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‘The Avengers: The Complete Series 6′ Blu-ray Review

There are certain British shows that are remembered so fondly that the fear of nostalgia kicks in and you think they can’t possibly be as good as you remember them. I’ll admit when I started watching The Avengers: The Complete Series 6 on Blu-ray I had that fear… Gladly I had nothing to worry about.

In Series 6 we see the final episode of Diana Rigg as Emma Peel, and the introduction of Tara King (Linda Thorson). In some of the craziest episodes we see Vaudeville assassins (with a guest role by John Cleese), a Prisoner parody, invisible men and all other kinds of strange assassins all gunning for Steed (Patrick Macnee) and his partner in crime.

While there is no doubt that Diana Rigg’s Emma Peel was an excellent sidekick for Steed, I have to admit that Tara King has always been my favourite. There was a
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Drive-In Dust Offs: An American Werewolf In London

The Werewolf film. A staple of the horror genre since Lon Chaney, Jr. got all out of sorts in The Wolf Man (1941), it’s popularity (like the moon itself) , has come and gone in cycles. Leading the pack in 1981, An American Werewolf in London showed the world that there was life in those old lycanthropes yet.

Released in August, An American Werewolf in London earned over 30 million in North America alone. It was a hit, and the reviews were generally favorable, especially in regards to the groundbreaking effects work by Rick Baker (he would go on to win the inaugural Academy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup for this film – deservedly so).

Our tale goes like this: David (David Naughton - the Dr. Pepper guy from the TV commercials – ask your parents) and Jack (Griffin Dunne – After Hours), two Americans, are backpacking through the English countryside. They stop for a
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Doctor Who: Doom Coalition arriving in November from Big Finish

After yesterday’s brilliant news of Big Finish extending their Doctor Who audio licence until 2020, today they have released even more fantastic news about Doctor Who: Doom Coalition, which is expected to go on sale in November 2015

Doom Coalition is an epic saga that will span four box sets (a total of sixteen episodes) forming one breathtaking inter-connecting saga that will push the Doctor’s bravery and resourcefulness to its limits. Starring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor and his companion Liv Chenka (Nicola Walker) they will both head into a brand new era of Doctor Who, as the Tardis is recalled to Gallifrey by the Time Lords. And they will be battling a new foe known only as The Eleven.

“The overall story of Doom Coalition was devised by myself and Ken Bentley over the course of many walks to the studio,” says producer David Richardson, “Our framework
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'American Werewolf in London' Maze Will Debut at Halloween Horror Nights

'American Werewolf in London' Maze Will Debut at Halloween Horror Nights
Universal Pictures' Academy Award-winning and genre-defining film, An American Werewolf in London, written and directed by John Landis, will be unleashed upon guests at Universal Studios Hollywood in an all-new Halloween Horror Nights maze beginning Friday, September 19, 2014. The experience will recreate legendary scenes from the cult favorite using gruesomely convincing props, chillingly authentic music and mind-blowing special effects that will re-awaken the terrorizing shape shifting creature with superhuman strength: the Werewolf.

Guests will begin their horrifying journey as they enter "The Slaughtered Lamb," the English countryside pub movie fans will instantly recognize, and experience first-hand what the tavern patrons in the film meant when they cautioned, "Stay on the road, keep clear of the Moors and beware the moon." After stumbling upon the overgrown wasteland known as the "Moors," maze-goers will be forced to traverse through dense fog amidst sounds of savage growls and unknown peril ahead.

John Murdy,
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What to Watch: Tonight's TV Picks: Fargo, The Only Way Is Marbs

Fargo: Channel 4, 9pm

It's the last in the season of the critically acclaimed Us drama, and Lester (Martin Freeman) is once again trying to manipulate everyone around him, having already framed his own brother for the murders of his wife and Chief Thurman.

Meanwhile, dogged deputy Molly (Allison Tolman) takes the lead, Gus (Colin Hanks) pursues a hunch and killer Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) finds a new target. Whose life will he turn upside down now?

The New Statesman: ITV, 10.30pm

Just in case you missed the first episode of the Rik Mayall classic, ITV is repeating it tonight.

Newly elected MP Alan B'Stard (Mayall) has won the largest majority in parliament after sabotaging his rivals. However, the police chief constable has evidence of the scheming politician's misdeeds and starts blackmailing him. Also starring Michael Troughton, Marsha Fitzalan and John Woodvine.

Educating Joey Essex: Football Fever:
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UCLA Announces “An Evening with the Makers of An American Werewolf in London”

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If you’re anywhere near the Los Angeles area this Saturday, you may be interested in checking out “An Evening with the Makers of An American Werewolf in London,” a special event that features a screening of the film and a number of guests, including John Landis and Rick Baker:

“The moon seemed perennially full on screen in the 1980s, a decade that saw more than its share of classic—and not-so-classic—werewolf movies including Wolfen (1981), The Howling petrology (1981-1989), The Company of Wolves (1984), Silver Bullet (1985) and Teen Wolf (1985), to name a few. Towering above them all is writer-director John LandisAn American Werewolf in London (1981). A defining film of the era,American Werewolf proved wildly successful thanks to Landis’ deft balance of comedy and horror, while Rick Baker’s Academy Award–winning makeup effects set the bar for technical mastery. The film’s influence can be felt in
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Thn HalloweenFest Day 21: An American Werewolf in London

‘Beware the Moon.’

Director: John Landis

Cast: David Naughton, Griffin Dunne, Jenny Agutter, John Woodvine

Plot: A strange creature on the lonely Yorkshire Moors attacks two American backpackers one night. One of the backpackers is killed. The other is transformed into something horrific… a Werewolf!

Before Shaun Of The Dead, there was An American Werewolf In London, the original horror-comedy from John Landis, the genius behind such comedy classics as The Blues Brothers and Animal House. A dark yet often hilarious revamp of the classic monster legend, Werewolf is a twisted mish-mash masterpiece of comedy and horror, with its tongue firmly placed in cheek.

Horror comedies are hard to get right. After all, both genres are at opposite ends of the filmic spectrum, one relying on making cinemagoers laugh, the other to make them crap themselves. Yet Landis somehow gets the mix right. Werewolf is both scary And funny, never
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Acorn DVD Release: Midsomer Murders Set 21

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Midsomer Murders ITV

By Kieran Kinsella Widgets

Back in the UK, Neil Dudgeon has well and truly established himself as the face of Midsomer Murders. Now fans of the show in the U.S. can get their first look at the man who replaced John Nettles (remember him?) with the release of Acorn Media’s Midsomer Murders set 21. The four stories in this four-disc set were aired in the UK just last year and have never been broadcast on U.S. TV.

Death in the Slow Lane is the first feature length story in Midsomer Murders set 21. The episode begins with John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) arriving in Britain’s most dangerous village as the heir apparent to his cousin Tom. DS Jones (Jason Hughes) isn’t exactly enamored with his new Dci who mocks his attempts to restore an old race car. Their differences are quickly forgotten when
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Actor John Woodvine Collapses On Stage

Actor John Woodvine Collapses On Stage
Veteran British actor John Woodvine is in a stable condition in hospital after collapsing on stage on Friday night.

The actor, who has starred in An American Werewolf in London and U.K. TV shows Z Cars and Shameless, was performing in the musical Carousel when he fell ill while in the wings of the Grand Theatre in Leeds, England.

Woodvine, who has enjoyed a long career with the Royal Shakespeare Company, was admitted to a local medical centre, where he is now recovering.

Eyewtiness John Wilford tells The Press Association, "Suddenly the action on stage appeared to slow down and stumble. Then suddenly the safety curtain came down. A man reached into the orchestra pit and told the conductor to stop playing. He jumped on stage and said: 'Is there a doctor in the house?' There was a surprised silence."

Sheila Allen obituary

Actor who excelled at playing women of strength, wit and charm

Sheila Allen, who has died aged 78, was an actor of extraordinary range and power, and a delightful, independent-minded woman. From 1966 to 1978, she was a stalwart of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Her Stratford-upon-Avon career reached a triumphant climax when she played the eponymous heroine of Pam Gems's Queen Christina. While there were many great roles that one would have loved to see her play – such as Shakespeare's Cleopatra and Ibsen's Hedda Gabler – she was an invaluable team-player who always made her individual mark.

Sheila was born in Chard, Somerset. After attending Howell's school, in Denbigh, Clwyd, she trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art from 1949 to 1951. Repertory seasons followed, first in Yeovil and Pitlochry and then for the Arena theatre company in Birmingham, where her roles included Katherina in The Taming of the Shrew and Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing.
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Doctor Who complete reviews: The Armageddon Factor

The Armageddon Factor. Hmmphh. Sounds a bit like a cross between Gladiators and The X Factor in which Simon Cowell, Many Faces Of Louis Walsh, a Minogue Sister and People’s Pop Princess Cheryl Cole decide which bicep-bulging goons go head to head in mortal combat. In fact, it turns out to be both an orchestrated war between the planets of Zeos and Atrios.

Oh, and more crucially, it’s the last instalment in the Key To Time saga.

The past 26 weeks have boasted some of the best examples of late 1970s Who - witty snowbound Hustle prototype The Ribos Operation, explosion in imagination factory The Pirate Planet and summery Zenda update The Androids Of Tara. One of the good things about the season is that the linking theme isn’t always crowbarred in at inopportune moments. That’s the great thing about the quest motif - you simply start
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The James Clayton Column: Calm down, dear! It's only a cameo!

Madonna in Die Another Day? Keith Richards in Pirates Of The Caribbean? James ponders the importance of celebrity cameos in the movies…

This article contains spoilers for Burke And Hare and other cameos, if you've not yet seen the films.

Wow! This article begins with an appearance from Bill Murray! Oh, he's missed the train and is now left behind on the platform and we're already heading down the line of no return. I guess the narrative isn't following him. Never mind. On with the journey...

(If this means nothing to you, you clearly haven't seen The Darjeeling Limited and I recommend you watch it. For a start, you get to see Bill Murray missing a train.)

Back on track and I'd like to talk about cameos. This concept is a curious phenomenon unique to the motion picture and television realms.They didn't have cameo appearances before the invention of cinema.
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Even More Cast For Burke and Hare: Tim, Daisy, Tires, Bilbo and Dexter Reunited

Even More Cast For Burke and Hare: Tim, Daisy, Tires, Bilbo and Dexter Reunited
Simon Pegg has Tweeted a link to the extended cast list for John LandisBurke and Hare on IMDb. He indicated just one mistake on the roster - John Cleese will not be appearing - but called the rest of it "pretty spot on". Not only does this mean that Spaced's Tim and Daisy, Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes, will be reunited, but also that several other alumni of their sitcom will be cropping up, namely Michael Smiley, Bill Bailey and Reece Shearsmith. And then, not noted by Pegg in particular, there are also roles for some of my faves: Hugh Bonneville, John Woodvine and Ronnie Corbett. Superbness. I'd previously wondered if Margaret Laird would be given space in the film's narrative, and so far she's not shown up on the list. Pegg does promise more surprises, however... Update: And now I've received an official press release to
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Incredible Film4 Frightfest lineup announced!

Not only will our very own London correspondent Ben Austwick be there to cover the fest but it's one of the best lineups ever!

How about the world premier for Pa giant insect comedy Infestation? Check.

Sneak preview of La Horde? Check.

UK premier of Cannes premier Hierro? Check.

The surprisingly good Giallo, the latest from Dario Argento? Check.

The world premier of The Descent part 2? Check!

Full schedule after the break. (Yes we copied Dread Central's post. Thanks UncleCreepy!)

Main Programme - Empire 1

# Thursday 27 August

18.30 Triangle (World Premiere)

The Boat That Shocked! Film4 FrightFest is delighted to open this year’s festival with the first ever showing of British director Christopher Smith’s latest spellbinding horror fantasy. When Jess (Melissa George) hits a seagull driving to her local harbour little does she know it signals a harrowing omen for her yachting trip with friends. From epic ocean vistas to poignantly shocking finale,
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Film 4 FrightFest Releases Schedule

The UK's most amazing horror film festival Film 4 FrightFest has released what could very well be one of the best horror line-ups we've seen ever for its latest show taking place August 27th - August 31st, brimming with films we've been salivating over Stateside!

If you need any more reasons to fly across the pond check out the schedule below!

Main Programme - Empire 1

Thursday 27 August 18.30 Triangle (World Premiere)

The Boat That Shocked! Film4 FrightFest is delighted to open this year’s festival with the first ever showing of British director Christopher Smith’s latest spellbinding horror fantasy. When Jess (Melissa George) hits a seagull driving to her local harbour little does she know it signals a harrowing omen for her yachting trip with friends. From epic ocean vistas to poignantly shocking finale, Triangle is Smith’s best, polished and most mature work.

95 minutes Director: Christopher Smith UK/Australia 2009

Melissa George
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Landis’ Werewolf Getting Remake Treatment?

While many feel Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes is destroying the horror world with its endless remakes, The Weinstein Company has been doing its fare share too. They’ve remade John Carpenter’s Halloween (with a sequel set to open in August), are developing a Hellraiser update and according to Bloody Disgusting may next be turning to werewolves. The site has received a tip saying the Weinstein’s have acquired the rights to the 1981 John Landis horror-comedy An American Werewolf in London, which is considered by many to be one of the best Werewolf films ever made. In the original, two American tourists in England are attacked by a werewolf that none of the locals will admit exists. It starred David Naughton, Griffin Dunne, Jenny Agutter and John Woodvine. Rick Baker earned an Oscar for his groundbreaking makeup effects. The film spawned a pseudo-sequel in 1997, An American Werewolf in Paris.
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Dimension Goes Hairy For An American Werewolf

With world attention newly focused on Michael Jackson's Quincy Jones-produced Thriller recordings and the accompanying John Landis-directed Thriller video, remake rights to Lycanthrope Productions' An American Werewolf in London have reportedly been sold to Dimension films, the 'genre' arm of Miramax. Both Landis Thriller video and An American Werewolf In London feature used Rick Baker's Oscar winning make-up effects team. The new Werewolf is being developed by producers Sean and Bryan Furst of the upcoming vampire feature Daybreakers, set for a January 2010 release. The 1981 Us/UK comedy horror feature An American Werewolf In London, starred actors David Naughton, Griffin Dunne and Jenny Agutter, winning an Academy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup. Landis came up with the story while working in Yugoslavia as a Pa on the Clint Eastwood war comedy Kelly's Heroes, driving in a car on location when he came across a group of
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Raindance Film Festival Review: Flick

At first Flick feels like a role call of British TV actors - Michelle Ryan, Liz Smith, Mark Benton, John Woodvine are all here. Then, joy of joys, no less than Bonnie Parker herself - Faye Dunaway – appears as a one armed detective from Memphis. First time director David Howard and producer Rik Hall have done an admirable job in uniting a wonderfully characterful cast to populate their trippy, nostalgic, comic book horror.
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Film Review: runs 9/27

Published posthumously, Jane Austen s novel Persuasion was written as the author s health deteriorated in 1815-16. She died a year later at 42, unmarried and still a virgin, with many interpreting the book as semiautobiographical. It rates as the most problematic Austen work to adapt into a feature, with a largely passive heroine and subtle story line about the participants in a courtship that ended badly meeting years later.

It s not hard to see why there was only one other significant attempt to film the book, in 1971 by Granada Television. But to one s complete delight, this latest English production of Persuasion, directed by Roger Michellcq ( The Buddha of Suburbia ) is spectacularly successful in every way. With more Austen adaptations due soon, Persuasion sets the standard and may be hard to beat artistically.

Perfectly cast and paced swiftly, and yet remarkably faithful to Austen, the Sony Pictures Classics release is one of the season s best offerings. A crowded marketplace and lack of stars means the word must get out via word-of-mouth and reviews, both of which should be smashing.

Although this is Amanda Root's first lead role in a feature, she is outstanding as Anne Elliot, the quiet, intelligent, but often overlooked daughter of proud but financially and socially shaky Sir Walter Elliot (Corin Redgrave), a widower forced to rent out the family estate. With few lines of dialogue in the film's first half, the fantastically expressive Root draws one into the poignant and delicately mannered drama.

As the film progresses and Anne comes closer to her true love, naval hero Capt. Frederick Wentworth (Ciaran Hinds), it's wonderful watching her character transform from a pale, defeated spinster-in-the-making to a passionately aroused, assertive woman able to determine her own fate.

Years before the film's 1814 setting in post-Battle-of-Trafalgar England, Anne broke off her engagement to Wentworth under the ``persuasion'' of the family's cautious adviser, Lady Russell (Susan Fleetwood). But she never recovered from the disappointment; he sought escape in the navy.

Playwright Nick Dear's screenplay thrusts one into the narrative quickly, and introduces the many characters with relative ease. From Anne's younger married sister Mary (Sophie Thompson) and gossipy friend Mrs. Smith (Helen Schlesinger) to the worldly couple Mrs. Croft (Fiona Shaw) and her husband (John Woodvine), the admiral who inadvertently brings Wentworth back into Anne's life, it's a lively mix of personalities that navigate the story's deceptively choppy narrative.

One of the most pleasing aspects of the film is the unglamorous approach to the characters, with little makeup for the women and a leading man who is not a lantern-jawed poster boy. Indeed, Hinds (``Circle of Friends'') is compelling as Root, excellently conveying the jilted suitor's simmering desire to rekindle romance and genuine anguish when it looks as if Anne's scheming cousin (Samuel West) might have the upper hand.

The re-creation of the times is worth the price of admission, including Alexander Byrne's lived-in costumes and the many sets and locations used by production designers William Dudley and Brian Sykes. Cinematographer John Daly's roving camera is well-suited to the film's energetic approach, which helps bring Austen's brilliant, timeless story to life in a fashion one previously could only dream was possible.


Sony Pictures Classics

BBC Films, WGBH/Mobil Masterpiece Theatre,

Millesime Prods. present

Director: Roger Michell

Producer: Fiona Finlay

Screenplay: Nick Dear

Based on the novel by: Jane Austen

Exec producers: George Faber, Rebecca Eaton

Director of photography: John Daly

Editor: Kate Evans

Music: Jeremy Sams

Production designers: William Dudley,

Brian SykesCostume designer: Alexandra Byrne

Associate producer: Margot Hayhoe



Anne Elliot: Amanda Root

Capt. Wentworth: Ciaran Hinds

Lady Russell: Susan Fleetwood

Sir Walter Elliot: Corin Redgrave

Mrs. Croft: Fiona Shaw

Adm. Croft: John Woodvine

Mary Musgrove: Sophie Thompson

Running time -- 107 minutes

MPAA Rating: PG

(c) The Hollywood Reporter

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