Blu-ray Review: ‘Warrior’ – Packed with Special Features and A lot of Heart, One of 2011′s Best

Many people may call Warrior a modern day Rocky. It’s not. The brilliance of Gavin O’Connor’s Mma drama is that it is a multi-layered story, dealing with the breakdown of family relationships. The story is about the turmoil between two brothers, Brendan (Joel Edgerton, upcoming The Great Gatsby) and Tommy (Tom Hardy, upcoming The Dark Knight Rises) and their relationship with their father Paddy (Nick Nolte, HBO’s Luck). The Mma is just the vehicle that pushes their tense relationship forward. Having said that, the Mma battles are just as brutal as any Mma match you’ve seen before. The creative team employed some of the best Mma trainers and athletes to deliver the truest Mma experience on the big screen. The Blu-ray release is just as fierce as the movie. O’Connor didn’t skimp out on giving viewers special features. Not only can the standalone
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Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton Talk About Warrior

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Warrior is out today, and in case we hadn’t made it abundantly clear to you before, we quite enjoyed it. Recently we had the opportunity to talk to the film’s leading men, Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. During the course of the interview, we discussed everything from the training regime the stars went through to get into shape for the picture and the number of injuries they picked up on the shoot to Anglo-Australian solidarity, and the pleasures of working with Nick Nolte.

In keeping with the film, neither Hardy nor Edgerton pulled any punches during the interview, and consequently you should be aware that it’s very much Not Safe For Work.

Warrior is out in the UK today. Click here to see our 5* review.


What was the training process like and how long did that go on for?

Joel Edgerton: Eight weeks from 7am to about 3 or 4 in the afternoon,
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