They respond to another zombie sighting, this time in a department store. Kirsten gets locked in a storage room with the zombie and a human customer, and is forced to beat the living crap out of the zombie. When this settle down, Carla has nothing but negativity for...
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Fyd: 'X Factor running order cost us'

X Factor eliminees Fyd have claimed that performing first on Saturday's live show hurt their chances of staying in the competition. The five-piece boyband, made up of Matthew Lawton, Kalvin Lamey, Alex Murdoch, Ryan Lee-Seager and Jordan Gabriel, were left in the bottom three on Sunday's results show before being eliminated by the judges' vote. "There's a big part in going on first - it would have been about the votes," Seager said. "Some people don't tune in for that first part, some people don't tune in until about eight o'clock (more)
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Fox to Develop an Animated TV Show with Jonah Hill

According to Variety, Fox is going to develop a pitch from Jonah Hill (Superbad) that will be produced by Peter Chernin.

Fox will also put together a script based on Peter Bagge's graphic novel series The Bradleys.

Hill is going to provide the voiceover on his show. He will also write it with Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul (Yes Man).

The show will follow "a 7-year-old socialite who acts and talks like an adult." Things get really interesting when he has to go to public school.

The Bradleys script will be written by Peter Bagge and Matthew Lawton (Crank Yankers).

The Bradleys focuses on a dysfunctional suburban family. It was originally published in the early 1980s.

"I was obsessed with Peter Bagge's comics when I was a teen," Lawton states. "I ran away to Seattle at the age of 16, and was definitely this grumpy, disaffected punk kid."

Lawton and Bagge
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