Prince’s Former Band The Revolution to Reunite for ‘Some Shows’ (Video)

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Prince may be gone forever but his former band, The Revolution, may soon be back on the road. The rock band, which was formed in Minneapolis in 1979 by Prince and disbanded 1986, announced that they plan to do a reunion tour in honor the “Little Red Corvette” singer, who died Thursday at age 57. Original members Bobby Z., Matt Funk, Brown Mark, Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman will all be involved. “We have decided, after spending three or four days together now grieving over the loss of Prince, that we would like to come out and do some shows,” Melvoin said in
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The Five-Year Plan: October Albums

Yes, I have too much time on my hands. Here's a new feature that was fun to put together (though quite time-consuming, which makes me worry about my ability to do this every month). I look back at rock, pop, and R&B albums that came out five years ago, ten years ago, etc.


Buffalo Springfield: Again (Atco)

There was much chaos surrounding the creation of this quintet 's second album. Bassist Bruce Palmer, in some ways the soul of the band, was unavailable due to a drug charge deportation, and a string of session players took his place. Stephen Stills, who saw himself as the leader of the group, was feuding with Neil Young, who considered himself an equal, and Young actually quit -- but returned. And that's without getting into the fiasco that was the band's management team.

Nonetheless, it was a quantum leap forward from their debut,
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Prince: A Purple Reign: Grace Dent's TV Od

BBC4's Friday night documentary on the artist still called Prince zips through the times of his life, but it's still a purple treat 4 U

It's not truly feasible to "do" Prince in under 60 minutes, especially when recent George Harrison and Tom Petty documentaries have proved that with optimum footage, excellent witnesses and an edit born of love, even four hours doesn't quite nail a life less ordinary. Still, Prince: A Purple Reign (Fri, 9pm, BBC4) has a good go, despite not featuring a single word from the lilac imp himself.

There's a single frame in the opening moments, an old publicity shot from 1979 which I could stare at happily for 60 minutes. Prince is but a kid, him and friends Andre, Dez and Bobby Z pose in a grotty Minnesota bar, resplendent with flyaway proto-Princess Di hairdos, statement blusher, smudged guyliner, flasher macs and bare chests, in a mostly
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