Karen Mintz And Simon Egleton On Their Frank Bender Doc

Karen Mintz has just finished shooting her documentary, The Recomposer of The Decomposed, about the forensic artist Frank Bender, who died recently. She is about to move into the post-production phase. I had the opportunity to meet with her and her producer Simon Egleton and talk about her film, the pros and cons of no-budget filmmaking, and the friend that she made, and also lost, during the process.

Filmmaker: Can you start by telling me a little about how you became a filmmaker and what your background is?

Mintz: I started working in production 15 years ago. I just kind of fell into it as a lot of people do. I worked for the Dept of Agriculture in New Jersey doing PR work and one day they had a big budget surplus. They were like “how can we spend this money? We’ve got to spend $70,000 before the end of the year.
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