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Empire Recap: Driven to Insanity

18 November 2015 8:23 PM, PST | | See recent news »

As a gay, forty-something white man and father of 4-year-old twins, I have no business judging the rap battle that took place on this week’s episode of Empire (though for the record, I’d probably call it a draw). That said, I do know a full plate of crazy when it drives up to the curb in a black SUV, sporting a chauffeur’s cap and a $10 blonde wig from Party City.

RelatedAsk Ausiello: Spoilers on Chicago Fire, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Supernatural, Bones, Flash, Scorpion and More

So you’ll have to forgive me if I hijack one of Cookie »

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The Walking Dead’s Glenn Is the Best Boyfriend in the Zombie Apocalypse

26 October 2015 3:22 PM, PDT | Vulture | See recent Vulture news »

Spoilers ahead for Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead. Glenn Rhee, former pizza-delivery boy, husband to Maggie Greene, and all-around badass, may have died in the last episode of The Walking Dead. But as any loyal walker watcher knows, he won't be forgotten. Glenn is one of Rick's OGs — and Steven Yeun has made the remarkable trick of being the only original cast member other than Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Chandler Riggs (Carl) to still be kicking it since the first season (note: Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, and Lennie James were all guest stars). While there are plenty of babes in zombieland, there isn't one who would make a better boyfriend than Glenn. Dead or alive, know that you were the best thing in this dreary world, Glenn. *** He'll run away with you in the night. He'll wear that new shirt you bought him. He'll take you »

- E. Alex Jung

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9 stunning cinemagraphs that bring classic movie scenes to life, from Back to the Future to Bond

18 October 2015 6:19 AM, PDT | Digital Spy | See recent Digital Spy - Movie News news »

The cinemagraph is making a comeback, as Facebook embraces the animated Gif to its news feed at last and Apple tries to convince us that its magic Live Photos are completely and utterly different, honest. But it's the world's movie-watchers that remain the art form's finest exponent.

Movies, naturally, are tailor-made to make the most of cinemagraphy's mix of still photography and video, the subtle movements more artistic than the mega-lolz GIFs that usually flood our social feeds. Here are some of cinema's greatest scenes given the cinemagraph treatment.

1. Great Scott! Doc sends Marty to 1985 in Back to the Future

via: Imgur

2. Father Merrin gets ready to face the devil in The Exorcist

via: Reddit

3. "Lost, in time, like tears in rain." Time to die in Blade Runner

via: Imgur

4. Yippee ki-yay! Bruce Willis scuttles through air ducts in Die Hard

via: TechNoir

5. Fight Club's Edward Norton gets embraced »

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Tfgp Episode 1, A Retrospective

26 September 2015 2:11 PM, PDT | Cinelinx | See recent Cinelinx news »

If you have been following The Fathergamer Podcast since we came to Cinelinx you may have noticed that we started at Episode 24. Where are the early episodes? Why haven’t we posted them to Cinelinx? Well, I have an answer.

Life happens. People come and go as well as availability making it difficult to consistently push out episodes.

The Fathergamer Podcast first aired online in June 2011 with Eric, aka The Fathergamer and a few of his friends.  Eric has been in the gaming and entertainment industry for a while and is a great idea man.  We are slowly expanding into a full production company so stay tuned for our future endevors as Fathergamer Productions also.

About one to two times a month we are going to release the older episodes of Tfgp exclusively on Cinelinx via Soundcloud so fire up your Tardis and gas up your Delorean. Let’s go back in time! »

- (Mike Petty)

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The Great Wgtc Film And Gaming Crossover

16 September 2015 12:43 PM, PDT | We Got This Covered | See recent We Got This Covered news »

What a time to be alive. With no fewer than 17 video game adaptations currently in development with movie studios of various descriptions – seven of which have planned release dates – it almost seems as if someone, somewhere, thinks they have found the secret formula that makes these endeavours potentially good. Why else would producers continue to pour their funds into a genre that has previously delivered such gems as Doa: Dead Or Alive, Wing Commander, Alone In The Dark, Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li and, of course, Double Dragon?

Perhaps technology has a lot to do with it. Just as the technical quality of video games has increased exponentially in the twenty seven years since the release of Double Dragon, so film technology has also progressed in the two decades since the release of its film adaptation. It is not possible to create a great movie using only visual effects, »

- WGTC Staff

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‘Pulling a fast one’ – Subhash K Jha reviews Welcome Back

7 September 2015 9:00 PM, PDT | Bollyspice | See recent Bollyspice news »

This….how do I describe it? Welcome Back is not a film. It’s a joke. An extended gag about two aging dons who are looking for a bride, and who fall in love with the same cheesy girl, the sudden appearance of their long-lost kid-sister who wants to marry this tall and gym-beefed tapori who is the long-lost son of a character named Ghungroo, played by Bjp MP Paresh Rawal. Rawal will have a lot of explaining to do to his High Command about what he is doing adding to a campaign quite opposite of a Swach Bharat.

In the meanwhile this….this….entity masquerading as a film has a lot of explaining to do about how and why it does what it does to some of the biggest talent in the industry. The last time Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar came together was in Vinod Chopra’s Parinda. »

- Subhash K Jha

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Relive your childhood with the Sinclair Zx Spectrum Vega, full list of 1000 games revealed

17 August 2015 3:25 AM, PDT | Flickeringmyth | See recent Flickeringmyth news »

Retro gamers will be able to relive all the joys of the classic Zx Spectrum – minus the load screens – this month, with Retro Computers set to release the officially licensed Sinclair Zx Spectrum Vega this month.

The brainchild of developer Chris Smith and back by Sir Clive Sinclair, the Vega boasts an impressive 1000 titles, while further games can be added via an Sd card.

The Vega is set for release on August 24th, and will retail for £99.99. Via Funstock Retro, here’s a full list of all 1000 games…

1999 2088 1994 – Ten Years After 20-20 Vision 3D Noughts & Crosses – V1 3D Noughts & Crosses – V2 3D-Tanx A Bomb Under Parliament A Day in the Life of Arnold A Dungeon Romp A Harvesting Moon A Hero for Sorania A Legacy For Alaric A Serpentine Tale A Stroll in the Bleak Forest A Touch Too Much A Visit to Trev and Carol’s A.T.A. »

- Gary Collinson

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Performer of the Week: Shiri Appleby

8 August 2015 8:39 AM, PDT | | See recent news »

The Performer | Shiri Appleby

The Show | UnREAL

The Episode | “Future” (Aug. 3)

Among the flurry of favorable adjectives one could use to describe UnREAL‘s Rachel Goldberg — due largely to Shiri Appleby’s consistently layered performances — “unpredictable” is perhaps the most fitting. And never was Rachel, nor Appleby, more unpredictable than during this week’s season finale.

The complicated events of the finale forced Rachel to present a completely different face to nearly everyone she encountered on the Everlasting set, a feat she accomplished with such conviction that it left us wondering if Appleby had somehow cloned herself into five different, »

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9 Hilariously Ugly Video Game Babes We All Had Crushes On

30 July 2015 8:13 AM, PDT | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »


They say donning a pair of nostalgia-goggles can make things look far more appealing than they were at the time, but that’s not considering the absolutely delusional power of a horny teenager’s mind. Coupled with a young imagination and the many surrounding worldly influences flooding in at a mile a minute, we gamers could take any old stack of pixels in the vaguest shape of something sultry, and make it sexy as hell.

Over the years developers would curtail to this wanton desire in all sorts of ways, ranging from the chest-heavy likes of Leisure Suit Larry and Dead or Alive (the latter coming complete with aptly-named ‘Breast Physics’), through to more respectably sexy femme fatales like The Witcher 3’s trio of Ciri, Triss and Yennefer, or the reimagined versions of Lara Croft and the Mortal Kombat ladies.

It’s one hell of a ride to get to this point though, »

- Scott Tailford

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Michael Chabon Writing Disney’s Bob The Musical

28 July 2015 7:28 AM, PDT | We Got This Covered | See recent We Got This Covered news »

Disney’s long-gestating musical comedy Bob the Musical, in which The Artist helmer Michel Hazanavicius may direct Tom Cruise, will be written by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon, The Hollywood Reporter revealed last night. Additionally, Bret McKenzie, who won an Oscar for “Man or Muppet” from The Muppets has been enlisted to write songs for the pic.

Bob the Musical centers on a regular guy who suffers a head injury after which he is able to hear the heart songs of everyone around him – much to his confusion and dismay. It’s been in development for more than a decade but recently got a shot in the arm when Hazanavicius, searching for a mainstream project to tackle in the wake of 2011 Best Picture winner The Artist, got involved.

As for Cruise, he’s still circling the lead role but has not signed on yet. The actor has flourished in musical »

- Isaac Feldberg

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Devil's Third: Us release and PC version announced

20 July 2015 1:47 AM, PDT | Den of Geek | See recent Den of Geek news »

Update: Devil's Third, the hack-and-shooter from the designer of Ninja Gaiden, is coming to American Wii U and PC...

Update: Ah, the fast moving world of videogames. Only yesterday, the fate of Devil's Third's future in the Us was still in doubt. Twenty-four hours later, and it's confirmed that Tomonobu Itagaki's hack-and-shoot action game really is going to be released in America, with Nintendo of America confirming that it'll be available on the Wii U eShop in the fourth quarter of this year.

There's also a twist that we didn't see coming: what was for some time billed as a Wii U exclusive is also going to appear on PC. Called Devil's Third Online, it'll be a multiplayer-only version of the game - in other words, it'll lack the solo campaign available on the Wii U. It'll be "free-to-start," though costs and launch dates haven't yet been announced.

Devil's »

- ryanlambie

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Street Dreams: Hopes and dreams for ‘Street Fighter V’

5 July 2015 1:46 PM, PDT | SoundOnSight | See recent SoundOnSight news »

Sports. Poker. Paintballing. BBQs. These are just a few of the many ways that man has looked within to seek out an emotional connection with his fellow man. But nothing has done as much for male bonding as Capcom’s Street Fighter series.

Through a somewhat serendipitous loop of art imitating life imitating art, Capcom’s seminal fighter has been uniting men from a kaleidoscope of races and backgrounds to meet up and duke it out in various locations around the world for over two decades. Countless sequels and spinoffs into puzzles, manga, and two underwhelming movies had all arguably played a part in the oversaturation and eventual fatigue the series went through. A sobering experience that was far away from the influence the game enjoyed at the heights of its popularity.

The demise of the arcade prematurely triggered visions of the death of communal gaming, an essential component that »

- Jason Joseph

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Star Trek: 27 geeky things about the Jj Abrams films

25 June 2015 2:45 AM, PDT | Den of Geek | See recent Den of Geek news »

Here are more nerdy spots in the final two Trek films to date: Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness...

Spoilers for Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness lie ahead.

Like their forerunners, the two latest Star Trek films, in their semi-rebooted, alternative universe, are replete with famous faces from outside the franchise, surprising cameos and multiple little touches that raise a smile.

With the third film in the rebooted series coming next year, the 50th anniversary of the debut of Star Trek on TV in 1966, let's take a look at a few of the geeky nods in Jj's Trek films.

1. Star Trek Nemesis left a lot of dangling threads, on purpose, as a story treatment for a direct sequel was already being worked on. Unfortunately due to some less than stellar decisions by executives, the release date of the film was repositioned and the decision was made to »

- simonbrew

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Long-Gestating Wii U Actioner Devil’s Third Drops August 28

10 June 2015 10:06 AM, PDT | We Got This Covered | See recent We Got This Covered news »

It’s been a long time coming, but today Nintendo and the creative team at Valhalla Game Studios shared more information about upcoming Wii U exclusive Devil’s Third, which will hit home on August 28.

Developed under the watchful eye of renown artist Tomonobu Itagaki – whose previous credits include Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden – the long-gestating actioner had been curiously quiet in recent times, though going off of the gameplay segments glimpsed in the video above, it seems that Nintendo’s flagship home console is very close to receiving a brand new exclusive.

Here’s the House of Mario confirming today’s announcement via Twitter:

Devil’s Third will arrive on #WiiU on 28th August!

— Nintendo UK (@NintendoUK) June 10, 2015

Showcasing both single-player and multiplayer content, the 10-minute demonstration certainly packs a punch for those eager to hear more about Devil’s Third prior to »

- Michael Briers

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Devil's Third gets UK release date and new promo video

10 June 2015 1:17 AM, PDT | Den of Geek | See recent Den of Geek news »

Update: Ninja Gaiden designer Tomonobu Itagaki has his latest game out this summer. New Devil's Third video and UK release date inside.

Update: We've already heard that Tomonobu Itagaki's Devil's Third slasher-shooter is coming out on the 4th August in Japan. Well, if you've been wondering when - or even if - Nintendo will be releasing the Wii U exclusive in the UK, wonder no more. Nintendo UK has just tweeted that it'll be reaching these shores on the 28th August.

Our original story, with the new Devil's Third promo video, follows.

Original Story: Having left Tecmo in 2008, Ninja Gaiden and Dead Or Alive designer Tomonobu Itagaki formed his own studio, Valhalla, one year later. His first game under that banner is Devil's Third, a violent action game with clear links to the delirious mayhem of the Ninja Gaiden games. In a coup for Nintendo, it's being developed exclusively for the Wii U. »

- ryanlambie

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Abhishek Sharmas Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive to release in October

28 May 2015 5:16 AM, PDT | BollywoodHungama | See recent BollywoodHungama news »

Abhishek Sharma's last film Tere Bin Laden, a satirical take on the American obsession over Osama Bin Laden, the 'most wanted man' in the world, proved to be a sleeper hit in 2010. The film marked the entry of Pakistani actor Ali Zafar, in the world of Bollywood. Now, we have a sequel to the same titled Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive starring anchor turned actor Manish Paul.

Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive revolves around the happenings of May 2, 2011, the day when Osama Bin Laden was executed, as claimed by the American Media. According to director Abhishek Sharma, Osama's death remains a mystery which could very well make way for a gripping plot for the second installment. The actor, who played the role of Bin Laden in the prequel, Pradhuman Singh will continue his act as Osama. The sequel, just like its previous installments, will be a satire »

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‘Double Dragon’ Blu-ray Review (101 Films)

25 May 2015 12:20 PM, PDT | Blogomatic3000 | See recent Blogomatic3000 news »

Stars: Mark Dacascos, Scott Wolf, Alyssa Milano, Robert Patrick, Kristina Wagner, Julia Nickson, Nils Allen Stewart, Henry Kingi, John Asher, Leon Russom, Al Leong, Michael Berryman, Vanna White, Andy Dick, Deanthony Langston, John T. Grantham, Ed Feldman, Roger Yuan, Ron Yuan | Written by Michael Davis, Peter Gould | Directed by James Yukich

There is a dark place in movie hell reserved for the beast known as the “video game movie”.  There have been some that really aren’t that bad, take Doa: Dead or Alive as an example or Silent Hill.  They knew how to keep things fun without being too cheesy in the process.  Double Dragon has been released on Blu-ray, and thankfully when it was first released I managed to miss it.  Given enough time for nineties cheese to become funny and for bad B-movies to become popular,  can it be redeemed as an eccentric cult-hit?

Set in the »

- Paul Metcalf

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The Following season 3 episodes 14 & 15 review: Dead Or Alive & The Reckoning

20 May 2015 1:29 AM, PDT | Den of Geek | See recent Den of Geek news »

Farewell Ryan Hardy. The Following has left the building. Here's our review of its dizzying final two episodes...

This review contains spoilers.

3.14 Dead Or Alive & 3.15 The Reckoning

It's amazing to think of where The Following would have ended up going in its fourth season, but it looks as though it won't get the chance. Since the Lilly Gray season, I've had a vague idea in which Ryan Hardy becomes a killer, determined to hunt down the other killers. Of course the show manages to spring that on the viewing audience at the end of the third season, when it's already buried in some creepy basement under a serial killer's house. Still, it makes for a thrilling final episode, and even knowing that it's done (barring a reprieve from Netflix or Hulu, which I doubt will happen), the final moments of The Following on Fox offer a thrilling vision of what »

- louisamellor

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'The Following' Series Finale Recap: Does Ryan Hardy Go Rogue for the Last Time?

18 May 2015 1:21 PM, PDT | | See recent BuddyTV news »

I feel like we should be praising Ryan Hardy after the series finale of The Following. But I'm getting ahead of myself. In the first hour, "Dead or Alive," Ryan puts all of his loved ones in protective custody, but can former agent Mendez and her family survive the wrath of Theo and Daisy? And in the final hour, "The Reckoning," the tables are turned as Theo kidnaps Ryan and wants to seek revenge for Penny's death. Meanwhile, it seems there's another mole in the FBI who is working with an unexpected group.



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New Following Season 3,Finale Episodes 14 & 15 Spoiler Promo Clip Hit The Net

12 May 2015 9:54 AM, PDT | OnTheFlix | See recent OnTheFlix news »

Last night, Fox dropped the new promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming "The Following" series finale episodes 14 and 15, and it gives us new looks at some very drama-filled and intense stuff as the violence reaches its maximum with Theo while Ryan gets closer to hunting him down, and more! Episode 14 is titled, "Dead Or Alive," and episode 15 is labeled, "The Reckoning." In the new 14th and 15th episodes official description: "The FBI hunt for Theo is going to continue and the stakes will be higher than ever as some of their own come under attack. As suspicions rise, alliances will be shaken and no one is safe in the harrowing final heart-stopping moments on the all-new, special two-hour "Dead or Alive/The Reckoning" Series Finale episode of The Following. " The series finale episodes 14 and 15 are scheduled to air on Monday night, May 18th at 7pm central time on Fox. »

- Andre Braddox

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