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Seven teams announced for Make-up Bakeoff, three will go to Oscars

Fantastical technicolor makeup, lycanthropes, prison and cold stresses, aging makeups and more for this year's Academy makeup race, where an executive committee from the makeup branch has narrowed the list of contenders, many of whom are already Oscar and Emmy winners, to seven: Alice in Wonderland Valli O.Reilly Patty York Barney.s Version Adrien Morot The Fighter Donald Mowat Johnny Villanueva Jonah Hex Christien Tinsley True Grit Thomas Nellen The Way Back Edouard Henriques Greg Funk Yolanda Toussieng The Wolfman Rick Baker Dave Elsey The decisions will be
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The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus

By Harvey Karten - Dr. Parnassus is not the only one who ever sold his soul to the devil. That negotiation has been a popular one all over the world from the time that Satan approached Eve down to the present day. Satan has no power over human beings unless we do evil: Victims have included Faust, who sold out for youth and for the hand of Marguerite and who is either condemned or saved depending the production, and Joe Hardy of .Damn Yankees,. who also wanted youth but only to return to his days as a baseball slugger to help the Washington Senators. Director and co-writer Terry Gilliam has his title character, Dr. Parnassus (Christopher Plummer), sell his soul in return for immortality. But the devil would get his due: he would claim the doctor.s daughter, Valentina (Lily Cole) on her sixteenth birthday.

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Grade: C
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