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  • (1912 - 1951) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1912) Stage Play: The Wall Street Girl. Musical. Music by Karl Hoschna. Book by Margaret Mayo and Edgar Selwyn. Lyrics by Benjamin Hapgood Burt. Musical Director: William Lorraine. Additional music by Benjamin Hapgood Burt, Al Piantadosi, Nat Ayer, Henry I. Marshall, Jean Schwartz, Silvio Hein, M.J. Fitzpatrick, Earle C. Jones and Charles Daniels. Additional lyrics by Earle C. Jones, Charles Daniels, Joseph McCarthy [earliest Broadway credit], A. Seymour Brown, Alfred Bryan, Grant Clarke, Stanley Murphy and Edward Madden. Scenic Design by H. Robert Law Studios. Costume Design by Cora MacGeachy. Choreographed by Gus Sohlke. Directed by Charles Winninger [earliest Broadway credit]. George M. Cohan's Theatre: 15 Apr 1912- 1 Jun 1912 (56 performances). Cast: William Bourn (as "Harris/Chorus"), Lilette Boyce (as "Chorus"), Herbert A. Burnham (as "Chorus"), William P. Carleton (as "Dexter Barton"), Ethelyn Clark (as "Chorus"), Mabel Clarke (as "Chorus"), Gladys Clifton (as "Chorus"), Leo E. Crook (as "Chorus"), Wellington Cross (as "Lawrence O'Connor"), John Day (as "Chorus"), Marie Earle (as "Chorus"), Yewell Fields (as "Chorus"), Anna Ford (as "Chorus"), Gladys Fox (as "Chorus") [Broadway debut], Helene French (as "Glen Underwood"), Harry Gilfoil (as "James Greene"), Mary F. Greene (as "Chorus"), Edna Hettler (as "Chorus"), Fred Howard (as "Chorus"), Catherine Hurst (as "Grace Sinclair"), Frankie James (as "Chorus"), Lois Josephine (as "Sunshine Reilly"), Edith Kimball (as "Chorus"), Grace Kimball (as "Chorus"), Maude Knowlton (as "Mrs. Williams"), Irene LeMay (as "Chorus"), Cleo LeMoyne (as "Trixie Allen"), Gordon R. Newman (as "Chorus"), Clarence Oliver (as "Bertie Longman"), Paul Porter (as "Reverend Dr. Leonard"), Harry C. Powers (as "Chorus"), S.J. Rawson (as "Specialty"), Blanche Ring (as "Jemina Greene"), Cyril Ring (as "Jordan") [Broadway debut], Will Rogers (as "Specialty"), Katherine Sainpolis (as "Mazie Blackburn"), Bessie Sessions (as "Chorus"), Ralph Shipman (as "Simons/Chorus"), Florence Shirley (as "Pearl Williams") [Broadway debut], Charles Silber (as "Pinch"), Alice Sullivan (as "Chorus"), Robert Thurston (as "West/Chorus"), Helen Turner (as "Edythe Torrant"), Jack Wellekens (as "Walker/Chorus"), Helen Williams (as "Chorus"), Charles Winninger (as "John Chester") [Broadway debut], Estelle Wood (as "Chorus"). Produced by Frederick McKay.
  • (1916) Stage Play: The Cohan Revue of 1916. Musical revue.
  • (1918) Stage Play: The Cohan Revue of 1918. Musical revue. Book by George M. Cohan. Music by Irving Berlin and George M. Cohan. Lyrics by Irving Berlin and George M. Cohan. Music orchestrated by Frank Sadler. Musical Director: Charles J. Gebest. Musical Staging by Jack Mason, James Gorman and George M. Cohan. Directed by George M. Cohan. New Amsterdam Theatre: 31 Dec 1917- 23 Mar 1918 (96 performances). Cast: Produced by Cohan & Harris.
  • (1919) Stage Play: The Passing Show of 1919. Musical revue. Book by Harold Atteridge. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Music by Jean Schwartz. Music orchestrated by J. Bodewalt Lampe, James C. McCabe, Oscar Radin and Frank Tours. Musical Direction by Oscar Radin. Additional music by Sigmund Romberg, Chris Schonberg and Benjamin Hapgood Burt. Additional lyrics by Benjamin Hapgood Burt, Hale Byers and Alfred Bryan. Choreographed by Allan K. Foster. Production Supervised by J.J. Shubert. Directed by J.C. Huffman. Winter Garden Theatre: 23 Oct 1919- 5 Jun 1920 (280 performances). Cast: Charles Adams, DeVearera Anguilliar, Violet Ayres, Walter Baker, James Barton, Tillie Barton, Arthur Becker, Anna Berry, Jewel Berry, Dorothy Bruce, Trixie Brunette, Jeane Cameron, Olga Cook, Hazel Cox, Helen Crawford, Billy Creedon, John Crone, Pauline Dakla, Charles Dale, Mae Dealy, Ann Delmore, Helen Dempsey, Reginald Denny, Madge Derny, Adele Devereaux, Burtress Dietch, Jack Donnell, Jack Donnelly, Marion Dunham, Betty Durland, Mary Eaton, Millie Edwards, Beth Elliott, Mazie Elliott, Doris Evans, Ella Foster, Hazel Frisbie, Peggy Furst, Shirley Gallop, James Grant, Marie Gray, Mabel Griswold, Mae Guiran, Bernice Haley, Grace Haley, Lucille Haley, Mabel Haley, Margaret Hansel, Lon Hascall, Frankie Heath, Irene Held, Isabel Holland, Ruby Howard, Dorothy Jackson, Beatrice Jennings, Jack Jerome, Nicholas Kane, Grace Keeshon, Josephine Kernan, Mary Kissell, Muriel Knowles, Beatrice Lancois, Gertrude Lane, Phoebe Lee, Marie LeMar, Madelyn Lombard, Regina Lorraine, Jegger Marr, Frank Martin, Julian Martin, Polly Mayer, Madge McCarthy, Bobbie McCree, Isabel McLaughlin, Dolores Mendez, Peggy Merrimont, Beverly Miller, Eddie Miller, Phyllis Miller, Kittens Moore, James Nichols, Ray Oddo, Joe Opp, Virginia O'Sullivan, Bernice Page, Lucille Pryor, E. Rash, Dick Rath, George Rath, Yvette Reals, Ralph Riggs, Blanche Ring, Maxine Robinson, Ralph Roehm, Caroline Roland, George Schall, Pearl Seeton, Joseph Smith, Orilla Smith, Mildred Soper, Juliet Strahl, Flo Summerville, Lola Taylor, Thea Thompson, Harry Turpin, Louise Wayne, Violet Weber, Charles Winninger, Katherine Witchie, Walter Wolf, Roland Woodruff, Jean Woods. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1920) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1920. Musical revue/spectacle. Music by Irving Berlin, Dave Stamper, Gene Buck, Joseph J. McCarthy, Harry Tierney and Victor Herbert. Lyrics by Irving Berlin, Dave Stamper, Gene Buck, Joseph J. McCarthy, Harry Tierney and Victor Herbert. Musical Direction by Frank Tours. Music orchestrated by Maurice De Packh, Charles Grant, Stephen Jones and Frank Saddler. Featuring songs with lyrics by James Montgomery, Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby, Gus Van, Joe Schenck, Eddie Cantor, Mac Emery, King Zany, George Fairman, Alex Gerber, Abner Silver, Jack Yellen, Abe Olman, Roger Lewis and Ernie Erdman. Tableaux by Ben Ali Haggin. Directed by Edward Royce. New Amsterdam Theatre: 22 Jun 1920- 16 Oct 1920 (123 performances). Cast: Delyle Alda, William Blanche, Fanny Brice, Lillian Broderick, Eddie Cantor, Jane Carroll, Juliet Compton, Olive Cornell, Eleanor Dell, Jack Donohue, Ray Dooley, Emily Drange, Doris Eaton, Mary Eaton, W.C. Fields, Edna French, Eva Grady, Bernard Granville, Ethel Hallor, Margaret Irving, Jerome & Herbert, Alta King, Phebe Lee, Gladys Loftus, Jack Mahan, Albertine Marlowe, Beatrice Milner, Moran and Mack, Margaret Morris, Betty Morton, Carl Randall, Jessie Reed, Helen Shea, John Steel, Avonne Taylor, Van and Schenck, Olive Vaughn, Charlotte Wakefield, Florence Ware, Charles Winninger, Addison Young. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..
  • (1921) Stage Play: The Broadway Whirl. Musical revue. Music by Harry Tierney and George Gershwin. Lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva, Joseph McCarthy, Richard Carle and John Henry Mears. Sketches by Thomas J. Gray. Musical Director: William Lorraine. Additional music by Henry Burr, Ray Perkins, E.S. Hutchinson, F. Henri and Wyman. Additional lyrics by Jack Frost, J. Hershkowitz. Directed by Bert French. Times Square Theatre (moved to The Selwyn Theatre from 8 Aug 1921- close): 8 Jun 1921- 20 Aug 1921 (85 performances). Cast: Abbott Adams, Dorothy Addison, Thelma Addison, Lucille Ballentine, Jean Barrett, Jean Benton, Virginia Birmingham, Joan Broadhurst, Mildred Brown, Leslie Burnett, Edith May Capes, Richard Carle, Dolly Casner, Grace Cronin, Norma Dale, Marjorie Finley, Warner Gault, Jay Gould, Sylvia Highton, Janet Sisters, Florence Kraemer, Hallie Manning, Maxon & Brown, Eppa Mona, Agnes Morrisey, Eleanor Reedy, Blanche Ring, Marguerite Ross, Carol Seidler, Mabel Stanford, Charles Winninger, Winona Winter. Produced by Artists' Producers Corporation.
  • (1923) Stage Play: The Good Old Days. Comedy. Written by Aaron Hoffman [Posthumous credit]. Directed by Howard Lindsay and Aaron Hoffman. Broadhurst Theatre: 14 Aug 1923- Oct 1923 (closing date unknown/71 performances). Cast: Beatrice Allen (as "Katie Zimmer"), George Bickel (as "Nick Schloss"), Mathilde Cottrelly (as "Fritzie Zimmer"), Harry Curtin (as "Jack"), John G. Fee (as "The Bum"), Charles Havican (as "Gus Rausch"), John Junior (as "William J. Parker"), Nan Karew (as "Mrs. Mahoney"), John Kuhns (as "Doyle"), Harry Linkey (as "Sweeney"), Harry Lester Mason (as "John Miller"), Charles Mather (as "Jim Knowles"), Joseph Slaytor (as "Officer Kelly"), Ralph Weidhaas (as "Tim"), Stewart Wilson (as "Ted Schloss"), Charles Winninger (as "Rudolph Zimmer"). Produced by A.H. Woods.
  • (1925) Stage Play: No, No, Nanette. Musical comedy. Book by Otto Harbach and Frank Mandel. Lyrics by Irving Caesar and Otto A. Harbach and Frank Mandel. Music by Vincent Youmans. Based on the comedy "My Lady Friends" by Frank Mandel and Emil Nyitray. Musical Staging by Sammy Lee. Musical Direction by Nicholas Kempner. Directed by Harry Frazee. Globe Theatre: 16 Sep 1925- 19 Jun 1926 (321 performances). Cast: Marjorie Bailey, William Bailey, Jack Barker, Bonnie Bland, Veeda Burgett, Wellington Cross (as "Bill Early, a Lawyer") [final Broadway role], Eleanor Dawn, Ethel Gibson, Louise Groody, Jane Hurd, Peggy Johnstone, Douglas Keaton, Ruth Kent, Helen Keyes, Jerome Kirkland [final Broadway appearance], Mary Lawlor, Edouard Le Febvre, Beatrice Lee, Stanley Lipton, Lillian MacKenzie, Aline Martin, Alfred Milano, Beth Milton, Lucille Moore, Raymond Moore, Edward Nell Jr., Ellen O'Brien, Georgia O'Ramey, Adele Ormiston, Hazel Pando, Frank Parker, Eleanor Rowe, Robert Spencer, May Sullivan, Winifred Verina, Eva Vincent, Edna Whistler, Josephine Whittell (as "Lucille Early, Billys Wife"), Beatrice Wilson, Charles Winninger (as "Jimmy Smith"). Produced by 'Harry Frazee. Note: This production is commonly identified with the Boston Red Sox "Curse" legend. The story goes that producer Harry Frazee sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees in order to finance the production.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Oh, Please. Musical/farce.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Yes, Yes, Yvette. Musical comedy. Music by Phil Charig and Ben Jerome. Book by James Montgomery and William Carey Duncan. Lyrics by Irving Caesar from a story by Frederic S. Isham. Musical Director: Ben Jerome. Featuring songs by Frank Crumit. Sam H. Harris Theatre: 3 Oct 1927- 5 Nov 1927 (40 performances). Cast: Brenda Bond, Joseph Herbert, Virginia Howell, Arnold Lucy (as "Bishop Doran"), Helene Lynd, Jeanette MacDonald (as "Yvette Ralston"), Frederick B. Manatt, Dorothy Waterman, Charles Winninger (as "S.M. Ralston"), Jack Whiting, Roland Woodruff. Produced by H.H. Frazee.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Show Boat. Musical drama.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Through the Years. Musical/romance.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Show Boat. Musical drama (revival). Music by Jerome Kern. Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Lyrics for "Bill" by P.G. Wodehouse. Music and lyrics for "Goodbye, My Lady Love" by Joseph E. Howard. Music and lyrics for "After the Ball" by Charles Harris. Material adapted by Oscar Hammerstein II. Based on "Show Boat" by Edna Ferber. Musical Directors: Oscar Bradley and Sammy Lee. Directed by Oscar Hammerstein II. Casino Theatre: 19 May 1932- 22 Oct 1932 (180 performances). Cast: Bessie Allison, Bertha Fitzhugh Baker, Rachel Beech, J. Mardo Brown, A. Alan Campbell (as "Windy"), Billie Campbell, Mamie Cartier, Willy Lou Chalfant, Laura Clairon, Catherine Clark, Walter Costello, Jack Daley, Charles Davis, Henry Davis, Dorothy Denese, Leon Diggs, Evelyn Eaton, William Ehlers, Charles Ellis, Caja Eric, Robert Faricy, Estelle Floyd (as "Ethel"), Dell Fradenburg, John Fredrik, Tess Gardella, Ray Giles, Blanche Glenn, Thomas Gunn, Marion Hairston, Edgar Hall, Annie Hart, William Haskins, Mae Haygood, Mari Hellgren, Eunice Holmes, Maurine Holmes, Rhogenia Jamison, J. Louis Johnson, Charlotte Junius, Tana Kamp, V. Anne Kaye, Dennis King (as 'Gaylord Ravenal'), Angeline Lawson, James Lillard, Henrietta Lovelace, Herbert Lyle, Francis X. Mahoney (as 'Rubberface Smith') Pat Mann, Rose Mariella, Richard McAllister, Dolly McCormick, James McKay, John Mobley, Helen Morgan (as 'Julie'), Ethel Moses, Lucia Moses, Edna May Oliver (as Parthy Ann Hawks), Joseph Olney, Ann Lee Patterson, Pauline Pennell, Inez Persand, Lancelot Pinard, Eva Puck (as "Ellie"), Hattie King Reavis, Wilburn Riviere, Paul Robeson (as 'Joe'), Elsie Rossi, Jennie Salmons, Earle Sanborn, Mildred Schwenke, Phil Sheridan, Maude Simmons, Charles Spencer, James Swift, Wen. Talbert, Lucille Taylor, Norma Terris as 'Magnolia'), Wynn Terry, Tillie Thomas, Archie Thomson, Lee Timmans, Gladstone Waldrip, Gertrude Walker, Billie Wallace, Elida Webb, Sammy White (as 'Frank Schultz'), Charles Willis, Charles Winninger (as "Capt. Andy"). Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. [Note: Mr. Ziegfeld would die during production on 22 Jul 1932 at age 65].
  • (1934) Stage Play: Revenge with Music. Musical comedy. Material and lyrics by Howard Dietz. Music by Arthur Schwartz. Based on a variation on the old Spanish folk tale "El Sombrero de Tres Picos" by Pedro Antonio de Alarc√≥n. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Musical Direction by Victor Baravalle. Dance ensembles by Mikhail Mordkin. General Stage Manager: E.B. 'Zeke' Colvan. Directed by Theodor Komisarjevsky. New Amsterdam Theater: 28 Nov 1934-27 Apr 1935 (158 performances). Cast: Libby Holman (as "Mariah"), Georges Metaxa, Joseph Macaulay, Helen Arden, Walter Armin, Beatrice Berens, Gertrude Berggren, Marcus Blechman, Geraldine Bork, Andre Charise, Ilka Chase, Natalia Danesi, Margaret Daum, Frank Davenport, Marguerite De Anguera, Nunez de Polanco, Bertha Donn (as "Juanita, Dona Isabella's Maid"), Tamara Doriva, John Dunbar, William Elliott, Frances Farnsworth, Raoul Fernandez, David Friedkin, Ernestine Henoch, Hernandez Brothers, Eleanor King, George Kirk, Ada Korvin, Marion Lawrence, Margaret Lee, Tom Long, Earle MacVeigh, Gene Martel, Paul Mathis, Rex O'Malley, Rosita Ortega, Harry Pick, Detmar Poppen, Frances Reid, Hyla Roberts, Charles Scanlon, Ivy Scott, Sidney Stark, George Thornton, Rowan Tudor, Omero Valencia, Bianca Volland, Eleanor Waldon, Herman Weiner, Cliff Whitcombe, Jay Wilson, Charles Winninger (as "Don Emilio"), Molly Wood, Paula Yasgour. Produced by Archibald Selwyn and Harold B. Franklin. Note: Holman sang "You and the Night and Music."
  • (1951) Stage Play: Music in the Air. Musical comedy (revival). Music by Jerome Kern. Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Book by Oscar Hammerstein II. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Musical Director: Maurice Levine. Directed by Oscar Hammerstein II. Ziegfeld Theatre: 8 Oct 1951- 24 Nov 1951 (56 performances). Produced by Reginald Hammerstein.
  • (1931) Radio: He played "Captain Henry" on an enormously popular NBC radio series entitled "Maxwell House Show Boat", a program inspired by the Jerome Kern - Oscar Hammerstein II musical.
  • (1914) Stage Play: When Claudia Smiles. Farce. Written by Anne Caldwell. Music by Jean Schwartz. Based on a play by Leo Ditrichstein. Lyrics by Anne Caldwell. Additional lyrics by William Jerome, Marion Sunshine, Jamie Kelly, Gene Buck, Stanley Murphy, Lou Klein [only Broadway credit] and Arthur Weinberg. Additional music by Henry I. Marshall, Frank Gillen, Dave Stamper and Clarence Jones. Musical Direction by Al Ellis. Directed by Charles Winninger. 39th Street Theatre (moved to TheLyric Theatre from 23 Feb 1914- close): 2 Feb 1914- 21 Mar 1914 (56 performances). Cast: Claire Bertrand (as "Belle Nesville"), Gladys Breston (as "Clara Rockaway"), Albert Byrnes (as "Officer Casey"), Marie Callahan (as "Violet Richmond"), Edward Clyne (as "Jimmy Jansen"), Harry Conor (as "Frederick W. Walker"), Jack Costello (as "Bertie Billings"), Peggy Coudray (as "Hyancinth Hartford"), Rae Daly (as "Blanche DeFontenoy"), Harry Delmar (as "Reggie Renfrew"), R.M. Dolliver (as "Saladillo Escalada Del Mendoza"), Peter Donovan (as "Officer Nolan"), Florence Edney (as "Mme. Verdier"), Pearl Evans (as "Lily Atlanta"), Nellie Fillmore (as "Cynthia"), Mahlon Hamilton (as "Chester D. Hoffman"), Harry Hilliard (as "Johnny Rogers"), William Keller (as "Albert"), Anna Laughlin (as "Kate Walker"), Cleo LeMoyne (as "Daisy Tottenham"), Bertha Mann (as "Alice Hoffman"), Emma McGrath (as "Pansy Portland"), Evelyn Mead (as "Daisy Denver"), James Minnehan (as "Elevator Attendant"), Dolores Parquette (as "Angie DuPont"), Harry Rensler (as "Percy Plimpton"), Blanche Ring (as "Claudia Rogers"), John J. Scannell (as "Bunny Van Tyne"), Charles Silber (as "Jingle Bells"), Eva Stuart (as "Cleo Berode"), Edwin H. Weihe (as "Billy Bender"), Harry Wesner (as "Willie Wilbur"), Claire Weston (as "Rose Reno"), Charles Winninger (as "Charles D. Hoffman"). Produced by Frederic McKay.
  • (1910) Stage Play: The Yankee Girl. Music by Silvio Hein. Book by George V. Hobart. Lyrics by George V. Hobart. Additional lyrics by Junie McCree and C.F. Zittel. Additional music by Albert von Tilzer and C.F. Zittel. Scenic Design by Frank E. Gates and Edward A. Morange. Costume Design by Castel-Bert and Mme. Ripley. Conducted by William Lorraine. Directed by Ned Wayburn. Herald Square Theatre: 10 Feb 1910- 30 Apr 1910 (92 performances). Cast: Henry Bergman (as "Morales"), Vinnie Bradcome, Helen Broderick, Theresa Bryant, William Burress (as "Ambrose Castroba"), Janet Burton, E.J. Caldwell, William Probert Carleton, Olive Carr, Ada Christy, Bonnie Clarke, Edith Cramer, Peter Curley, Naomi Dale, Evelyn Dare, Mildred DeSilva, Florence Douglas, Marie DuPree, Nell Feltas, Dolly Filly, Eva Francis, Louis Franklyn, Harry Gilfoil, Gertrude Grant, William Halliday, Robert F. Hamilton, Effie Hopkins, Dorothy Jardon, Isabelle Lattan, Helen Latten, Harriet Leidy, Maurie Madison, Margaret Malcolm, Lotta Morse, Edith Offurt, Irene Palmer, Frederick Paulding (as "Oyama"), Katharyn Pinkerton, Anita Pollock, Paul Porter, Elsie Raymond, Blanche Ring (as "Jessie Gordon"), Juan Villasana, Lillian Wallace, Nellie Ward, Ella Warner, Sallie Webb, May Wesley, May Willard, Charles Winninger (as "Rudolph Schnitzel"), Beck Wood. Produced by Lew M. Fields.

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