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Ron Yuan



The Accountant Pencak Silat Master WB/ Gavin O'Connor
Birth of the Dragon Tony Vu KPP/ George Nolfi
Independence Day Resurgence Yeong - Main Weapon's Engineer FOX/ Roland Emerich
Mortal Kombat X Scorpion/ Hanzo WB/ Garrett Warren
Cardinal X Michael Blue Creek/ Angie Wang
Revenge of the Green Dragons BTK Dai Lo 7th Floor/ Wai Keung Lau
Mall The Cop Collective/ Joseph Hahn
Black Salt Mamori Shiga Ramcity/ Ben Ramsey
Tinker Bell and The Pirate Fairy Yang Disney/ Peggy Holmes
The Girl From the Naked Eye Simon AMC/ David Ren
Underdogs Mark Zuko Group Hug/ Phillip Rhee
Unspoken Iron MiniFlix/ Y. Ning
Red Dawn Clerk MGM/ Dan Bradley
The Shanghai Hotel Sharky Cornucopia/ Jerry Allen Davis
Blood and Bone Teddy D SONY/ Ben Ramsey
Fast and Furious David Park Universal/ Justin Lin
From Mexico with Love Joe Roadside/ J. Nickerson
Mask of the Ninja Kunio SPIKE/ Bradford May
Baby Tommy Affilliated/ Juwan Chung
50 Pills The Seoul Man Coalition/ Theo Avgerinos
Cradle 2The Grave LaserTech Warner/ Andre Bartkowiak
The Art of War Ming Warner/ Christian Duguay
Deep Core Chin Li Unified films/ Rod McDonald
K-9 II Jacki Hammonds Universal/ Charlie Kanganis
The Adventurers Paul Media City/ Ringo Lam
Forbidden Warrior Lank Cinamour Ent./ Jimmy Nickerson


Marco Polo Prince Nayan (Series Reg) Netflix/ TWC/ Dan Minihan
Murder in the First Chow TNT/ Nicole Rubio
The Blacklist Quon Zhang NBC/ Karen Gaviola
Sons of Anarchy ( Recurring) Ryu Tom FX/P.Barclay P.Weller C.Yahata K. Sutter
Justified Simon Lee FX/ Michael Dinner
Hawaii Five-0 Al Manoa CBS/ Bryan Spicer
Castle Michio Saito ABC/ Larry Shaw
Golden Boy Lt. Peter Kang (Series Reg) CBS/ Richard Shepard
Touch Wember Hsu FOX/ Milan Cheylov
Awake Solomon Kang NBC/ Michael Waxman
Exit Strategy Lo Chen FOX/ Antoine Fuqua
All Signs of Death Po Sin/ Lead HBO/ Alan Ball
NCIS:LA Yoshi CBS/ Tony Wharmby
Burn Notice Lei (Guest Star) USA/ Dennie Gordon
Prison Break Feng Huan (recurring) FOX/ M. Switzer/ K. Gaviola
Pushing Daisies Shrimps (Guest Star) ABC/Lawrence Trilling
Cold Case Shinji Nakamura (Guest Star) CBS/ Jeannot Szwarc
24 Team Leader (recurring) FOX/ Brain Spicer
CSI:NY Dr.Evan Zao (recurring) CBS/ Multiple Directors
Entourage Chaing (Guest Star) HBO/ Julian Farino
Robbery Homicide Vinh (Guest Star) CBS/ Michael Mann/Mario Van Peebles
Boston Legal Zhang Wu (Guest Star) FOX/ Mel Damski
The Agency Rheza Ghani/ Everwood CBS/ Adam Davidson
Black Sash Jing Li (recurring) WB/ Greg Yaitaines/DJ Caruso
Monk Tommy Winn (Guest Star) UPN/ Jerry Levine
ALIAS The Driver (Guest Star) ABC/ Ken Olin/Lawrence Trilling
Family Law Officer Fox (Guest Star) CBS/ Oz Scott
JAG Lee Kun Tae (Guest Star) CBS/ Ian Toynton
The Fearing Mind Frank (Guest Star) NBC/ James Head
Nash Bridges Darrell (recurring) CBS/ Steve Dejarnat/Paul Abascal
Son of the Beach Johnny Tree (Guest Star) FX/ George Verschoor
The Pretender Ken (Guest Star) NBC/ Terrence O'hara
Walker Texas Ranger Jiang (Guest Star) CBS/ Michael Preece
Pensacola Phan Van Tung (Guest Star) CBS/ Charlie Siebert
Vanishing Son Crazy Boy 6 (Guest Star) Universal/ Charlie Siebert
VIP Hirata the Black (Guest Star) FOX/ JF Lawton

Voice Over

Battlefield IV voice EA/ Tom Keegan
Elder Scrolls Voice Blindlight/ Margret Tang
Call of Duty - Black Opps 2 Commander Treyarch/ Keith Arem
World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Panda Blizzard
Resident Evil 6 Title Voice Capcom/ Eiichiro Sasaki
Far Cry 3 Various Amanda Wyatt
Uncharted 3 Sargeant/ Assassin G Hunt
Deux Ex Triad Boss EA
Planetside 2 Various Bang Zoom/ Eric Weiss
Spiderman 4 Big Wheel/ Cleaner Activision
Guild Wars 2 Charr Blindlight
Sucker Punch Samurai Warner/ Zach Schneider
Fallout/ New Vegas Various voices Bioware
True Crime: Hong Kong Dog Ears/ Ponytail/Mr.Chow Activision/ Keith Arem
Medal of Honor Bagram EA/Eric Craber
Army of Two Dr.Wu EA
True Crime Hong Kong Two Chin XBox/ Margret Tang
Body Count Various roles Bioware
Red Alert 3 Tatsu EA/ Richard Taylor
Star Wars Old Republic Sgt. Rusk Lucas Arts
Prototype Commander Vivendi/ Eric Weiss
Speed Racer Kakoii Teppodama
Tropic Thunder Lazarus (Mandarin voice) DreamWorks/Ben Stiller
The Brooklyn -National Radio Husband Domino's
SOCOM The Sniper Chris Zimmerman
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune The Pirate Gordon Hunt
WET Ratboy/Dr.Afro Vivendi/Eric weiss
Indiana Jones IV Tong Leader Steven Spielberg
Def Jam ICON Narrator David Galloway/M. Kennedy
Spiderman 3 Various Voices Activision/ Margaret Tang
Command & Conquer 3 Dr. Takeda EAS
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Various voices Disney/ Gore Verbinski
50 Cent: Bulletproof various voices Vivendi/Eric Weiss
Galaxy Wars Lord Tybolt Art Currin
Mission Impossible 3 various voices Paramount/ JJ Abrams
Chronicles of Riddick:Butcher Bay Monster/Mathies/Shinnick Vivendi/Tom Keegan
Full Spectrum Warrior:10 Hammers Sgt. Williams Pandemic/ David Roven
Narc various voices Midway/ Art Currin
Fantastic Four various voices New Line/ Kaitlin McKenna
Internal Damage Narrator Ben Ramsey
Timeshift Police Commander Vivendi/ Kyle Peschel
Star Wars; Knights of the Old Republic Narrator Lucas Arts
Golden Eye:Rogue Agent various voices EAS
Shaolin Soccer Referee Steven Chow
Godzilla 2000 Katagiri Toho/ Takao Okawara
S.W.A.T. 4 Andrew Norman/Suspect#1 Vivendi/ Ken Levine
Wrath Unleashed voice Lucas Arts
Forbidden Warrior Narrator (trailer) J Nickerson
Direct TV Narrator
Muumy 3 various voices Universal/Rob Cohen

Employment Details

  • Work History: Theater, Film, Voice Over, Television
  • Job Categories: Acting, Producing, Directing, Writing
  • Valid Passport: Yes

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