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  • (1931) Stage: Appeared in "Give Me Yesterday" on Broadway. Melodrama. Written by A.A. Milne. Directed by W.H. Gilmore. Charles Hopkins Theatre: 4 Mar 1931-May 1931 (closing date unknown/72 performances). Cast: Eric Blore (as "Bertie Capp"), Natalie Browning, Louis Calhern (as "The Rt. Hon. R. Selby Mannock, M.P."), Edward Crandall, Peter Donald, Sylvia Field (as "Sally"), Gladys Hanson, Nancy Kelly, Hugh Miller, Edward Rigby, C. Montague Shaw (as "Lord Carchester"), Lawrence Vivian, Robert Vivian (as "Digby"), Jane Wyatt (as "Freda Mannock") [Broadway debut]. Produced by Charles Frohman, Inc. Produced in association with E. Ray Goetz.
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared (as "Flora") in "The Fatal Alibi" on Broadway. Mystery/drama. Written by Michael Morton, from "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" by Agatha Christie. American audience adaptation by John Anderson. Directed by Charles Laughton [US directorial debut; also appearing as "Hercule Poirot"]. Booth Theatre: 8 Feb 1932-1 Mar 1932 (24 performances). Cast: Jane Bramley (as "Ursula Bourne"), Lawrence H. Cecil (as "Inspector Davies"), Andree Corday (as "Margot"), Edward Crandall (as "Geoffrey Raymond"), Lowell Gilmore (as "Capt. Ralph Paton"), Kenneth Hunter, Moffat Johnston (as "Dr. Sheppard"), A.C. Fotheringham-Lysons (as "Mr. Hammond"), Lionel Pape (as "Sir Roger Ackroyd"), Donald Randolph (as "Parker"), Effie Shannon (as "Mrs. Ackroyd"), Helen Vinson (as "Caryl Sheppard"), Produced by Jed Harris.
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared (as "Paula Jordan" from May 1933)) in "Dinner at Eight" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by George S. Kaufman (also director) and Edna Ferber. Scenic Design by Livingston Platt. Press Representative: John Peter Toohey. Assistant Director: Robert B. Sinclair. Music Box Theatre: 22 Oct 1932-May 1933 (closing date unknown/232 performances).
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared in "The Mad Hopes" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1933) Stage: Appeared in "Evensong" on Broadway. Written by Edward Knoblock and Beverley Nichols (adapted from her novel). Directed by Paul Smythe. Selwyn Theatre: 31 Jan 1933-Feb 1933 (closing date unknown/15 performances). Cast: Walter Armin (as "Julius Rosenberg"), Jacob Ben-Ami (as "Arthur Kober"), Holland Bennett, Luis Bruno, Brian Buchel, Reginald Carrington, Hugh F.S. Casson, Marjorie Chard, Doris Crandall, Willard Dashiell, Natalie Davis, Owen Davis Jr., Claude Disney-Roebuck, John Dunn, Edith Evans, Jane Evans, Beatrix Fielden-Kaye, Walter Fitzgerald, Freda Gaye, Leyla Georgie, Alice Griswold, Leopoldo Gutierrez, Joan Hamilton, Gladys Hanson, Florence Heller, Natalie Hess, Jean Howard, Frederick Jordan, Helen Judge, Virginia Ann Kaye, Frederick Leister, Christine Lindsay, A.C. Fotheringham-Lysons, Nellie Malcolm, Mary Melhado, Mary Morrison, Florence Selwyn, Hilda Spong [erroneously credited as Hilda Sprong on opening night] (as "Nurse Phillips"), Margot Stevenson (as "Guest"), Ripples Swan, Zolya Talma (as "Señora De Carranza"), William J. Tannen, Dennis Val-Norton, Harry Warwick, Jane Wyatt (as "Pauline Lacey"), Valerie Ziegler. Produced by Archibald Selwyn and Sir Barry Jackson.
  • (1933) Stage: Appeared (as "Eva Locke") in "Conquest" on Broadway. Written / directed / produced by Arthur Hopkins. Plymouth Theatre: 18 Feb 1933-Feb 1933 (closing date unknown/10 performances). Cast: Judith Anderson (as "Helen Nolte"), Charles Brown, Hugh Buckler, Boyd Davis, Bernice Elliott, Suzanne Freeman, Raymond Hackett, Joyce Hill, Henry Lase, Katherine Lowry, James MacColl, Louis MacMichael, Henry O'Neill (as "Frederick Nolte Sr."), Tania Redfield, Bernice Richmond, Harvey Stephens, Edward Toledano, Crane Whitley (as "People of the Masquerade"; (credited as Clement Wilinchick), Dorothy Young.
  • (1933) Stage: Appeared (as "Lois Ardsley") in "For Services Rendered" on Broadway. Written by W. Somerset Maugham. Directed by Robert B. Sinclair. Booth Theatre: 12 Apr 1933-Apr 1933 (closing date unknown/21 performances). Cast: Jean Adair (as "Charlotte Ardsley"), Fay Bainter (as "Eva Ardsley"), Leo G. Carroll (as "Sydney Ardsley"), Lillian Kemble-Cooper (as "Ethel Bartlett"), Henry Daniell, David Glassford, Mabel Gore, Walter Kingsford (as "Wilfred Cedar"), Richie Ling (as "Leonard Ardsley"), Elisabeth Risdon (as "Gwen Cedar"), Percy Waram (as "Howard Bartlett"). Produced by Sam Harris.
  • (1934) Stage: Appeared in "The Joyous Season" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1934) Stage: Appeared in "Lost Horizons" on Broadway. Fantasy. Written by Harry Segall. Directed by John Hayden. St. James Theatre: 15 Oct 1934-Dec 1934 (closing date unknown/56 performances). Cast: Ruth Carl, Lyster Chambers, Gage Clarke, Kathleen Comegys (as "Mrs. Condos"), Robert Conness, Vernon Crane, Brenda Dahlen, Joseph Doncourt, John Gallaudet (as "Paul Duttine"), Walter Gilbert, Kathryn Givney (as "Rita Rogers"), Harry Hanlon, Alf Helton, Edwin Hodge, Jonathan Hole (as "David Prescott"), Charles Laite (as "A Doctor"), Betty Lancaster, Ruth Lee, Francesca Lenni, Lex Lindsay, Thomas Louden, Burton McEvilly (as "First Actor"), William Norton, Forrest Orr (as "Eddie Lewis"), Mabel Paige, Arthur Pierson (as "Ralph Bondley"), Grandon Rhodes, Clarence Rock, Cynthia Rogers, Irene Shirley, Robert Smith, Fred Sutton, Sally Washington, Wallace Widdicombe (as "Wormser"), Jane Wyatt (as "Janet Evans"), Oswald Yorke (as "Oliver Reynolds"), J. Arthur Young. Produced by Rowland Stebbins.
  • (1935) Stage: Appeared (as "Hester Grantham") in "The Bishop Misbehaves" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Frederick J. Jackson. Directed by Ira Hards. Cort Theatre: 20 Mar 1935-Jun 1935 (closing date unknown/121 performances). Cast: Lucy Beaumont (as "Lady Emily Lyons") [final Broadway role], Walter Connolly (as "The Bishop of Broadminster"), Reynolds Denniston (as "Guy Waller"), James Jolley (as "Collins"), Phyllis Joyce (as "Mrs. Waller"), A.P. Kaye (as "Red Eagan"), Charles Laite (as "Frenchy"), Alan Marshall (as "Donald Meadows"), Horace Sinclair (as "Mr. Brooke"). Produced by John Golden. NOTE: Filmed as The Bishop Misbehaves (1935), The Bishop Misbehaves (1951).
  • (1938) Stage: Appeared (as "Princess Claudine") in "Save Me the Waltz" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Katharine Dayton. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Robert B. Sinclair. Martin Beck Theatre: 28 Feb 1938-Mar 1938 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Reginald Bach, Leslie Barrie, Leo G. Carroll (as "King Frederick IV"), Arthur Chatterdon (as "Von Bethmann"), Mady Christians, Laura Hope Crews (as "The Countess Zubowska"), John Emery, Derek Fairman, Brenda Forbes, Lauren Gilbert (as "Prince Paul"), Mary Howes, Arnold Korff (as "Stroock"), Fred Irving Lewis, George Macready (as "Dmitri"), Molly Pearson, Francis Pierlot (as "Chapek"), Mary Reeves, Hayden Rorke (as "Duca"), James Seeley, Martha Sleeper (as "Princess Helene of Slogatz"). Produced by Max Gordon. Produced in association with Sam Harris.
  • (1940) Stage: Appeared in "Night Music" on Broadway.
  • (1940) Stage: Appeared in "Quiet, Please!" on Broadway.
  • (1945) Stage: Appeared (as "Lucille Daly") in "Hope for the Best" on Broadway. Written by William McCleery [earliest Broadway credit]. Fulton Theatre (moved to The Royale Theatre on 23 Apr 1945-close): 7 Feb 1945-19 May 1945 (117 performances). Cast: Leo Bulgakov (as "Prof. Wechsler"; final Broadway role), Jack Hartley (as "Howard Hilton"), Doro Merande (as "Mrs. Bassett"), Paul Potter (as "Sgt. Joe Jordan"), Franchot Tone (as "Michael Jordan"), Joan Wetmore (as "Margaret Hicks Harwood"). Produced by Jean Dalrymple and Marc Connelly.
  • (1951) Stage: Appeared (as "Nina Denery"; final Broadway credit) in "The Autumn Garden" on Broadway. Written by Lillian Hellman. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Howard Bay. Directed by Harold Clurman. Coronet Theatre: 7 Mar 1951-2 Jun 1951 (101 performances). Cast: Florence Eldridge, Ethel Griffies (as "Mrs. Mary Ellis"), Fredric March (as "Nicholas Denery"), Kent Smith (as "Edward Crossman"), Margaret Barker, Maxwell Glanville, Carol Goodner, Lois Holmes, Colin Keith-Johnston, James Lipton, Joan Lorring. Produced by Kermit Bloomgarden.
  • (11/10/47) Radio: Appeared (as "Madge Harvey") in a "Screen Guild Theater" broadcast of "Boomerang".
  • (11/8/48) Radio: Appeared (as "Sue Forbes") in a "Lux Radio Theater" broadcast of "Pitfall".
  • (10/17/49) Radio: Appeared (as "Sue Forbes") in a "Screen Directors Playhouse" broadcast of "Pitfall".
  • (1961) She acted in Terrence Rattigan's play, "Mistress Mine," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Tom Helmore in the cast.
  • (August 1961) She acted in Terence Rattigan's play, "O Mistress Mine," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Tom Helmore in the cast.

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