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'I told off the first boy who kissed me'

Born with a rare form of dwarfism, Kiruna Stammell spent her childhood believing there were rules forbidding boys to even kiss her. So when she met Gareth Berliner, she didn't imagine that he'd turn out to be the love of her life

Kiruna Stamell vividly recalls her first date with Gareth Berliner. After meeting at a comedy club a few weeks earlier, they had arranged to go out for drinks. She was nervous, wondering how she looked and if he liked her as much as she liked him. As they got out of the taxi at the bar, her heart sank. Across the street, someone was pointing at her and shouting; "Grow up!

Born with a rare form of dwarfism called acromeseomerlic dysplasia, Kiruna, 30, has been subjected to taunts for much of her life. She has been filmed by strangers (she now films them back), laughed at by customer service representatives and offered insulting jobs.
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Coming Up Short? Why Gervais And Merchant Are In For The Long Haul

For the first time in their TV careers, writer-directors Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have found themselves at the mercy of the critics. Lazy, derivative, and formulaic were just some of the words used to describe their new series Life’S Too Short. Of course, such criticism is inevitable when any performer, writer, or director tries their hand at something new. After all, we are British. Some of the critique is justified however, and Life’S Too Short is undoubtedly the weakest of their TV projects so far. But let’s not count Gervais and Merchant out just yet; they have proved before that their best work comes when given the opportunity to develop characters over time. And this may continue to be the case as the BBC announced last week that Life’S Too Short is to receive a second series, despite disappointing viewing figures (Alan Partridge must be
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C4 commissions disabled mockumentary

Channel 4 has commissioned a new drama series focusing on disabled characters. The mockumentary, titled Cast Offs, follows six people with disabilities who have been sent to a remote British island for a fictional reality TV show. The miniseries stars disabled actors Victoria Wright, Kiruna Stamell, Peter Mitchell, Sophie Woolley, Tim Gebbels and Mat Fraser. Their disabilities range from cherubism to blindness. Commissioning editor Camilla (more)
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