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Star Wars Rebels Finale To Feature Ian McDiarmid As Emperor Palpatine

In a huge coup for Star Wars Rebels, it’s been announced that the feature-length finale of the TV show will boast Ian McDiarmid returning to his role as Emperor Palpatine.

Though the character has appeared in the show before (as an unseen hologram that Darth Vader spoke to), he was voiced by Sam Witwer, who had previously voiced the role in The Force Unleashed video game. But, in this climactic appearance, the Emperor is being brought to life by the real deal, in his first appearance as the character since 2005’s Revenge of the Sith. Exciting, right?

Even better, we can already hear him in the part in the trailer above, which previews the remaining seven episodes of the series. It also tells us that Rex’s clone companions are all set to return, along with stalwarts like Mon Mothma, Yoda and (what might be) a blink and you
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Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams – Real Life Review

Villordsutch reviews Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams: Real Life…

We’ve come to season one’s penultimate episode of Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, with this week’s slice of sci-fi being titled, “Real Life”. This new story being from the pen of Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Outlander), was originally published way back in 1954 within the Science Fiction Magazine, “If“, it then going under the title of, “Exhibit Piece”.

We begin in Chicago of the future. Here we find police officers Sarah (Anna Paquin) and Mario (Jacob Vargas) eating, whilst discussing a previous case. It becomes apparent that Sarah is clearly still troubled greatly by this case, in which a number of her fellow officers were massacred around her. Both officers have an ongoing investigation running in search of the murderers, though as yet nothing is coming up.

With the emotional baggage following Sarah home,
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Reign And Black Siren Impact Supergirl And Arrow During Halloween Week

After being forced to endure the long summer hiatus, we can now rest easy as each of our favorite DC shows have finally returned with a round of spectacular premieres. And now that the fall season is in full swing, we continue looking ahead, this time at episodes of Supergirl and Arrow set to air during Halloween week.

First, on Monday, October 30, Supergirl begins charting what’ll be surely be a strange journey for Odette Annable’s character of Samantha. Casually introduced to us in the season 3 premiere, we know that the seemingly average woman will go on to become Reign, this year’s big bad. Truth be told, the unassuming villain is something we’ve yet to see from this series, so we could have some great television ahead of us.

Continuing on that note, we also can’t help but draw parallels to Smallville‘s Davis Bloome, who was played by Sam Witwer.
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Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Won’t Feature Emperor Palpatine

Star Wars Rebels season 4 will feature many treats for fans of the franchise to enjoy. As the narrative heads ever closer to the events of A New Hope, more characters from the Star Wars movies will make appearances in the popular animated series.

For starters, Saw Gerrera will turn up to aid the Rebels, with Rogue One’s Forest Whitaker reprising his role, and Grand Moff Tarkin is set to re-appear as well with, as the recent trailer told us, a new project up his sleeve – something called ‘Operation: Stardust’ (three guesses as to what that is).

One classic character who won’t be showing his ugly, disfigured face in season 4, however, is the Emperor himself. Showrunner Dave Filoni revealed the news while attending Fan Expo over the weekend, according to this post from Star Wars Underworld reporter Benjamin Hart.

Dave Filoni confirmed at Fan Expo that Palpatine's not in
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Supergirl Returns In New Season 3 Promo Images

Supergirl season 3 looks to be the most dramatic run of the show yet. In the wake of losing Mon-El at the end of season 2, Kara Zor-El will be in a dark place which leads her to ditching her everyday Kara Danvers persona and focusing on her life as Supergirl. Which is probably for the best, too, as new dangers are heading to National City this season – some of which can be glimpsed in these new promo images (below) from the upcoming season premiere, “Girl of Steel.”

The photos reveal that the episode will feature some kind of Supergirl Celebration Day hosted by Lena Luthor. However, it looks like things go awry, as Kara and Martian Manhunter are pictured standing in the middle of a scared-looking crowd. Kara’s sister Alex and her fiancee Maggie Sawyer are also caught up in the chaos. As is a new important face in Supergirl’s world…
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The Big Difference Between First Order and Imperial Stormtroopers

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The Big Difference Between First Order and Imperial Stormtroopers
When The Force Awakens hit theaters in 2015, it brought along a new kind of Stormtrooper. The armor, while retaining the classic look from the 1977 original Star Wars, had been given an upgrade, they appeared to be the same old Troopers. And they still couldn't hit a target to save their life. Some complained that they looked like they'd been manufactured by Apple. But these iTroopers aren't just wearing slightly modified chest protectors. There is a big difference in the way they act, as well. Some might say they've been given a Millennial twist. But Millennials would never say that, cause they hate that term and being labeled. There lies your answer. These Stormtroopers are individuals. As we've clearly noticed with the Awol Finn, who has since become a big deal in the Resistance. Now, we have a better understanding of the mindset behind these soldiers who work exclusively for Supreme Leader Snoke.
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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Sam Witwer on Playing Darth Maul, Seeing ‘Star Wars’ Done Right

Spoilers follow for folks who aren't caught up with Star Wars Rebels. Sam Witwer is one of those rare Hollywood talents who seems to be able to do it all. Typically cast in roles that require a strong jaw and an impressive physique, Witwer’s good looks belie his self-professed nerdy and introspective personality, putting him in that rare crossover category with the likes of Vin Diesel and Joe Manganiello. While that trio has a fondness for “Dungeons & Dragons” in common, it’s on Star Wars that Witwer’s lifelong love and obsession is focused. And it’…
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The Force Unleashed’s Starkiller almost appeared in Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels voice actor Sam Witwer made his debut in the galaxy far, far away back in 2008, taking on the role of the lead character Galen Marek – a.k.a. Starkiller – in the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

And according to Witwer, the former apprentice of Darth Vader almost made an appearance in the first season of Rebels, although it sounds like it would have been a different interpretation of the character than we’re familiar with from the video game.

Dave Filoni did share with me, by the way, he considered making Starkiller an Inquisitor in Star Wars Rebels,” Witwer told io9. “It didn’t quite fit the story they were telling, but he did think about it because he thought that would be interesting.”

In The Force Unleashed, Starkiller becomes a central character in the formation of the Rebel Alliance, although his story has now
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Actors Almost Cast in Star Wars Movies

Actors Almost Cast in Star Wars Movies
When it comes to the Star Wars movies, it's hard to imagine anyone else in the iconic roles of heroes like Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia. Even the Star Wars prequels most aggressive critics will admit that Ewan McGregor shined as Obi-Wan Kenobi, the character fans of the galaxy far, far away first encountered as embodied by the late Sir Alec Guinness. But as with any film, the casting process is, well, a process. And there have been plenty of legendary actors who almost made their way into this galaxy from a long time ago and very far, far away.

Most fans know that Kurt Russell was among the actors considered for the role of everyone's favorite scruffy nerf herder, Han Solo. He even screen tested with aspiring Luke Skywalker William Katt, who would later star as television's Greatest American Hero. Karen Allen auditioned for Princess Leia, a
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Rumour: Ian McDiarmid to voice Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars Rebels

The Disney Xd animated series Star Wars Rebels has featured a number of big name cameos from veterans of the galaxy far, far away, including the likes of James Earl Jones (Darth Vader), Anthony Daniels (C-3Po), Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian), Frank Oz (Yoda), Forest Whitaker (Saw Gerrera) and Genevieve O’Reilly (Mon Mothma), and it seems we may soon be able to add another to that list.

According to a report from Star Wars News Net, the previously announced Warwick Davis will not be the only familiar name to guest star in the fourth and final season, as apparently Ian McDiarmid has also taken part in a voice recording session, which was directed by the same person as Davis’ (who the site believes to be Rebels creator Dave Filoni).

While an Ian McDiarmid return as Emperor Palpatine would certainly be welcome, the Sith Lord has already featured in Rebels,
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Could Ian McDiarmid Reprise Emperor Palpatine On Star Wars Rebels?

It’s not just the upcoming slate of movies that Star Wars fans are excited for at the moment. While there’s definitely a lot to look forward to there, we’ve also got some notable stuff coming down the pipeline on television.

Star Wars Rebels is about to air its fourth and final season, which promises to end the show in style. We already know that franchise stalwart Warwick Davis will be voicing Rukh, a character previously seen in the novels, while fan favourite Ahsoka Tano will be returning for more, too. The list goes on, but the upcoming season could be about to get even more exciting if this new casting rumour turns out to be true.

Star Wars News Network have reported that none other than Ian McDiarmid has recorded lines for Star Wars Rebels. As any fan can tell you, McDiarmid played the Emperor/Chancellor Palpatine
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Terrence Howard, Anna Paquin Join ‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams’

Terrence Howard, Anna Paquin Join ‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams’
Anna Paquin and Terrence Howard have both been cast in the upcoming Amazon anthology series “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams,” Variety has learned.

The 10-episode sci-fi series is based on the short stories of Philip K. Dick. Paquin and Howard will appear in the episode titled “Real Life” which is written by Ronald D. Moore and directed by Jeffrey Reiner

Paquin will play Sarah, a policewoman living in the future who shares headspace with George, played by Terrence Howard, a brilliant game designer, as each pursue violent killers whose plans could have shattering consequences. In a race against time, sharing a bond that no one else can see, they learn the very thing that connects them can also destroy them.

Other cast members in“Real Life” are: Rachelle Lefevre, Jacob Vargas, Sam Witwer, and Guy Burnet. They join previously announced cast members in other episodes including Timothy Spall, Jack Reynor, Benedict Wong
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Watch: Star-Studded Smuggler's Revenge from Star Wars Celebration

Jason Reitman doesn't allow his famous Live Reads to be filmed, but if you've ever wondered what one of those events looks like, Smuggler's Revenge from this year's Star Wars Celebration is pretty close. Fanboys director Kyle Newman co-wrote an original Han Solo story that takes place just before The Empire Strikes Back and directed a cast of talent that includes David Collins, Catherine Taber, Tom Kane, Vanessa Marshall, Steve Blum, Mathew Wood, Sam Witwer, and Warwick Davis in reading the script aloud on stage, complete with sound effects and music in the background. If you're a Star Wars fan (and come on, who isn't at this point?), there's a good chance you'll dig this.
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Star Wars Rebels: Season 4 Renewal for Disney Xd Series

The rebellion continues! The Star Wars Rebels TV show has been renewed for a fourth season on Disney Xd. The 3D CGI animated TV series is a prequel to Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, the first released live-action feature in the film franchise.The Star Wars Rebels voice cast includes Taylor Gray, Freddie Prinze Jr., Vanessa Marshall, Tiya Sircar, Steve Blum, Dee Bradley Baker, David Oyelowo, Forest Whitaker, Sam Witwer, Tom Baker, and Lars Mikkelsen. Season four is already in production.Read More…
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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Renewed: Season 4 is in Production

There's some late breaking exciting news for Star Wars fans Friday evening that you'll want to hear before heading off to Tosche Station to pick up some more power converters.

Lucasfilm and The Cartoon Network have officially renewed Star Wars Rebels for a fourth season. That means more of the Ghost crew and their adventures battling the Empire are on the way.

The Star Wars Rebels Season Three ensemble voice cast includes Freddie Prinze Jr., Vanessa Marshall, Steve Blum, Tiya Sircar, Taylor Gray, Dee Bradley Baker, David Oyelowo, Forest Whitaker, Sam Witwer, Tom Baker and Lars Mikkelsen.

It's entirely possible that one or more of these characters won't survive into Season 4 as Season 3 is still playing out. It's also entirely possible that lost characters like fan favorite Ahsoka Tano may yet return.

Production on Star Wars Rebels Season 4 is already underway. The first episode will premiere this fall on Disney Xd,
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Disney Xd Renews Star Wars Rebels for a Fourth Season

If you're always on the lookout for something to help hold you over in-between your annual Star Wars movie fix, then you'll be pleased to know that Disney Xd has renewed Star Wars Rebels for a fourth season that will premiere this fall.

Press Release: Production is underway on the fourth season of the acclaimed animated series "Star Wars Rebels" from Lucasfilm. The fourth season is scheduled to premiere on Disney Xd later this year continuing the thrilling and inspiring galactic adventures of the Ghost crew.

Marc Buhaj, senior vice president, Programming and general manager, Disney Xd, said, "The team behind ‘Star Wars Rebels’ delivers epic storytelling that has captivated fans of all ages across the globe. We’re excited to continue sharing the journey of these fan-favorite Rebels with our audience in the fall."

Currently in its powerful third season, "Star Wars Rebels" continues to drive the Star Wars saga into new,
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Nun Fight clip from the Officer Downe movie

Ahead of its Us release this Friday, a clip has arrived online from the upcoming action thriller Officer Downe entitled ‘Nun Fight’. Directed by Shawn Crahan, the comic book adaptation stars Kim Coates in the title role alongside Sam Witwer, Lauren Vélez, Alison Lohman, Lindsay Pulsipher, Reno Wilson and Tyler Ross; watch it below after the official synopsis…

See Also: Watch the trailer for Officer Downe here

“Adapted from the 2010 graphic novel, Officer Downe takes you into a hyper-real Los Angeles for the story of a savage La policeman who is repeatedly resurrected and returned to active duty via dark science technology. When a rookie officer named Gable is recruited as backup, he discovers there’s much more to the titular super-cop than a mindless law enforcement drone warring against a twisted rouges gallery of over-the-top super-villains.”

Officer Downe is set for release on November 18th.
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Once Upon a Time Round Table: Goodbye, Mr. Hyde

  • TVfanatic
Come back, Mr. Hyde!

Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 4 gave us an ending to the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story, with both characters making an exit.

It was an episode filled with additional twists, as we learned that the only definite way to kill the Evil Queen is if Regina dies, leaving us wondering if this will play into Emma's vision from the Oracle. Could Regina be the hooded figure who kills the Savior?

Elsewhere, Mary Margaret went back to teaching, getting a little help from her new friend, Princess Jasmine. David shared some fatherly hesitation about Emma and Killian moving in together, and Belle found herself trapped on the Jolly Roger because of a spell, courtesy of Gold.

Are you Team Rumple or Team Belle? Will you miss Jekyll and Hyde? Is Killian and Belle's new bromance enjoyable?

Join TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Robin Harry, Caralynn Lippo,
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