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Specializes mainly in writing science-fiction novels. His "Roger Rabbit" novels (which he is best known for, due to the movie) were where he shyed away from sci-fi and into hard boiled crine noir parodies.
He is pictured on the cover of his "Roger Rabbit" novels as Eddie Valiant.
He is most well-known for his novel "Who Censored Roger Rabbit?" (which was nothing like the movie) a spoof of detective crime novels. Roger was a cartoon strip star, not a movie star. Jessica didn't love him, their marriage was a sham. And Roger (and many other toons) could clone themselves. Roger died at the end. When the movie came out, it was as unfaithful as it could possibly be while still owing Wolf royalties. Wolf wrote a sequel called "Who P-P-Plugged Roger Rabbit?" which was really a sequel to the movie, not Wolf's novel (which wouldn't haven't have been possible, seeing how Roger was killed off).
Friends with author Neil Gaiman.

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