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TV highlights 10/08/2012

Cairngorms: A Year In The Wild | Candy Queens | The Food We Eat: The Hunger Shame | The Great British Story: A People's History | Undercover Syria | The Joy Of Disco

Cairngorms: A Year In The Wild

7pm, BBC2

We might only be little, but still, there's world-class wilderness in the British Isles, none more breathtaking, perhaps, than the Scottish Cairngorms. These are hostile peaks, clad with ice and snow in the winter, the weather wildly unpredictable. While dangerous, and sometimes deadly, they are also arrestingly beautiful, scattered with forests of Scots Pine. This look at a year in the life of the rugged National Park gets under the skin of the nature there, augmented with some fabulously sharp photography as the winter thaws and uncovers the heather moorlands and the rich, varied wildlife. Quite awesome. Ben Arnold

Candy Queens

7.30pm, Discovery Real Time

Jackie Sorkin makes Kim Kardashian look culturally indispensable.
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TV highlights 27/07/12

The Great British Story: A People's History | Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony | Snowdonia – A Year In The Wild | Thin Lizzy: Bad Reputation | Falling Skies | Awake

The Great British Story: A People's History

7.30pm, BBC2

The 17th century didn't just bring roundheads-v-cavaliers civil war to England, it was an era when the whole of Britain appeared intent on ripping itself apart. Accordingly, Michael Wood's away-from-the-centre approach to history seems apposite here as he looks at the 1641 Irish rebellion, visits a history project focused on a Cornish battlefield and sees how conflict split communities in the arms-manufacturing centres of the West Midlands. Jonathan Wright

Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony

9pm, BBC1

Danny Boyle, director of this event, faces obstacles that haven't burdened previous convenors of Olympic kick-offs. There can have been few cities whose residents have been so dismissive towards their Games as Londoners in 2012: it almost seems that some want it to be a disaster.
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TV highlights 20/07/2012

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Match Of The Day Live | Let It Shine | The Great British Story: A People's History | Mark Knopfler: A Life In Songs | Awake | The Angelos Epithemiou Show

Match Of The Day Live

3.45pm, BBC1

A quick fix for those struggling through football's brief "cold turkey" period, as Great Britain's hastily assembled Olympic sides prepare for the main event with friendlies at Middlesbrough's Riverside Stadium. First, the Gb women face Sweden, whose third place finish at last year's World Cup ensured their Olympic qualification, while the evening game sees the Ryan Giggs-captained men's team take on a Brazil side desperate to add a first Olympic gold to their already stuffed trophy cabinet. Gwilym Mumford

Let It Shine

6pm, Disney

In this teen update of Cyrano de Bergerac, our young hero Cyrus DeBarge is told by his religious father that "rap is the devil's music" when he freestyles in church.
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'The real-life other side of Downton Abbey' gets covered by 'Michael Wood's Story of England'

When historians trace the story of a nation, the focus is often on fierce battles and invading hordes, mighty monarchs and vast armies, grand houses and lavish castles, great cities and centers of commerce.

Then there are the rest of us.

On Tuesday, July 3, starting with a two-hour episode, then airing one-hour episodes on July 10 and 17 (check local listings), PBS' "Michael Wood's Story of England" travels from Roman times to modern times while never leaving one settlement in the heart of England.

Over 2,000 years, Kibworth, in Leicestershire, lived through Caesar's armies, Norman conquerors, revolts, plagues, Reformation, civil war, world wars, public housing and the digital age.

"This is the real-life other side of 'Downton Abbey,' " Michael Wood tells Zap2it, referring to the BBC costume drama about early 20th-century British aristocrats that's become a huge hit on PBS' "Masterpiece Classic." "This is the real-life people's story, the ordinary
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TV highlights 01/06/2012

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A Jubilee Tribute To The Queen By The Prince Of Wales | The Great British Story: A People's History | Episodes | Radio Rebel | Punk Britannia | Dexter

A Jubilee Tribute To The Queen By The Prince Of Wales

8pm, BBC1

Prince Charles has done himself few favours in his TV life, with a recent go at reading the weather forecast for Scottish TV a rare successful attempt to reveal the character at ease behind the uncomfortable public figure. Preview tapes were unavailable for this tribute to his mother, but one can well imagine the collection of rolling landscapes, fond recollections and unguarded home-movie moments that will have been put together here. One imagines a tone of respectful intimacy; a feel of stealthily deflated pomp. John Robinson

The Great British Story: A People's History

9pm, BBC2

Episode two of Michael Wood's chronicle deals with the arrival of the Vikings, and the
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TV highlights 25/05/2012

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Delius: Composer, Lover, Enigma | Have I Got News For You | The Great British Story: A People's History | Lip Service | Episodes | 30 Rock

Delius: Composer, Lover, Enigma

7.30pm, BBC1

Stirring documentary chronicling the life of Frederick Delius, a composer who would possess a more secure place in the pantheon of eccentric English artists were it not for his diffident relationship with England. A child of German immigrants, born in Bradford, he spent most of his life in the Us and Europe – although, much to the excitement of the newspapers of the day, he was buried in a Surrey churchyard at midnight. The soundtrack is provided by the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, violinist Philippe Graffin and the Schola Cantorum of Oxford. Andrew Mueller

Have I Got News For You

9pm, BBC1

A slightly unexpected face in the Hignfy studio this week, with the gleefully eccentric William Shatner guest-hosting the seemingly indefatigable current affairs quiz.
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DVD Review - Art of the Western World

There's nothing quite as comforting as documentaries about ancient history, in my opinion. Even more so, there's nothing quite as comforting as watching older documentaries about ancient history. It's like looking through a window through yet another window. Not only is there the level of history covered in the documentary, but the way the documentary itself is presented is fascinating as well (I find the very low-def film quality to be sort of endearing in this case).

Art of the Western World initially aired in 1989, but it hit DVD from Acorn Media's Athena Learning imprint on September 27. The series, which aired in nine episodes, is packaged onto three discs and features a look at western art spanning a wide range of time. Ancient Greek statues are covered in the first episode, "The Classical Ideal," while episodes three and four are both dedicated to the Renaissance. Each episode brings the series
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