‘The Shape of Water’ Cinematographer Dan Laustsen on Capturing Guillermo del Toro’s Fantastical World

It’s good to speak with the central creative forces behind a film you enjoyed — for instance, Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water, which I’d count as his best film since Hellboy II and generally one of his most well-rounded achievements. Less ideal is when I speak to them before I’ve seen it at all — for instance, when I sat down with cinematographer Dan Laustsen at this year’s Camerimage International Film Festival.

Laustsen is, as the film itself will show, a great practitioner of his craft and, to boot, rather friendly, and the working process on a project of this scale is always going to interest me, nuts-and-bolts-wise, so the result is, to my mind, still a proper overview of what went into the Cold War fantasy romance.

The Film Stage: So here’s a funny thing: the film screens on Saturday, which means I haven’t seen it.
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Appeals Court Gives Espn a Win Despite Opening Door to More Privacy Lawsuits

On Wednesday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decided not to revive a lawsuit against Espn over the way the sports network was allegedly disclosing who was watching what on its WatchESPN application. Nevertheless, the opinion may ultimately be seen as a small victory for those concerned about privacy.

Chad Eichenberger, the plaintiff, attempted to bring a claim under the Video Privacy Protection Act, a law enacted in the 1980s by Congress in response to a video store that gave The Washington Post a list of videos that Supreme Court then-nominee Robert Bork had rented. The statute has <a href=""...
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Days of Our Lives: Kate Offers Gabi A Job

Days of Our Lives know Kate is not a huge fan of Chad and Abigail’s marriage, but she’s going the extra mile to make sure things are getting a bit more complicated for him. She’s going to offer Gabi a chance to be the head of Dimera, and she wants to see that this is the opportunity she takes. She’s got it in her mind that if she offers this to Gabi, then there is a good chance that Gabi and Chad will work together all the time. If they manage to spend this much time together, it will throw

Days of Our Lives: Kate Offers Gabi A Job
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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Chad Offers Abby A Job

Days of Our Lives fans are sure that things will turn around before much longer, but we don’t know that will happen. What we do know is that Chad is working hard to make sure that his new bride is doing all right. She’s got so much going on in her life with the thought that Will might be alive, with the fact that Ben walked in on her wedding, and so much more. And she’s not happy with those things despite the fact that she’s pretending to be everything that is happy in the world. Her husband is going

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Chad Offers Abby A Job
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Should House of Cards Veto Frank? Was Great News Oddly Spacey? Did Live Get 'Handmaids' All Wrong? And More Qs!

Should House of Cards Veto Frank? Was Great News Oddly Spacey? Did Live Get 'Handmaids' All Wrong? And More Qs!
We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Stranger Things, The Gifted, Supernatural and Will & Grace!

1 | Regarding the Stranger Things 2 finale, did anyone else chuckle at the parallel between its climactic sequence — involving heroes descending into a cave on a small elevator — and that of Netflix’s own The Defenders? Also, Dustin’s penchant for Dig Dug (in which creatures are confronted in maze-line tunnels) turned out to be a bit of foreshadowing, eh?

RelatedStranger Things 2 Premiere Audience Is
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Did Arrow Defy Too Many Deaths? Was Outlander Tease Clever or Cruel? Did Supergirl Need Aquaman? And More Qs

Did Arrow Defy Too Many Deaths? Was Outlander Tease Clever or Cruel? Did Supergirl Need Aquaman? And More Qs
We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, NCIS, Empire and Arrow!

1 | How is Once Upon a Time‘s Henry keeping his motorcycle fueled after years in the Enchanted Forest? (Seems like a throwaway line about Regina “enchanting” his gas tank would have sufficed.) And is Roni’s bar situated on a hill… or not?

2 | Has Inhumans elicited a bigger groan than when Medusa commanded an Atm to give money to “the queen of Attilan”?

3 | Was Outlander
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Washington Man Sentenced to 65 Years in Prison for Fatally Torturing His Girlfriend’s Son with Autism

Washington Man Sentenced to 65 Years in Prison for Fatally Torturing His Girlfriend’s Son with Autism
A Washington man convicted of torturing his girlfriend’s son with autisim to death and abusing her younger son was sentenced to 65 years in prison, according to multiple reports.

Matthew Christenson, 45, was convicted in August of both homicide by abuse and second-degree murder for the 2014 death of Otto Smith, an 18-year-old with autism who was the son of his girlfriend, according to the Seattle Pi. Smith’s younger brother, J.C., who was 13 at the time, was also abused by Christenson.

The sentence was handed down Friday, according to the Associated Press. Although the standard range for the crimes is 30 to 41 years in prison,
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'Twin Peaks' Series Finale Recap: Back to Black

'Twin Peaks' Series Finale Recap: Back to Black
It ended with a scream, and a million questions, only one of which really matters: How could it have ended any other way?

The two-part finale of Twin Peaks' long-awaited third season/reboot/revival/"Return" marks the conclusion of the most elaborate bait-and-switch in television history. For 18 episodes, co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost deftly played on a quarter century of audience hopes, fears and great expectations created by the show's two original seasons, a prequel film and a host of fake dossiers and diaries. We wanted to see lost loves reunited,
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Twin Peaks Finale Recap: It's Curtains

Twin Peaks Finale Recap: It's Curtains
Before I start my final Twin Peaks recap, let’s get one thing clear: I love Twin Peaks. And I loved this new season. And I loved the finale. I remember one hot June evening back in 1991 when the show suddenly ended on a dramatic cliffhanger and then was (seemingly) gone forever. And people hated that finale! It was so polarizing! And then we all turned against the movie. And yet…

Twenty-five years later, here we are, once again. The fans are divided. Twin Peaks has split them in two. People are either furious, or rapturous. And I am the latter.
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Twin Peaks season 3 episode 16 review: No Knock, No Doorbell

Joe Matar Aug 29, 2017

David Lynch finally gives the fans what they want. 100%. Spoilers ahead in our review of No Knock, No Doorbell...

This review contains spoilers.

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3.16 No Knock, No Doorbell

Let’s get this out of the way up front: this was an exhilarating episode of Twin Peaks: The Return that gave me chills all over. How could it not be? David Lynch and Mark Frost finally gave us, after withholding it until the sixteenth hour, what we wanted. That said, I still believe this was a weaker episode than the previous one.

For one thing, before the big payoff came,
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Comic-Con 2017 Interview: Ghost Wars Executive Producer Dennis Heaton on Creating a Whole New Supernatural World for the Upcoming Syfy Series

Set to premiere this fall (hopefully in time for the Halloween season) is Syfy's new paranormal-themed series Ghost Wars, which boasts an incredible ensemble that includes Vincent D’Onofrio, Kim Coates, Meat Loaf, Avan Jogia, and Kandyse McClure. While in San Diego last weekend at Comic-Con, Daily Dead briefly spoke with Ghost Wars executive producer Dennis Heaton during a press event for the show, and he chatted about creating a supernatural series that can stand out amongst its peers, his experiences working with Syfy, putting together the cast of Ghost Wars, and more.

So, based on the trailer, this looks a little bit different than what we may be expecting. I don't know what a typical supernatural show is, but it seems like there’s more than just some ghosts going on in this.

Dennis Heaton: Yeah, it's a pretty atypical supernatural show. It was one of the things,
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"Twin Peaks," Episode 5 Recap: I Love How You Love Me

Twin Peaks Recap is a weekly column by Keith Uhlich covering David Lynch and Mark Frost's limited, 18-episode continuation of the Twin Peaks television series.The key image in Part 5 of the revived Twin Peaks is of a woman in ecstasy. Recall, however, the subtitle that series co-creator/director David Lynch appended to his thorny 2006 masterpiece Inland Empire: "A Woman in Trouble." The line separating rapture and anguish is a blurry one, especially for Lynch's ladies, who are as likely to end up exquisitely chiseled corpses (the ubiquitous Laura Palmer; Part 2's doomed henchwoman Darya) as they are world-weary survivors. For the moment, let's focus on Rebecca "Becky" Burnett (Amanda Seyfried), daughter of Rr Diner waitress Shelly Johnson (Mädchen Amick), though Becky's last name—taken from ne'er-do-well husband Steven Burnett (Caleb Landry Jones)—obscures the identity of her father. (Dana Ashbrook's now-law-abiding Bobby Briggs is the most likely candidate,
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Baywatch Nights: revisiting a truly bizarre TV show

Mark Harrison May 24, 2017

Remember 1995's Baywatch Nights? Mark does. He revisits a whole pile of David Hasselhoff-starring strangeness...

When we look back on Dwayne Johnson's breakthrough to the A-list in about ten years' time (“Did President Johnson get the film roles he deserved?”), we'll have to consider that his status as franchise viagra, as demonstrated in the soon-to-be-released Baywatch, has led him to pick projects that are sort of beneath him.

See related Fargo season 2 episode 10 review: Palindrome Fargo: how to make great TV from a great film

Baywatch is the latest in a line of formerly popular TV shows to get an ironic Starsky & Hutch-style big screen reboot, following the enormous success of the Jump Street movies and the resounding failure of this year's ChiPS: Law & Disorder. With tongue firmly in cheek, Johnson has been promoting the film on his Instagram by referring to his new crew of lifeguards,
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Exclusive: The Meteoric Rise of ‘Hidden Figures’ and ‘Scream Queens’ Star Glen Powell

Exclusive: The Meteoric Rise of ‘Hidden Figures’ and ‘Scream Queens’ Star Glen Powell
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“I’m still working my way up the food chain,” Glen Powell tells Et of his breakthrough in Hollywood, which over the past two years includes celebrated roles in Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!! and Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens, as well as portraying John Glenn in the Academy Awards Best Picture nominee Hidden Figures. His latest is playing an Army sergeant in Sand Castle, a film inspired by true events that took place during the Iraq War, debuting on Netflix Friday, April 21. Co-starring Nicholas Hoult, Henry Cavill and Logan Marshall-Green, it’s the latest film to earn buzz for the actor, who has been dubbed one of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars.

While the Austin, Texas, native’s recent breakout success has elevated him to a new level of attention -- fashion spreads in Interview and Coveteur magazines, an invitation to the 2017 Academy Awards -- Powell has been
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Days of Our Lives Review: The World's Most Contrived Love Triangle

Someone crashing their rival's wedding to try to sweep the bride off her feet is a soap opera staple.

Bo and Jack both did it in grand, dramatic fashions that have become classic Days of Our Lives clips.

Chad interrupted Gabi and Nick's wedding to reveal that Nick wasn't the father of Gabi's baby and chaos ensued.

All of these were great, soapy moments. But the nonsense over Abigail and Chad's vow renewal ceremony that went on almost all week wasn't.

From the second Abigail decided to renew her vows, a ton of contrived drama took over the entire show.

Kate decided that Chad belonged with Gabi and made sure to tell everyone she ran across, especially Abigail and Gabi.

Gabi tried to act like she had some morals and refused to go after Chad only because Abigail was her friend.

Abby and Gabi tried not being friends for about five seconds,
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Days of Our Lives Review: Back and Forth

Some of the greatest soap drama comes from tragic heroes.

These characters have been so damaged by painful life experiences that they feel worthless and get in their own way, sometimes with tragic consequences.

That kind of drama is what drew me to Jj and to Nicole, two characters who have since been completely rewritten to lose both their zest for life and their heartbreaking self-esteem problems.

It also made Jack and Jennifer's relationship interesting back in the day, because the conflict primarily came from Jack's overwhelming sense of guilt and fear.

And it could make Eric an interesting character now, if only Days of Our Lives would put an original spin on it and not just try to copy what Jack and Jennifer had.

Eric certainly has reason to feel guilty. He has to live with the fact that he got drunk and killed his best friend in a car accident about 18 months ago,
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Time After Time Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Secrets Stolen

There are some really good plot developments as well as some seriously problematic elements in Time After Time Season 1 Episode 4

After Time After Time Season 1 Episode 3 that focused almost completely on fleshing out most of the the relationships, this offering reveals some excellent backstory to explain how so many people knew the time travelers were coming.

Thankfully, less time is spent on the labored romantic relationship between Wells and Jane although we still have to put up with a little sugary morning nonsense.

In my day, passion and desire...they were the true result of yearning for a woman, the longing that fills your head and clouds every thought as you patiently wait for her to walk through the door and say 'Good Morning'

H.G. Wells Permalink: In my day, passion and desire...they were the true result of yearning for a woman, the... Added: March 18, 2017

Instead (and
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Days of Our Lives Review: Turning Back the Clock

Days of Our Lives came so close to having a compelling story when Eli turned out to be Julie's grandson.

Julie's son, David, had just died suddenly and Julie was estranged from him for years.

Eli's mother is David's first love, Valerie, whose history includes being part of the first interracial couple in daytime history.  And of course, Julie and Doug are not only the only remaining supercouple in Salem, but powerful actors who have carried strong storylines for decades.

This kind of story is the stuff soap viewers hunger for, so why is it so rushed and free of drama?

There was so much that was offensive, obnoxious, or downright boring this week on Days of Our Lives, yet the one story that has something to offer is not much of a story at all.

Eli was understandably angry at his mother when he found out that Valerie had
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Days of Our Lives Review: A Wedding Turns Tragic

Salem weddings used to be lavish affairs.

After months or years of serious problems that were conquered by true love, a couple would throw together a romantic wedding in a ridiculously short period of time.

Weddings were the ultimate romantic fantasy and viewers were excited about them even though they knew that there was no happily ever after because the characters would have new problems to deal with and obstacles to overcome, maybe even at the wedding itself.

Times have changed and budgets become smaller, but instead of the fairy tale wedding, Days of Our Lives offered a blink-and-you-miss-it wedding for Steve and Kayla in which they seemed more like guests in someone else's story.

Steve and Kayla's wedding was mostly a backdrop for the story of Hope's return from Eric's cabin.

Before the wedding even started, Shane, Steve and Rafe were celebrating Hope's freedom.

Shane: Oh boy, I tell you,
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Days of Our Lives Review: More Than A Wild Goose Chase

For over 30 years, Stefano Dimera tormented Bradys and Hortons, played opera music between implementing diabolical plots, and obsessed over his "Queen of the Night" Marlena Evans.

He was suave, sophisticated, and evil, and fans adored him.

That's why there was so much excitement over the fact that actor Joe Mascolo had taped one last set of scenes prior to his death.

And it's why so many viewers feel like the show stabbed them in the back with the Friday reveal that Stefano hadn't escaped or even been locked up and that two more fan favorites could be added to the list of corrupt cops helping to cover up Hope's involvement in Stefano's murder.

This Prague storyline has been a waste of air time from the very beginning. For the past few weeks, we've had dubious Stefano sightings, top cops arguing about whether or not to stop for ice cream, and
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