Wide World of Horror: ‘Cinderella’

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Written by Kwang-soo Son

Directed by Man-dae Bong

South Korea, 2006

There are certain threads within a horror film that can work against its ultimate aim, to be a horror film. Cinderella spins out tendrils of horror, but it repeatedly stops those threads before they can take on any visage of horrific completeness. Some moments near the end are unsettling, but they are so divorced from the first spun threads that they are remote and aloof. A death here and a death there, but none of them with any great impact because Man-dae Bong did not bother to weave a whole picture with tendrils locked in place.

Atmosphere is perhaps the most important horror tendril that exists. This is most true in foreign horror where a well laid atmosphere can make up for cultural or story problems for the viewer. Cinderella plants the early seeds of an eerie atmosphere, but
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