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Queen of Versailles' Jackie Siegel: Daughter Victoria Had No "Intentions of Killing Herself"

Queen of Versailles' Jackie Siegel: Daughter Victoria Had No
Jackie and David Siegel want to make one thing clear as they mourn the loss of their 18-year-old daughter Victoria: The teen's death should not be declared a suicide. "I don't think [she] had any intentions of killing herself. I think she just wanted to soothe the pain she was going through," Queen of Versailles star Jackie, 49, said in an interview with local Florida news station Wftv shortly after the grieving parents buried their daughter on June 10. The Queen of Versailles and Celebrity Wife Swap [...]
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Queen of Versailles Star Victoria Siegel Was Battling Addiction to Prescription Medication, Family Rep Confirms

Queen of Versailles Star Victoria Siegel Was Battling Addiction to Prescription Medication, Family Rep Confirms
Victoria Siegel, the 18-year-old daughter of Queen of Versailles documentary stars David Siegel and Jackie Siegel, struggled with an addiction to prescription drugs prior to her death, a family spokesperson said Monday. The couple and their seven kids are "devastated and heartbroken by the loss of their beloved Victoria. They are hurt, deeply wounded and they are grieving. Victoria was a beautiful spirit with a wonderful smile who was greatly loved, and will be deeply missed." She "had a history of seizures and was prescribed medication for this condition. Unfortunately she became dependent and struggled with this condition. She voluntarily underwent rehabilitation and was working hard to address this...
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‘Queen of Versailles’ Star, David Siegel’s Daughter, Dies at 18

‘Queen of Versailles’ Star, David Siegel’s Daughter, Dies at 18
Victoria Siegel, the daughter of David and Jackie Siegel, who were the subjects of the documentary “The Queen of Versailles,” has died. She was 18.

Victoria Siegel was found unresponsive at the family’s home in Windermere, Fla. on Saturday, the Orlando Sentinel reports. She was rushed to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead. The cause of death is currently being determined by a medical examiner.

Jackie Siegel announced her daughter’s death in a Facebook post on Sunday.

“It is with great sadness that we ask you to respect our privacy during this tragic time and the loss of our beloved daughter, Victoria,” Jackie Siegel wrote. “Thank you all for your prayers and for your support. As more information comes out, the family will share it; until that time, there is no comment.”

The Siegel family was the focus of Lauren Greenfield’s 2012 documentary, “The Queen of Versailles.” The movie
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Victoria Siegel, Daughter of Billionaire Queen of Versailles Stars David Siegel and Jackie Siegel, Dead at Age 18

Victoria Siegel, the 18-year-old daughter of Queen of Versailles stars David Siegel and Jackie Siegel, died Saturday after being found unresponsive in the family's Windermere, Fla., home. Orange County sheriff's spokesman Jeff Williamson confirmed her death to The Orlando Sentinel and said she was found unresponsive by at the family's Seagull Island mansion on Green Island Cove just after 2 p.m. She was taken to Health Central Hospital in Ocoee, where she was pronounced dead. The medical examiner is still determining the cause and manner of her death. "The victim's father has informed investigators that he will be making a statement in the coming days regarding the death of his daughter and is...
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'Queen of Versailles' Jackie Siegel -- Lasers Scorched My Face (Horrifying Photos)

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Jackie Siegel's face turned into an even bigger disaster than her nightmare of a mansion -- featured in the famous "Queen of Versailles" documentary -- when she suffered a major allergic reaction to a laser treatment. Jackie looked like an over-cooked lobster when she got home from a skin rejuvenation session in Orlando. She tells TMZ the plan was to celebrate the end of her long-running lawsuit over the docu about her and husband
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'Queen of Versailles' Filmmaker Beats Westgate's Defamation Claim (Exclusive)

'Queen of Versailles' Filmmaker Beats Westgate's Defamation Claim (Exclusive)
Lauren Greenfield has scored the big victory that likely ends David Siegel's attempt to punish the filmmaker over The Queen of Versailles. This week, an arbitrator at the Independent Film and Television Alliance ruled that the documentary about the time-share baron wasn't defamatory. "Having viewed the supposedly egregious portions of the Motion Picture numerous times, [the Arbitrator] simply does not find that any of the content of the Motion Picture was false," rules arbitrator Roy Rifkin. The lawsuit was brought by Siegel's Westgate Resorts on the precipices of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. The film focuses on Siegel's

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Catching Up With the Financially-Challenged Stars of ‘The Queen of Versailles’

It seems strange to fondly reminiscence about Lauren Greenfield’s fascinating documentary The Queen of Versailles on the verge of another potential American economic collapse, but the filmmaker’s weirdly funny and strangely endearing look at the uber-rich Jackie and David Siegel remains a steadfastly engaging documentary. Oh, and now it’s one with a bit of an update. If you’re in need of a catch up on the film, hop on over to my review of the film from Sundance 2012, or just sit tight for a compact version right here. Greenfield’s doc focuses on the Siegels, incredibly wealthy Floridians who were, at the time Greenfield started filming, best known for their attempt to build the United States’ largest single family residence, one they modeled after equal parts the Palace of Versailles and the top three floors of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. They sound so fun, right
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Trailer Trash

Renewed interest in 'lost' sci-fi movie Lord of Light, the best worst films, and an update on the Florida Versailles

Argo for that

Hoping to continue its good awards form at the Baftas tonight is Argo. Ben Affleck's film is also back in cinemas, mopping up anyone who may have missed it first time around. Also increasingly hopeful with every new victory is Barry Ira Geller, the original author of the sci-fi screenplay within the film of Argo. Affleck's film is, of course, based on the true story of the CIA posing as a film crew, and Geller's 1979 screenplay, which the CIA subsequently acquired, was originally supposed to be made into a movie called "Lord of Light", based on a 1967 novel by Roger Zelazny. To date the film remains unmade. Ownership appears a bit of a mess, as the CIA bought the script to use as cover for its hostage rescue,
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The Queen Of Versailles DVD Review

Director: Lauren Greenfield

Starring: Jackie Siegel, David Siegel, Virginia Nebab

Running Time: 100 minutes

Extras: Interview with Lauren Greenfield, Byod (Bring Your Own Doc) – Ondi Timoner interviews Lauren Greenfield and profiles Queen of Versailles, 7 Deleted scenes

The Queen Of Versailles is a revealing documentary by Lauren Greenfield that follows billionaire couple David and Jackie Siegel, just as they have started building a mansion inspired by the Palace of Versailles near Paris. The house will end up being the biggest single-family dwelling in America in Orlando, Florida and every night it’ll overlook the fireworks of Walt Disney World as they close for the day.

But here’s the twist, over the two years since the documentary started filming, the Siegel empire that’s fuelled by real estate, re-mortgaging, timeshares and – in essence – cheap money begins to falter due to the Us economic crisis that impacted on lives worldwide. The Queen Of Versailles isn’t unreasonably dramatic,
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TV highlights 28/01/13

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Moving On | Great British Menu | Rory and Will – Champions of the World | Revenge | Storyville: The Queen of Versailles | Girls

Sam Wollaston on last night's TV

Moving On

2.15pm, BBC1

Prepare to swerve Dickinson's Real Deal for the week; yes, this absorbing daytime drama is that good. In these five stand-alone stories from Jimmy McGovern's stable, it's the everyday situations that hook you in. Matthew Kelly and Barbara Flynn are compelling and believable as a couple whose priorities gently switch from selling their house to helping a grieving mother, when their front garden becomes a shrine after a man is killed on the road outside. More goodies follow every day this week with Robert Glenister and Johnny Vegas among those on directing duties. Hannah Verdier

Great British Menu

7.30pm, BBC2

After a regal start cooking for the Queen, it seems to have become increasingly difficult for Great British Menu to
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The timeshare billionaire from The Queen Of Versailles continues his downfall with a failed defamation suit

David Siegel, the owner of Westgate Resorts and one of the subjects of Lauren Greenfield’s acclaimed documentary, The Queen Of Versailles, just got a little more ruined. Last January, the billionaire sued both Greenfield and the organization that runs the Sundance Film Festival for defamation, after coming to the conclusion that the movie detailing his disastrous fall from immense wealth hurt the reputation of his company. Today The Hollywood Reporter reports that a U.S. District Court judge has deemed Siegel’s claim baseless. Siegel was banking on the fact that the release signed by his son, Richard Siegel ...
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'Queen of Versailles' Filmmaker Wins Key Ruling in Defamation Fight

'Queen of Versailles' Filmmaker Wins Key Ruling in Defamation Fight
After spending two years making the lauded documentary Queen of Versailles, and then another year defending a lawsuit brought by the film's main subject, Lauren Greenfield scored a big legal victory in Florida federal court on Thursday. The film was a smash hit at Sundance last year, snapped up by Magnolia Films and the Bravo cable network and later nominated by the Director's Guild for outstanding directorial achievement. It tells the story of David Siegel, a time-share baron who commissioned a $75 million Florida mansion for himself before the economy went south. Siegel wasn't particularly happy with the documentary

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'Queen of Versailles' Lawsuit Rages With Father/Son Intrigue

'Queen of Versailles' Lawsuit Rages With Father/Son Intrigue
As the Sundance Film Festival rolls into Park City, Utah once again, a legal dispute over one of last year's hits, The Queen of Versailles, drags on. The film by director Lauren Greenfield tells the tale of David Siegel, a time-share baron who commissioned a $75 million Florida mansion for himself before the economy went south. The film, which shows the mansion being put on the market at a fraction of the cost and Siegel's business struggling, has been described as a "rags-to-riches-to-rags story," which bothers Siegel, who is suing for defamation, even if

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Some of the year's best documentaries

Here is a collection of a dozen of the best documentaries I saw in 2012. It's not a "best of the year" list. Just some good memories of these films.

I will not burden you again with another complaint about lists. More than ever, I despise them because they shift focus away from a film and toward a list. When I recently caught up with "Django Unchained," for example, I gave it four stars. The comments section was overrun with readers asking if that meant it was now on my Top Ten list. One reader insisted on knowing which title it replaced. Although the piece was some 2,000 words long, another reader insisted he still wanted to see "my official review."

All I can do with any film is tell you that I've seen it, and what I thought about it. If it sounds interesting to you, it might be worth seeking out.
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Top Five Documentaries of 2012

I don't typically see many documentaries every year, but since becoming a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (Bfca) it has become far easier (and necessary) to see more of them over the last two years. One, I have to nominate and vote on the category for the Critics' Choice Awards and two, I get more screeners each year than I used to. This year I've watched 14 documentaries and have yet only seen seven of the 15 documentaries up for Best Documentary at the 2013 Oscars. Of those seven, only one makes my top five of 2012. Outside of the five I list below, virtually all of the documentaries I watched this year were quite great, but seeing how I only saw 14, it didn't make sense to do a top ten. So if you're looking for some additional docs to watch other than my top five, also consider Bad 25 (which would
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New On DVD And Blu-ray: November 13, 2012

Pick Of The Week: New The Queen Of Versailles (Magnolia) Orlando-based timeshare billionaire David Siegel became Orlando-based timeshare former billionaire David Siegel when the housing bubble burst and suddenly people couldn’t splurge on vacation destinations they couldn’t really afford anyway. Lauren Greenfield’s fascinating documentary The Queen Of Versailles catches the Siegels, David and his larger-than-life spouse Jackie, struggling to curb a lifestyle of gaudy excess, epitomized by their a yet-to-be-completed 90,000 square-foot mansion that would have been the largest single-family home in America. The Siegels are easy to caricature, but Greenfield treats their collapsing fortunes with ...
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Blu-ray, DVD Release: The Queen of Versailles

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Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: Nov. 13, 2012

Price: DVD $26.98, Blu-ray $29.98

Studio: Magnolia

David and Jackie Siegel live large in The Queen of Versailles.

Directed by Lauren Greenfield, the 2012 documentary movie The Queen of Versailles follows billionaire couple Jacqueline and David Siegel and the tale of their ill-fated 90,000 square-foot mansion in Orlando, Florida, inspired by the famed palace at Versailles.

In 2008, the Siegel family was on top of the world, with the wealthy and politically influential 76-year-old David Siegel running the successful Westgate Resorts time-share business and his 46-year-old beauty queen trophy wife Jackie building the largest single family private home in America. The house boasts nine kitchens, a bowling alley, three swimming pools, a full baseball diamond,.45-foot ceilings, and doors and window frames that carry $4 million price tags. But then the U.S. economy and Westgate were rocked by the devastating sub-prime mortgage collapse, and with life’s new economic reality and Westgate teetering on ruin,
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‘The Queen of Versailles’: a call for revolution

This documentary gives curious viewers a glimpse into the life of timeshare mogul David Siegel and his family. The titular ‘queen’ is Siegel’s wife Jacqueline, and Versailles is the monster home they are constructing. Modelled on the original French palace, Versailles was set to become the biggest house in America. Having begun filming prior to the financial crisis, director Lauren Greenfield had planned to document the building of this house, and at the same time observe the lifestyle of a family that had fully achieved the American dream. The crisis must have seemed like a gift, offering the film a depth of contrast, a poignancy even, that might have been lacking in a straightforward portrait of extreme consumerism.

In truth though, what poignancy there is in this film exists independently of the Siegels’ financial troubles. It is misleading to call this a ‘riches to rags’ tale: these are the words of David Siegel himself,
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The Queen of Versailles (review)

“Everyone wants to be rich,” says real-estate mogul David Siegel here, and that’s probably true. But few people would even conceive of doing with their riches what Siegel does with his. “Horror” isn’t too strong a word for it... and it’s clear that documentarian Lauren Greenfield was aiming for some good old-fashioned rubbernecking when she started shooting what became The Queen of Versailles during the height of America’s cheap-money, pass-the-risk bubble in the mid 2000s. For Siegel and his wife, Jaqueline -- his third wife, and 30 years younger than him -- were building what would be the largest private residence in the United States, a gaudy monstrosity that would have, when finished, housed a bowling alley, three pools and a spa, 11 kitchens, a skating rink, a movie theater, and an 20-car garage. (This is not an all-inclusive description, but you can find one here, if you
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2012′s Great Movie Moments: July and August

At the end of each month, the Sound On Sight staff will band together to write an article about their favourite scenes in films released. We were a little busy in early July so we decided to combine that list with our picks from August. Here are our favourite scenes from the months of July and August.

Warning: Of course, spoilers are in full effect here!


The Dark Knight Rises – Opening Scene

The opening sequence of The Dark Knight Rises and arguably the best and biggest set piece of the film, rises to the level of any scene from the previous instalment of the series. This gravity-defying skyjacking is a tour de force and without a doubt the best sequence of any film so far this year. Shot with Imax cameras, this aerial extraction, void of any CGI, is a remarkable feat in filmmaking.Enough said.

The Expendables 2Jason Statham
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