Fantasia Film Fest announces full line-up

Following previous announcements of their film lineup, the Fantasia International Film Festival has released their full lineup of movies to be shown at the 18th Annual festival, starting July 17.

New additions to the lineup include 2014 Cannes Selection When Animals Dream, directed by Jonas Alexander Amby and the return of Fantasia’s showcase of animated films, Axis.

Tickets for the festival go on sale starting July 16, and the festival runs through August 5.

View the whole press release of additional announcements below:

Fantasia Celebrates Its 18th Birthday

With Over 160 Feature Films Montreal, Thursday July 10, 2014 – 2014 is the year that Fantasia turns 18. We can’t believe it either. Fantasia’s 18th birthday means over 160 features and something in the neighborhood of 300 shorts, many being shown for the first time on this continent, a good number screening here for the first time anywhere in the world.In addition to being stacked with a multitude of breathtaking debut filmmaker discoveries,
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The Back Issues: Marvel Anime (Iron Man and Wolverine)

A while back I did reviews for two of Marvel’s anime titles, “Blade and X-Men,” stating they were the better of the four. I’ve recently gotten a chance to rewatch all four anime, and I still stand by my statement, but I’ve gotten to appreciate the first two titles a little more. With “Iron Man 3” just hitting theatres and “The Wolverine” on the way, I thought now would be the perfect time to do reviews of the “Iron Man” and “Wolverine” animes. Like the other two shows Madhouse took the reins for this endeavor, Marvel gave them a decent amount of freedom to interpret things as they saw fit, and so for “Iron Man” we get some influence from the feature films, some classic comic nods, and also some pretty interesting re-imaginings. Based on a story written by Warren Ellis, and directed by Yuzo Sato, “Iron Man
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