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Paul Ballon

Los Angeles, California
(323) 573-6335


Road Trip 1st Assistant Accountant/Post Prod DreamWorks SKG/Todd Phillips
Castaway 1st Assistant Accountant/Post Prod DreamWorks SKG/Robert Zemeckis
The Mexican Accounting Assistant/Post Prod DreamWorks SKG/Gore Verbinski
Catch Me if You Can Accounting Assistant/Post Prod DreamWorks SKG/Steven Spielberg
Nurse Betty 2nd Assistant Accountant Gramercy Pictures/Neil LaBute
The 13th Warrior 2nd Assistant Accountant (reshoots) Touchstone Pictures/John McTiernan
Enemy of The State 2nd Assistant Accountant Touchstone Pictures/Tony Scott
Stage Fright Lead Editor Iceman Productions/Rick Jordan
The House of Adam Lead Editor A.J. Productions/Jorge Ameer


Todd McFarlane - McFarlane Toys Producer/Camera (Eps. pilot) Original Prod./Discovery
First Animals, 60: Spot Lead Editor Planet 3/Discovery
3rd Wheel Editor-sizzle 310 Entertainment/MTV
Criss Angel, Mindfreak 1st Assistant Director (season 5) A&E TV/APWI/Criss Angel
Cirss Angel, Mindfreak 1st Assistant Director (season 4) A&E TV/APWI/Criss Angel
Criss Angel, Believe "Cirque du Soleil" Field Producer/Lead Editor A&E TV/APWI/Cirque du Soleil
Cirss Angel, MindFreak Field Producer (Live Eps. Building Implosion) A&E TV/Cirss Angel/Cameron A. King
Untitled Camera Operator (Eps. pilot) Discovery Studios
It's a Mall World Producer (BTS) Divide Pictures-MTV/Milo Ventimiglia
House of Cards Producer/Editor TruTV/Paul Ballon
Cirss Angel, MindFreak Field Producer/Web Director (Cement Block Eps. 55) A&E TV/APWI/Criss Angel
Online Nation Producer/Development (Eps. pilot) CW Television Network/Paul Cockerill
Irish Weekly Producer/Lead Editor (Eps. USC vs ND) SNY Productions
Belle du Jour Lead Editor Local Television Network
LA Flavor Lead Editor Local Television Network
Home Shopping Camera Operator Relish Productions/Marc Karzen
News Wars, part 3 Camera Operator Riot Pictures-Frontline News
The Best of California Lead Editor Castle Creek Productions/John Dietsch
Lovestyles Lead Editor (Eps. pilot) Lovestyles Inc./Brody McHugh
Malcolm in The Middle 2nd Assistant Accountant Satin City Productions-Fox
Race Across America Producer/Editor Crystal Springs Productions-NBC
Movies for Guys Producer/Director/Lead Editor (Eps. pilot) First Television-Showtime/Paul Ballon
LA Stringers Editor (Eps. pilot) Buena Vista/Tru TV
Night Guide Editor Local Television Network


Criss Angel, BeLIEve (Cirque) 1st Assistant Director APWI/Michael Yanovich
Channel 34 Promo Director of Photography Univision
Toys for Tots (Katrina, NO) Director/Director of Photography Motiv Films/Paul Ballon
Howard Singer, anti-smoking PSA Director/Editor Steel City Productions


Criss Angel, magic kits 1st Assistant Director APWI/Michael Yanovich


Maker Studios, Inc. Director of RPM Partnerships Maker Studios, Inc.
Maker Studios, Inc. Controller at Maker Studios, Inc. which brings together many of the top YouTube creators/channels to form a powerful network model that creates unprecedented opportunities for brands Maker Studios, Inc.
Nissan Juke (2min car spot) Director/Editor Day/Nissan's Hometown Hotties Producer Enix
Criss Director/Producer - All Content APWI/Paul Ballon
Zombies Take Over Supervising Producer Maker Studios, Inc./Shane Dawson
Best Website Ever Director/Supervising Producer Maker Studios, Inc./Paul Ballon
Baby We're Through Director/Supervising Producer Maker Studios, Inc./Paul Ballon
Spider Problem Director/Supervising Producer Maker Studios, Inc./Paul Ballon
Zombiez Supervising Producer Maker Studios, Inc.
Celebrity Techover Lead Editor Pictures/Chris Ivan Cevic
US Producer/Camera Rolling Stone Editor/web content Citysearch Editor/web content Shopzilla
Maxim,Blender, Producer/Editor/Camera Alpha Media Group/Maxim Supervising Producer Maker Studios, Inc./The Station


Criss Angel, Mastermindfreaks & Masterminds Lead Editor/Camera APWI/Criss Angel
Corvette: The Fastest 50 Years Lead Editor Motor Works Media, LLC/Frank Laughlin
Sabian, 25yr Anniversary Producer/Editor/Camera Take Note on Music-Sabian Cymbols


  • college graduate


  • UCLA Extension
    Extended Education in TV/Film Producing


  • Upon request

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