‘Dead End City’ Brings Undead Noir to the Internet

Where other people spend their time making videoblog shows, pop culture parodies, and three-minute sitcoms, Jeff Varga wants to bring something serious to the world of web television. It could be said that Jeff Varga has a vision for web television - and that vision involves fascist Australian zombies and hot women shooting the holy hell out of each other in Sin City-inspired noir streets. In other words, that vision is Dead End City, and the fifteen-minute pilot episode is out for public consumption. Gary Graham of Alien Nation and Star Trek: Enterprise plays Murphy, a gritty hustler who spends his life dodging bullets and aiming at beautiful women. While avoiding some thugs at a local watering hole ("The Dragon Lady"), a chance encounter puts him in possession of a mysterious elephant figurine - and in the sights of Scarza (Matthew Nicolau), an Australian fascist with a fresh bullet hole in the forehead.
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