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Trailer Park Boys: Season 12 Renewal for Netflix TV Series

The boys are back in action. Recently, it was announced Netflix has renewed Trailer Park Boys for season 12.The Canadian mockumentary follows the adventures and schemes of the residents of a fictional Nova Scotia trailer park.The cast includes Mike Smith, Rob Wells, John Paul Tremblay, John Dunsworth, Patrick Roach, Sarah E. Dunsworth, and Tyrone Parsons.Read More…
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Beef up for Canada's 150th birthday with these movies set north of the border!

Beef up for Canada's 150th birthday with these movies set north of the border!Beef up for Canada's 150th birthday with these movies set north of the border!Zachary Dent6/30/2017 10:01:00 Am

Canada Day only comes once a year and what better way to appreciate this northern paradise than with a movie that takes place within our borders. After all the eating, drinking, barbecuing, and partying, it's nice to kick back, relax, and take in a Canadian classic. We've got a list of some pretty great ones! So take a gander below and check out a few movies that take place close to home.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Based on Canadian Bryan Lee O'Malley's popular graphic novel series, director Edgar Wright condensed a seven-part saga into one epic, Toronto-set film. From notable places like Casa Loma, concert venues like Lee's Palace, and famous intersections like Bloor and
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Trailer Park Boys To Sell Their Own Weed in Real Life

  • Indiewire
Trailer Park Boys To Sell Their Own Weed in Real Life
The Canadian mockumentary series “Trailer Park Boys” has been on the air in some capacity since 2001 and has garnered a widespread cult following. Though the initial series’ run ended in 2008, Netflix has picked up the show and they’ve premiered over three seasons of the show. But now stars of the show Mike Smith (Bubbles), John Paul Tremblay (Julian), and Robb Wells (Ricky) are branching out into new ventures and will soon spread their considerable talents to the marijuana business, according to Vice.

Read More: ‘Trailer Park Boys’ Star Jonathan Torrens, Better Known As J-Roc, Leaving Show After 10 Seasons

Two days ago, the legal marijuana company OrganiGram, a New Brunswick-based licensed producer, partnered with TBS Productions, the company run by Smith, Tremblay and Wells. Though OrganiGram is currently focused on medical marijuana, they’re preparing for the anticipated recreational legalization in Canada. The two companies plan to brand and package marijuana with OrganiGram handling distribution.
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Specialty Box Office Preview: James Gandolfini’s ‘The Drop’, ‘The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: Them’, More

  • Deadline
Specialty Box Office Preview: James Gandolfini’s ‘The Drop’, ‘The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: Them’, More
The upcoming weekend boasts an onslaught of new Specialty titles vying for audiences. In all likelihood, however, many will have a short big screen life as the fall’s awards contenders ramp up and crowd others out. Five of this week’s dozen-plus newcomers are spotlighted here with Fox Searchlight’s The Drop edging on a wide release. The feature starring Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace and James Gandolfini will bow in over 800 theaters. TWC’s The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby also joins the fray with a platform release. The film also has two accompanying titles told from the perspective of its two main characters, which will be released in more limited runs in October. Magnolia will open its thriller Honeymoon in a day and date release while Dada Films’ Swearnet: The Movie breaks a movie record with the most F-bombs ever. And Cohen Media Group’s My Old Lady bowed Wednesday in limited release.
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Swearnet: The Movie Brags About Its Profanity But Still Sucks

To say that Canadian comedy hits rock bottom in this abhorrent meta-infomercial for a Funny or Die-like network boasting uncensored online content is the politest way to describe two ugly hours of smug, doughy misogynists saying "fuck" some 935 record-breaking times.

(As shocking as and less funny than a novelty hand buzzer, Swearnet also tallies 76 "shits" and 79 "cocks," according to its marketing material.) Unlike the perpetually wasted Nova Scotia dirtbags they play in the mockumentary franchise Trailer Park Boys, bafflingly successful stars and co-writers Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay, and Mike Smith here portray ego-fueled fantasy caricatures of their real selves.

They're tired of signing so many autographs, the women in their lives are either sub...
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Fall Movie Preview: September 2014

  • MovieWeb
Fall Movie Preview: September 2014
The summer movie season is officially over, and this weekend we finally head into fall. Most of these impending new releases are vying for that elusive Oscar gold or any other semi-prestigious award being presented. We start this cinematic journey by looking at all the upcoming movies September has to offer. This first fall month is a little overcrowded, promising a fine mix of genre fare. We have a couple of Academy worthy dramas making their debut, an untested family franchise starter, a handful of comedies, yet another Ya novel adaptation, an action epic based on a cult classic TV show, the return of an iconic trio and one independent coming-of-age shocker that promises to push the boundaries of everything that has arrived before it. Hold onto your seats...

Here are this September's can't miss releases:

1The Longest Week

Tagline: She had him at 'I'm your best friend's girlfriend.'
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'Jackhammer' Clip: Male Strippers Crash a Pool Party | Exclusive

  • MovieWeb
'Jackhammer' Clip: Male Strippers Crash a Pool Party | Exclusive
Male strippers Jackhammer and (Michael Hanus) and his younger brother Julius Warner (Guy Christie) prepare to take a pool party by storm, but hit an unexpected snag in our exclusive clip for the new comedy Jackhammer! Available now on on iTunes, DirecTV, and iN-Demand, Jackhammer tells the hilarious story of two brothers embroiled in the world of male stripping, a career that takes a wild spin into oblivion when they get mixed up with the Russian mob, crazy ex-girlfriends, protein-dealing thugs, and a host of hilarious characters. Take a look at this latest footage, and then be sure to order up Jackhammer today!

An audition gone horribly wrong leaves actor Julius Warner blacklisted by the cities most powerful casting agent. Pushed to the edge after blowing his career, and finding his girlfriend in bed with another man, he turns to his protein addicted wanna-be-rapper older brother Jackhammer, and is thrust
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Here's What's New on Netflix for September 2014

It's almost September, which means a whole new slew of titles on Netflix! August proved pretty lucrative on the quality title front, but it looks as though September it's going to blow the rundown out of the water.

TV takes spotlight this month, with the latest full seasons of "The Walking Dead," "New Girl," "The League," "The Blacklist," "Arrow," "Bones," and "Parks and Recreation" primed and ready for streaming before their fall premieres. And fans still mourning the loss of "How I Met Your Mother" (in more ways than one) can rewatch the ninth and final season to their heart's content. Ah, memories. Showtime's recently departed "Californication" can be seen in its entirety (Seasons 1 -7) as well, starting September 1. That's a lot of TV.

Movie fans have plenty to look forward to from Netflix in September, too. Sam Raimi's undersung 1998 thriller "A Simple Plan" hits the streaming service September
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'Swearnet': Mike Smith, Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay Take on Censors (Nsfw Video)

  • Moviefone
*** Warning: Very Explicit Video -- Foul Language And Nudity ***

The Boys are back -- but not in the roles you're used to.

In "Swearnet," John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells and Mike Smith play themselves -- three guys burnt out on the idea of being known solely as the Trailer Park Boys, who want to try something new.

That something new is Swearnet, a website/streaming video network showcasing the mischief and debauchery that only the Boys could get up to. Yes, it exists in real life, and "Swearnet" the movie is a fictional rundown of how the idea began.

For those of you unfamiliar with Tremblay, Wells and Smith, please be advised the video is not for the weak -- there is so much swearing it's pretty much every second word. Sometimes every word. Plus, we meet "Swearnet" mascot Swearman, who's ... oh, you have to see for yourself.

"Swearnet" opens
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Jimmy Kimmel Rips Into Matthew McConaughey's "Movie Star Face"

  • Popsugar
Jimmy Kimmel Rips Into Matthew McConaughey's
Jimmy Kimmel basically took over Seth Meyers's hosting gig when he presented the award for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series at the 2014 Emmy Awards on Monday night and started ripping into audience members. The late-night star, who has hosted the show before, kicked things off by ribbing Matthew McConaughey for being a movie star at a TV-centric award show. After joking that Matthew had a "movie star face" and didn't belong on the small screen, Jimmy then made a point of finding Ricky Gervais in the audience to joke about his TV face. "Actually it's not even a TV face, it's a Netflix face," Jimmy joked. (Don't be offended for Ricky; he looked like he loved it.) Other award-show-host-worthy digs included mocking Matthew for "getting fat" since the Oscars and complaining about having to sit through another one of the star's infamous acceptance speeches. If you want
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Halfway Mark: The Best TV Episodes of 2014 (So Far), Part 3

Hannibal, “Mizumono”

Written by Steve Lightfoot and Bryan Fuller

Directed by David Slade

Aired May 23rd, 2014

“I let you know me… see me. I gave you a rare gift, but you didn’t want it.” – Hannibal Lecter

If there’s such thing as arthouse television, Hannibal‘s second season is it, a thirteen-hour fever dream of blood, orchestral music, and psychological mind games. Above all, it was a cinematic tragedy, a symbolically-rich tale of a man courting the devil and (most likely) living to tell about it, set against the backdrop of television’s most arresting visual palette.

“Mizumono” is the sweet, sweet cherry on the top of Hannibal‘s breathtaking sophomore effort, a dramatic crescendo catalyzed by one small mistake made on Will’s part: leaving the scent of Freddie Lounds on himself before visiting Hannibal. When Lecter realizes what Will has done, his heart breaks and Hannibal dares
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Screen Media revisits Trailer Park Boys

  • ScreenDaily
Screen Media revisits Trailer Park Boys
Distributor has acquired Us rights to the third instalment of the film series, based on the popular TV show.

Screen Media Films has acquired Us rights to Trailer Park Boys: Don’t Legalize It.

The third instalment of the film series, based on the popular TV show of the same name, will see all of the characters return for another ride through Canada after Julian (John Paul Tremblay) comes up with a plan to get rich.

Having distributed the first two films, Screen Media plans a Sept 5, 2014 nationwide theatrical release accompanied by a day-and-date VoD platform release.

Suzanne Blech, president at Screen Media, commented: “We’re very excited to bring Julian, Ricky and Bubbles back to the big screen in the Us. We know their fan base has been eager to see what kind of trouble they get into next.”

The deal was negotiated by Blech and Seth Needle, director of acquisitions
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The 'Trailer Park Boys' Are Back! Screen Media Films to Release Their Third Movie

The 'Trailer Park Boys' Are Back! Screen Media Films to Release Their Third Movie
The third film installment in the cult favorite series, "Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It" has been nabbed for distribution by Screen Media Films, the same distributor as the first two "Trailer Park Boys" films. Based on the popular Canadian television series, the trilogy follows the escapades of Julian, Ricky and Bubbles played by John Paul Tremblay, Rob Wells and Mike Smith. Theatrical release is anticipated for September 5, 2014 nationwide, with accompanying VOD release date to be announced. In this installment, the three get involved in a marijuana deal, and their business is threatened by the impending legalization of the drug. They hit the road to Ottowa to fight the movement and keep their illegal profit-maker illegal and profitable. Bubbles, less invested in the lobbying effort than his friends, tags along in order to pursue his supposed inheritance from his long lost parents.  The madness that ensues is brought to you
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'Swearnet: The Movie' Red Band Trailer from The 'Trailer Park Boys'

'Swearnet: The Movie' Red Band Trailer from The 'Trailer Park Boys'
eOne Films has released a trailer for Warren P. Sonoda's upcoming comedy Swearnet: The Movie. The film follows the Trailer Park Boys stars Mike Smith, Robb Wells, and John Paul Tremblay, who are fed up with being censored in their post-Trailer Park Boys lives and decide to start their own uncensored network on the internet. Their latest project Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It will hit Canadian theaters this weekend starting April 18th, with both Swearnet: The Movie and Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It available for streaming on Netflix this summer.

Swearnet: The Movie comes to theaters in 2014 and stars Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay, Mike Smith, Patrick Roach, Tom Green, Scott Thompson, Mishael Morgan, Jessica Rimmer. The film is directed by Warren P. Sonoda.
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The Red Band Trailer for Swearnet, From the Stars of Trailer Park Boys

With Trailer Park Boys 3: Don't Legalize This hitting Canadian theaters on Friday, eOne Films has released the Red Band trailer for Swearnet , an upcoming comedy featuring "Trailer Park Boys" stars Mike Smith, Robb Wells, and Jean-Paul Tremblay. The film follows the post-"Trailer Park Boys" lives of Smith, Wells and Tremblay. Out of work and in search of their next project, the three embark on an in-character tour with comedians Tom Green and Carrot Top, attempt to start their own uncensored Internet channel, and try to acquire the TV and movie rights to the criminal characters that made them famous. It.s a raucous look at the trio as never seen them before - as themselves. Swearnet opens in Canadian theaters on August 22.
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'Trailer Park Boys 3: Don't Legalize It': Ricky, Julian and Bubbles Encourage You To Go See It (Video)

  • Moviefone
Canada's favourite trio is back on the big screen with "Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It," and it's almost like they never left us.

After taking a brief hiatus from the world of cinema, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles have returned to tell the story of how they all found their way back to each other. At the start of the movie, things aren't looking good: Bubbles is living under J-Rock's porch, Julian is selling "clean" pee for drug tests, and Ricky is relatively successful with his marijuana grow-op business -- until the Canadian government says they're contemplating legalizing the drug, thus rendering his livelihood obsolete.

Moviefone Canada caught up with the boys at their Toronto hotel to talk about "Don't Legalize It," Toronto Mayor Rob Ford running for re-election, and their thoughts on Justin Bieber's legal troubles.

(Watch video interview, above. Hope you like the time stamp on this article!
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"Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It"

Sneak Peek footage from the third "Trailer Park Boys" comedy feature film, titled "Don't Legalize It", directed by Mike Clattenburg, based on the Canadian 'mockumentary' TV series "Trailer Park Boys", starring Robb Wells as 'Ricky', John Paul Tremblay as 'Julian' and Mike Smith as 'Bubbles':

"...out of jail and broke, 'Julian' concocts an outrageously greasy scheme to get rich and, to make it even greasier, he will have to deliver his product to his arch-enemy, 'Cyrus', who's waiting in Montreal to close the dirty deal. Meanwhile, the dope growing business run by 'Ricky' is under a major threat when the government announces a plan to legalize marijuana, so he heads to Ottawa to make an impassioned plea - in the way only Ricky can - 'Say No to Decriminalization'.

"'Bubbles' reluctantly joins them on his own quest to
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Briefs: Jared Padalecki Lifts His Leg On Jensen Ackles, The Lance Bass Wedding Show, And Will Bradley Cooper Be The Next Indiana Jones?

Birthday shoutouts go to Tr Knight (above), who is 41, Diana Ross is 70, Steven Tyler is 66, and Vicki Lawrence is 65.

Meryl Streep will star in Ricky And The Flash, written by Diablo Cody and directed by Jonathan Demme. “Story follows an old fading rockstar, played by Streep, who after years of being estranged from her children, finally tries to reconnect as one of them goes through an ugly divorce.”

Will Bradley Cooper Become The New Indiana Jones? What about Shia?

Jared Padalecki Pretends To Pee On Jensen Ackles While Shooting Supernatural.” Like Jesus on a piece of toast, we see what we want to see.

Many fall for fake ‘Jeff Gordon is gay’ article on satirical website.

E! has released its upcoming slate of original programming, and most of it will have you weeping for humanity. But we will have a reality special about Lance Bass: “This wedding special follows
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Netflix Bringing New Seasons Of 'Trailer Park Boys,' HBO Passes On David Milch's 'The Money'

After the success they enjoyed with reviving “Arrested Development” last May, Netflix will once again become the necromancers of television. This time, they will be giving a second life to the popular Canadian series “Trailer Park Boys” with two new seasons and two feature films confirmed. “Trailer Park Boys,” which has been off the air since 2007, follows the residents of Nova Scotia’s Sunnyvale Trailer Park lead by Ricky (Robb Wells), Julian (John Paul Tremblay), and Bubbles (Mike Smith). Netflix will also premiere three new standalone specials from the show: “Community Service Special,” “Swearnet Special,” and “Trailer Park Boys Xmas.” So if you’re a fan of the show and have been craving new content, you should be happy with what Netflix has to offer in the near future. The show’s upcoming eighth season will consist of ten new episodes which are set to air this fall. [Indiewire] One network giveth,
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Trailer Park Boys Seasons 8 and 9 Coming to Netflix this Fall

"Trailer Park Boys" has found a new home on Netflix, via Entertainment One (eOne). All new episodes featuring the inimitable trio of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, as well as all past seasons of the series, will be exclusively available to Netflix members in Canada, the U.S. and in all other Netflix territories around the world. After taking a break, the boys return with their one-of-a-kind brand of substance-fueled scheming, with Season 8 of "Trailer Park Boys," ten all-new episodes, premiering exclusively on Netflix later this year. But first, the latest seasons will be added in Canada and the U.S. while Seasons 1-7 will be available for the first time in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, the Nordics, and Latin America. "We're thrilled that the boys are...
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